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Good Intent, Rochester

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user reviews of the Good Intent, Rochester

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I called in here during the week just after lunch. The pub was busy and most folk in the garden. Very freindly bar man/manager who made a good freindly effort. I liked his pub, its what a back street pub should be. Beer was wellkept.
shottendenaveling - 26 Jun 2015 22:17
A fine friendly Pub serving four plus real ales from barrels behind the bar. Well worth a visit but bearing in mind that the Man of Kent is just 100 metres down the road, it will inevitably suffer by comparison. Do visit however, as it worth doing so for the non-local, well kept ales and friendly welcome
ahscum - 9 Oct 2011 17:10
Went here a week or so ago whilst visiting Rochester. I was keen to visit this place as well as the Coopers and the Man Of Kent. I managed to make it to the Coopers however due to the fact that the MOK opens at 2pm I only made it to 2 out of 3.

On the outside and inside the Good Intent appears to be stuck in a time warp. Nestling in the middle of a little housing estate in Troy Town you feel like you could be in an episode of life on Mars. This for me adds to charm of this place being a man who very much favours a traditional boozer over a gastropub or wine bar.

We were the first customers there arriving at 12pm. At 1 minute past 12 the barman opened up the pub. The reason for this was that the previous nights pub quiz overran. I guessed that this pub quiz was a right good laugh and before I even set foot in the pub I knew that this was my sort of establishment.

The pub decor is very minimal and very 60's. It reminded me of pubs that my dad took when I was knee high to a grasshopper before everywhere became more gentrified.

There was 3 ales on which was slightly disappointing as I was expecting a few more. I put this down to the fact it was so early and there were maybe due to be a few more later.

I would recommend this pub to a whole range of people not just real ale drinkers. It's also a place to go for a game of pool, to listen to some eclectic muzik, or watch some sport. All in all, give me a place like this any day of the week over the souless drossy drinkers holes in my area of greater london.
BeerGutt - 14 Sep 2011 13:56
Popped in with some friends a few days ago and the GI was as good as ever. The landlady even provided some nibbles for us.
Huey - 19 May 2011 16:30
A quick point of order - 1960s pub this is not. It is actually a rather fine early 20th centrury (possibley late 19th?) building that now sits somewhat disjointedly amongst more modern housing development.

In any case, neither the exteior nor the location would seem to promise much for the discerning drinker, and whilst you'd hope for a solid, earthy local, there's nothing bar the Beer guide write-up that would magnetise you to this place. But thank heavens for Protz's publication, for this is an absolute must for those who enjoy unpretentious, welcoming community pubs, and above all a splendid show of ales. Nothing too inspiring on the inside when I popped in last weekend, although notably beers were available from the cask. Eventually I finally twigged that all the action was outdoors, courtesy of a 40-cask strong beer fest that was swinging away quite happily in the sunny weather!

Emerged in the garden to find a tyranny of interesting choice - the landlord apparently ensured every ale was from outside Kent, which is to me something of a crying shame - or would be were we not so sumptuously catered for just round the corner at the Man of Kent! No, here you'll find a broader geographical reach, and there was much to excite the palate - many beers not familiar to me. Alas I was time-bound and so only sampled about 3 in my short visit, but to be sure, my Intent certainly was Good.

Friendly people running a friendly and honest local pub - really, Roch residents are spoiled for fine ales and decent pubs - I do hope they continue to make the most of this as they clearly were at Sweeps' weekend.

I'll be back.
TWG - 6 May 2011 17:14
Customs and Exiles were looking for a post curry beer or several. Man of Kent rammed so we went up the road to the Good Intent, wise choice! excellent range of beers in their garden based beer festival , good value too
CaptainDave - 3 May 2011 16:19
Popped in yesterday and as always got a friendly welcome. I can't think of to many unspoilt 1960 s pubs in the South East but this is one of them.

The beer is always good and reasonably priced

One or two comments suggest that the Good Intent is in some dodgy area, nothing could be further from the truth as my parents lived very close by for 15 years.

Well worth a visit.

Huey - 19 Feb 2011 13:05
In here after Saints played Gills on 1 May, anniversary of Saints Cup win over Man U in 1976. Couldn't see any beer when we walked in, some cider. Luckily we were directed to the garden at the back where there was a beer festival to tie in with some local event. Didn't visit the bar that could be accessed from here but I guess that was were the normal ales are. Festival had 30 beers with some interesting stuff.
GuideDogSaint - 16 May 2010 00:38
Am not sure about this place.... so won't rate it on this visit, but there seems to be some kind of 'ale apartheid'. I went in to the lower 'loclals' bar with pool table and no proper beer in evidence so went for the lager. Apparently the upper bar had something or other on but you would never have guessed there even was another half from the lower half. Actually I will mark as I find... an everyday locals kind of place with lager and pool table.
anonymous - 3 May 2010 22:51
Finally got around to writing a review. Visited this place back in August and although admittedly not in the most picturesque of areas the landlord/lady have done wonders with this pub. They were very welcoming, especially to the kids (both big and small) amongst our group. The ale selection wasn't the best as we had just missed the ale festival which was the previous weekend (gutted!!). There was however still 3 ales available and all seemed to be at a very good standard. Would recommend a visit if ever in the area along with the Man of Kent which was equally as good.
SwindonRobbie - 10 Jan 2010 16:21
A very intrigiung pub. The choice of drinks on tap was fairly limited but the selection of barrels seemed to be a nice touch. Much like the Man of Kent Ale House it is not in a desirable area, but once you get past the perceptions you may have of the place it is not too bad and overall a fairly nice place to enjoy a pint.
Leebs - 6 Jan 2010 00:03
My first visit last ni8ght (12/11/2009), quite an odd pub really. On the approach it's a very ugly building with very little promise. As you walk in it's much of the same. However, the landlord may just be the friendliest man I've had the pleasure of meeting. The landlady was almost as friendly, as were the 6 or 7 locals propping up the bar. There was only 3 ales on, but they were all very good. All in all I think this is a good pub and I think the landlord/landlady have done a marvellous job with a pub that has such little potential. I'll be returning next time I'm in the area.
Thebman - 13 Nov 2009 10:08
thought we'd try although must say were slightly put off by last review in May. The pub is grim to look at putting it mildly, however the ale selection was very good, customers friendly and whilst the screen was down showing some darts thing, we were offered the choice of the other bar and garden. What a haven!! I can't explain why the last reviewer had not been offered the alternative to the public bar as whilst we were there, we were joined in the garden by other quaffers. It seems standard practise. Would thoroughly recommend a visit if your'e in the area for The Man of Kent down the road. Quite a lot of music and entertainment if you like that sort of thing.
Well worth the train ride and walk!
thelordofbws2005 - 23 Jul 2009 17:22
Tucked away off the main drag in a tidy estate, is a pub called The Good Intent. Having read the many glowing reports for this supposed hidden gem, I looked forward to my recent evening visit. The exterior is rather anonymous and slightly off-putting: tatty, knackered and unassuming. The music blaring - Prodigy - and the yells of the lads by the pool table, hardly elevated my expectations. Within, you are confronted with a rough and ready locals pub, with all the airs and graces of a run-down, run-of-the-mill working men's club. Directly in front as you enter is a pool table, and a large pull-down projection screen - showing a triumphant Manchester United on Sky Sports. Bare floorboards and nicotine-stained walls were easily observed along with basic, functional furnishings. A few black and white photos of the pub, a dartboard and an old clock being amongst he objects that adorn the walls. The clientele on my visit consisted of Stella-guzzling lads and a few giggling girlies perched on bar-side stools. Along with the aforementioned Prodigy, other music aired included a bizarre - though be it, eclectic - mix of drum 'n bass. Tom Jones, Coldplay and Sting - 'An Englishman In New York' On the beer front, the usual kegs were supplemented by an array of real ales - my pint of Westerham British Bulldog was tasty and served in tip-top condition: indeed, if there were one reason to visit here, it would be for the beers. The lady behind the bar was smiley and the landlord, amusing. To conclude: The Good Intent is not a pub I can envisage frequent visits too. The clientele and shoddy drinking surroundings render the place a little too uncomfortable for this reviewer. However, if you are a little more broad minded and enjoy sampling an interesting selection of well conditioned ales, then pay a visit.
HTM69 - 20 May 2009 10:38
This back street pub just a few minutes from the High Street is well worth a visit. Do not be put off by the look of the place - the real ales are superb!

The landlord and landlady are perfect hosts and I always enjoy my visits here. I just don't understand why they let the place remain in such a shabby state. Recommended
beerquaffer40 - 9 May 2009 22:10
Real Ale and Music fans should not let the drab unlovely exterior of this pub put them off from visiting it ,.The decor is nothing to shout about ,but the beer is excellent , and the customers are friendly.A good selection of gravity fed ales ,allways available ,and often very good music .
dogbolter - 14 Apr 2009 22:19
Popped in after regressing back to my childlike self at nearby Diggerland, on the strength of its Good Beer Guide entry for 2009.

This pub does many things right. The 5 ales (and real cider) served from stillage were eclectic and of good quality. The barman was friendly and the customer base was nicely mixed.

As noted below, this really is an ugly place and the interior is basically a fairly small open room with little architecture of note, with the right hand side dominated by the pool table - which when in use is a real pest if you are sat on the tables opposite wanting to get past for another beer. The toilets also need a bit of attention, as although clean the plaster is coming off the wall. A small detail, but it matters if you want to be the best.

In short, very worthy for a couple of excellent beers but falls short of being essential as an overall experience - there's room for improvement.
Quinno - 4 Jan 2009 17:44
Sharps Cornish Coaster, Darkstar Best, Atlas Nimbus SPA, Biddenden Bushels cider (6%- colloquially ordered locally as a �pint of lose-a-day�) were available yesterday by gravity from stills behind the bar, 4 other stills not �on� around 13:00. I didn�t take offence when the landlady, having spotted me noting the selection, asked whether I had a beer belly - I do! - and, amidst local laughter she produced the camra mag �Medway Beer Belly�, haha, before advising that the GI would be holding a �fest last weekend of Sep with an additional 10 stills in the garden. The larger room to the front of the pub had a pool table, dartboard, drop-down screen showing cricket (so must have sky), smelt a little beery from prev nt. The rear room was a plain rectangle with uniform seating around the sides & seems to hold regular live music. This leads out to a decent, albeit slightly straggly, garden with weathered furniture & an open �tented� cover.
trainman - 20 Jul 2008 11:56
Fantastic pub. Arrived to be greeted by a friendly barman, selected one the ales from behind the bar, the barman informed me of another ale that wasn't displayed so I had that instead and it was perfect. I can't recall the name but they had 3-4 guest beers on. Barman was in fact the landlord and had a good chat as he said he'd never seen us before (we'd come over from Maidstone), gave us some directions to the next pub and invited us to the beer festival on Friday. Will be returning soon for sure. Lovely big beer garden as well.
Sharp - 1 Jul 2008 11:50
Nice pub, friendly staff and locals, good juke box, and great beer.
Mattclary - 29 Apr 2008 11:40
Beer served directly from the barrel is the main attraction here. As other people have said, worth going to this place along with the Man of Kent if you're in Rochester.
pubcollector - 2 Dec 2007 23:05
It's not that bad to look at ! Good companion to the Man of Kent and would fit in well in the real ale quarters of industrial Sheff/Manc - very good beer from the barrel
mtaylor40 - 23 Nov 2007 22:56
Not a pretty place but serves good bitter and the range changes,the Land lady is straightforward but nice,often has music of different types,worth a look
anonymous - 30 May 2007 21:11
One of the most eclectic pubs I've ever visited. Looks unpromising from the outside, being part of a post-war estate. Rap/dance music playing rather too loud for my taste didn't help the initial impression as I entered a rather spartan, open-plan room dominated by a pool table with the bar in one corner. However the locals, who on an early Tuesday evening seemd to consist entirely of 18-20 year olds and untrendy middle-aged types such as myself, were very amiable, as was Karen the landlady who immdeately acknowledged my arrival while serving other people. Karen later came over to talk about the old photographs of various local pubs while I was looking at them on the wall, as well as making sure I got a copy of the local CAMRA mag. Needless to say I only ventured here in the first place after noting its inclusion in the 2007 GBG. Three ales were on tap from barrels behind the bar, with others waiting or having recently run out. I had a decent enough pint of Sharp's Cornish Coaster.

The place styles itself "The Ugly Pub", and it's a bit difficult to get away from that image(!), but the people in here certainly make the best of what they've got. Certainly worth doubling up with a visit to the nearby Man of Kent.
Rich66 - 22 Nov 2006 21:57
Soulless 60's working men's pub in the middle of a tidy, but characterless housing estate. Recent facelift has made the exterior less of a scruffy nuclear bunker, but little can be done to change the brutal architecture. Interior has also been given a slap of paint, but - like the exterior - a coat of paint can't improve the echoing empty atmosphere.
Calling it The Ugly Pub does turn the place's worse feature into something almost cute, warm and human. And warm and human the place certainly is. The people on both sides of the bar are friendly, happy and relaxed. The beer is excellent value, and has been in top condition every time I have visited. There is an ever changing selection of ales, mostly concentrating on Kent brewers. Nice policy is having up to three beers from the same brewer, giving a customer a chance to really get to know a new brewery.
If something could be done about the cold, echoing atmosphere and the dark dreary ceiling then this could become one of the best pubs in Rochester.
SilkTork - 1 Jan 2006 23:18
The Ugly Pub in Troy Town Rochester is still ugly but has been given a facelift by the TLC of pa and friends
Good rotation of quality ales 2 separate bars & south facing enclosed garden for those barmy days!! Large carpark, mind those potholes,live music every other Saturday,folk singaround 1st & 3rd Tues in the month.
Euchre drive,pool & barbilliards tables, small private functions catered for. Exterior is't quite so daunting now, but we're still smiley on the inside,close to High Street(your mad!!) Train and Buses easy access. Local guide Kent pub guide, well worth a look in the midst of the concrete jungle!
thelordofbws2005 - 10 Dec 2005 11:38

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