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Queens Arms, Hammersmith

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user reviews of the Queens Arms, Hammersmith

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This pub has recently re-opened & is destined to be quite a hit! The new landlord, Stephen, has won awards for his organic food at his other pub, The Idle Hour in Barnes.

Try it! It's in its early stages, so the menu is limited at the moment, but it looks like it might be a good pub to know about....

joolyjay - 6 Oct 2009 23:41
The Queens Arms has closed down as of the start of August 2009.
Oktup - 13 Aug 2009 09:09
Formerly on the CAMRA London Inventory until entirely gutted and refurbished. I wouldn't say it was one of my locals but it was one of those 'dark matter' pubs that it's in a way reassuring are still there.
rainlight - 31 May 2009 19:20
This is our local pub, and has been a great addition to the neighbourhood since its refurbishment and reopening in its current guise a few years ago. Comfy chairs, decent decor, two real ales (one of which, unimaginatively, is always London Pride), above average wine list (for a pub), and a couple of large TVs for the sports. When it opened, the place had a great and varied menu, which changed regularly. Over the past couple of years, it seems to have slowly died away to an unchanging and more compact menu - still great food, but we don't eat there as often any more as we would always end up having the same food. When it opened, this was an 8, but now a 7/10.
Oktup - 27 May 2009 13:28
To jemima below- now they have removed the mushroom risotto- so brilliantly- there are no mani course veggie options AT ALL! How clever of them when in city full of us to miss out on our custom. I wont be back untill Ive heard theyve finally take their veggie customers into account- shame as its a decent bar, comfy surroundings, nice staff. Maybe take the constant stream of dull sports off the big telly and maybe out some music vids on another thought
bayg - 17 Mar 2009 16:21
Spacious pub, trendy, comfy without being at all pretentious, with lots of big relaxed tables, always quite easy to get a seat as you kind of have to know this pub is here, quite residential setting not right off a main road which is good. Really really lovely, very friendly staff.
Only down side is lack of any decent options for non meat eaters , lots of heavy meat dishes and only real veggie ption is the bland and oh so common, you you guessed it- mushroom rissotto! Something a bit more exciting please! Plus a veggie roast/option on Sunday (considering they offer 4 meat roasts) is really needed, feel quite peeved by this whenever I spend my hard earned cash here!

jemimastar - 9 Mar 2009 21:46
Rather an odd place this, giving the impression of having been only half-refurbished (but not one half new and other old, but a bit here and a bit there..). Modern(ish) bar, but the chairs and tables a right jumble of ages and styles, with hardly more than two of the same to be found (although upstairs may be different - I didn't try). Nice pint of Pride, though.
rpadam - 23 Feb 2008 16:59
Nice local bar, could be busier most of the time. Pity about the food. Ordered a burger today and it came out in no time at all, but unfortunately not cooked properly. When I complained, I was told "the burgers come like that". If that is the case then how about stating it on the menu? I sent it back to be cooked more, and it still came back underdone, and with the same chips (now cold). I paid up and left - yes, they did CHARGE me for it. If you like red raw burgers, then this is the place for you. Next time I'll walk the extra 10 minutes to McDonalds - a quarter of the price, and at least they cook theirs.

knoxdwc - 8 Dec 2007 19:10
This is my local. It is a welcome change for the area and a great local place to bring friends. Definitely gets a "local" crowd as it is not on a main road or especially near the tube. Well worth a detour if you fancy a pint in nice surroundings with a good chance of getting a seat even on the weekends. Have ordered off the bar menu but not the restaurant menu - so far have not been disappointed.

anonymous - 24 Jul 2007 15:28
The refurbishment has been a huge improvement but, given the state of the place before, that's not saying much...
The beers are fine but pricey, the food is good but incredibly expensive for what you get, and it's the type of pub where you can't order a plate of chips without eating a main course because they think it looks tacky.

Not a bad place for a pint but fairly pretentious and the clientel enjoy a good bray
billyhorizontal - 26 Feb 2007 13:59
Wow, this is the pub I have been waiting for for years and greatly needed in this part of town! This has been recently been taken over and beautifully refurbished to provide cool, unpretentious surroundings. This is a genuine gastro-pub with AWESOME food and wine, a good selection of beers (although they could do with "numbers" (1664 for those not aware of the parlance) and some gorgeous Aussie waitresses. Add to that friendly, knowledgable staff, a generally relaxed homely atmosphere and some fine eye-candy and it is a guaranteed "successful" night out. Upstairs provides more formal dinning in similarly lovely surroundings making this fail-safe bet for a first date - providing you can focus on the job in hand!
anonymous - 30 Nov 2006 17:00
I thought I'd give this place another try as its near and from the sounds of other people's reviews may be I wasn't giving it a fair crack of the whip. However to further reinforce Egon's review, I was also there on Friday night and had another disappointing experience. It was fairly busy downstairs so when I ventured in with a couple of friends we couldn't decide whether to eat off the bar menu or go upstairs to the restaurant so we could chat. Inevitably one of us wanted something off the bar menu while the other two wanted to go upstairs. So I went the waiter and asked if it would be okay if we could order one main off the bar menu and two off the restaurant menu and eat upstairs (it should be noted that the bar menu main we wanted to order was 9, and the two meals upstairs were each over 15, so we weren't asking to sit in the restaurant whilst eating bread and olives). However, I was told this wasn't possible as the chef was, and I quote, "a pedant". I then said but surely the customer is always right, but no we couldn't eat upstairs because the chef is "kind of picky about that sort of thing." Now as far as I'm aware the chef is not a world famous Michelin starred cook and the restaurant is usually pretty empty, so why turn down custom? This place is okay for a drink but they have some very odd ideas about service, including adding 10% service when you order food at the bar - I was tempted to ask whether this wouldn't be applied if I went upstairs to the kitchen to pick my food up from Marco Pierre White in the kitchen.
Sparky1 - 9 Oct 2006 16:05
What a shambles! We arrived and waitress said she would take our order.....1/2 an hour later when we finally get a waiter to take our order, we are only allowed 3 things off the bar menu. 8.30 on a friday night! then we were allowed to choose more dishes later, but then the pudding menu disappeared after that! What happened to "the customer is king"? finally we get billed incorrectly. expensive too for not very impressive food.
egonronay - 6 Oct 2006 23:23
Couldn't agree more with the previous review of 6th Sept by Mr Anonymous! The Queens Arms is my new favourite place!. A really cool bar and restaurant with glass retractable roof, almost a New York loft Style appearance with a very high standard of food at very reasonable prices. Charming staff and generally a great atmosphere. I am only sad I don't live nearer so I can go more often!
scarter - 15 Sep 2006 13:02
Not quite sure what Sparky is referring to when he says "a pub done in manner similar to painting by numbers. The light wood finish, the gastro menu..." - this place looks really stylish and no light wood in sight! The food is fantastic upstairs, and they have now started a bar menu downstairs. Looks like a good wine list as well, which I for one will be making my way through! Old Sparky can stay in the Colton and leave The Queens Arms to us!!
anonymous - 6 Sep 2006 13:18
The old Queens Arms wasnt great, I live round the corner and used it twice in as many years, so I was hopeful when they started to renovate the place.

Sadly Im disappointed, this a pub done in manner similar to painting by numbers. The light wood finish, the gastro menu, the over-priced Hoegaarden why does anyone drink this by the way, in my student years I worked in a pub and we were encouraged to push the filthy stuff as it had such a high mark-up.

The menu is so expensive its ridiculous, and from the reports Ive received the price of the food as an inverse relationship to the amount you get on your plate.

Whilst Barons Court is a pleasant area, you cant get anyway from the fact that youre eating and drinking at central London prices whilst enjoying the views of the council block opposite.

Its not that I wont use the pub - its a lot larger than the far superior Colton so for meeting up with big groups its better - its just I feel that its been a wasted opportunity.

Sparky1 - 25 Jul 2006 11:28

This pub has reopened as a split level, food upstairs, huge bar downstairs.

Only a week old so havent sampled the food yet but the menu looks like its a higher standard than burger and chips! Grilled Salmon salads, Steaks, Rissoto etc Ballpark 10 - 15

Couple of plasmas for sport and a good range of beers with prices to match the area, will definately be going back.

phil_dawson - 6 Jul 2006 15:23
Would occasionaly go there before football, gutted to see another traditional pub assimilated into ponceville, resistance is futile, or so it seems
TSW - 18 May 2006 20:48
This pub is CLOSED as of March 2006. It has been sold and is being redeveloped as a poncy bar/restaurant thing.
phil_dawson - 25 Apr 2006 14:52
From the outside, this appears to be an unremarkable side street local, but inside is a classic unspoilt 1960's time warp of a pub in the public bar, which has to be seen to be believed
This pub is little more than a stone throw's away from The Colton Arms, also recommended. For those of us who detest the McDonaldisation and blandness of the average chain pub, visit both these two gems.
JohnBonser - 12 Jan 2006 13:56

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