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Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

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user reviews of the Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

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My wife and I paid a return visit on Sunday 10th July after a country walk. At the bar, a man recommended the Trooper ale, so I chose that and it was indeed very good, although mid-pint I swapped it with my wife's pint of Conqueror's (which she wasn't keen on, but I liked just as much as the Trooper). For my second pint I switched to something called East Street, which was fine but not as nice as either the Trooper or Conqueror's. The very friendly man we had spoken to earlier came by again a little later on and it turned out he was one of the managers at the pub but on this occasion was on his night off. All in all, this is a decent Wetherspoons and very convenient for the railway and bus stations, so we'll no doubt be back again the next time we go walking in the Potters Bar area.
beermann - 11 Jul 2016 11:38
I have been coming in here since it opened. Fairly average Spoons Pub, food is "OK" and they have a good selection of guest Ales. It is not very "cosy" as its built in retail space that used to be the local Tesco. I don't know if being close to the Rail Station and Bus route is the cause but this Pub is full of older people and those that have the sort of "Job" that allows then to get well oiled in the afternoon.

Great for a cheap bit to eat but I would not take the family there as there are better options in walking distance.
SirTricky - 12 May 2014 10:07
Glad to say this spoons has got much better since my last review there seems to be much a better selection of guest ales on offer now days and they are much better kept must have got a new cellar man may be they poached the one from the New Crown. This spoons has always been good for food and remains so. The only bad thing in here is sometimes you get a lot or crowds coming in together for food and there is never enough staff serving at busy times to cope with them as they all seem to pay and order separately so you can end up waiting ages just to get served a Beer but apart from that its a reasonably good pub for a spoons
Alesonly - 16 Nov 2013 12:46
Nice pub but lazy bar staff just come straight out of kinder garden.They must have a competition who can get away with serving the biggest head on a pint.Very good at over charging you as well.
brooks.c1 - 18 Sep 2013 10:09
This Wetherspoon's is located on the ground floor of what appears to be a 1970s office building on the high street at Potters Bar. The space is wide but not very deep, so you can never be that far away from the front door, which seems to prevent it from ever feeling particularly cosy, wherever you choose to sit. Despite that, I found the service to be very friendly and polite. My visit was during a Wetherspoon's real ale festival so there were plenty of interesting beers to choose from -- I opted for the Caledonian Coffee Porter and it was very good.
beermann - 26 Mar 2012 13:12
I would have too agree with the last poster This place has certainly gone down hill since last time where I give it 8/10 now I would struggle to give it 2/10. Ive been here at least Three times in recent weeks and every time Ive had too return at least one Pint of Ale and consistently ask for other pints to be toped up after getting short measures I would not mind if it was only trainee staff but this was by the Duty Managers & Team Leaders according too there name badges. I also found the staff are very rude and arrogant with no manors or Please or Thank You at all as they seem too busy talking to the drunk regulars propping up the bar rather than want inconvenience of serving customers. The last time I was in only Three guest Ales were available and Two out of the Three Pints I tried were undrinkable and cloudy. It now Seems to be full of customers just coming in to eat the cheap food or buy soft drinks whilst other regulars stand near the bar getting well Oiled on Lager. There was not much Ale being sold when I was in again a few times over the last week probably why it not in the best condition. Lets hope it picks up again soon but I doubt it until theres a change of management as its been like this for well over a year now.
Alesonly - 4 Feb 2012 09:54
quite uninspiring spoons offering located in a street full of charity shops card shops and little else,and beware if you are poppin in for an early one they open at nine but are not licenced til ten 6/10
fat_beer_badger - 26 Apr 2011 13:31
Not too bad for decent Ales as there was some excellent Guest beers on Tap when I went in Early on two previous times but thats the only good point.
It was too full of screeching Kids running around whists the parents just sat there stuffing there Guts with cheap food and other idiots were shouting into the mobiles on my first visit in the afternoon. Then on the evening visit it was full of 18 to 21s drinking Alcopops Its even worse on Friday & Saturday Nights I'm told. One girl even Pissed herself as he sat there she was so far gone.
Staff seem to treat & think Customers are a inconvenience and have that bad habit of asking who's next even though there was only three people waiting at bar?. I would not bother retuning just too go in there again even if I'm passing I think it needs a Older more experienced Management and Staff as it seems too be staffed by far too many youngsters working there and thats attracting all the kids.
Alesonly - 21 Sep 2009 16:19
Donít stand more than two feet from the till when you want to be served as the barmaids are on some sort of invisible tether that doesnít allow them to work the whole bar. Iíd also not bother if you are employed as both times I have been here it has been mobbed with students and the work shy.

Iíll not be visiting this Wetherspoons again.
Strongers - 5 Sep 2009 14:45
Not worth the time of day just like the loser drunk who go in there!
PubPB - 17 Aug 2009 17:14
PubPB - 17 Aug 2009 17:13
ive been there... and yes ginaa i pulled!!! hahahahaa
natz - 12 Jun 2009 12:04
Chrisisalegend - 23 Jul 2007 15:04
this place is getting worse probably owing to the average age of the clientel--getting younger by the day,,keep away on a sunday as the place resembles a kindergarten
blackrat - 11 Mar 2007 01:15
Visited this pub on Saturday, 4 November. I thought it was much better than the usual run of Wetherspoons. Admittedly it was during the day but it struck me as a good example of a 'local' pub.

The range of real ales was limited as they were expecting a delivery following the end of the festival. However, they had some good deals on curries, which we ordered, and the receipt showed 'New Curry Club'.

Staff were quick and efficient. To me, probably not to others who read this, it was enjoyable drinking in here.
wyndham - 5 Nov 2006 16:28
i take it thailand works for wetherspoons, i have sent emails to them and never got a reply and i know of others who have the same lack of response, as for prices all wetherspoons seem to be the same,,,,so what makes the byng special ? well i suppose it is special for 15 to 17 year olds since they can get served without any trouble
blackrat - 1 Aug 2006 01:25
Just like to say I had a great night again last night in this pub after work. And was lucky enough to get the chance to see the famous s Barnes, who always seems to make this pub a pleasure to drink in.
Badgirls - 1 Apr 2006 15:31
I personally feel that with out this pub in Potters Bar it would be a very quite town, and think that this pub has done a great deal to provide the town with a great deal of pleasure. I have been to this pub on many occassions and always fell a warm feeling in there. Friendly locals such as Steve Barnes who is a credit to the town as well as the pub. Keep up the good work

Badgirls - 26 Mar 2006 02:47
agree with jurg, sometimes with kids under age (i know this for a fact since live in area), sometimes resembles a kindergarten,a typical wetherspoons in regard the total ignorance of wetherspoons policy in that children should have a meal (unless a bag of cheese n onion crisps is a meal), the beer range is very poor , alas though near the station so handy, mr jd (tim)needs to do better
blackrat - 8 Jan 2006 01:11
As winter approaches this pub is sure to offer a great range of novelty nights including drink promotions and bar promotions including Halloween. I cant wait ! I was in here a few days back and the staff all dressed up it was great just like the price of the drinks. The bar stools are a bit grubby and they could do with a few more !
anonymous - 17 Oct 2005 02:39
This pub is a great pub on a friday, Cheap Drink, Livley, Good Location. You may even see Steve Barnes one of the most famous pub crawlers of Potters Bar
Badtaste - 13 Sep 2005 22:41
This pub is nice, cheap, good food (although I fear standards are slightly slipping at present). Friendly, Jovial bar staff (except that miserable chinese woman) and usually a nice friendly atmosphere.. does tend to fill up with chav morons on a friday or saturday night, but it's to be expected of pretty much everywhere these days..
Larry_ - 21 Jun 2005 15:09
I first came upon the Admiral Byng when visiting a friend in nearby Cuffley. Its pleasant glow shone forth across Darkes Lane beckoning me towards it like a moth to a bright shiny light. Once in there they have a tremendous selection of fine ales and oktober fest is well represented, yes its a chain but these allows the prices t be reasonable rather than the rtificially high tabs in other local bars. Curry night is also well worth a peek. As for the students, they're alright bit rowdy sometimes though. I say bravo to the Byng!
Scousey - 15 Oct 2004 18:54
i totally disagree wiht the above comments, the Byng provide a homely and fullfilling atmosphere with lots of virile young men and women. wednesday nights have a "special" theme provided by the athletic totty of the local vet school. experience of a hot sweaty wednesday night is essential for any sleezy old man... you know who you are!
liza wilde-card - 15 Oct 2004 13:48
Full of drunks by day, kids by night. Promise of a good range of beers - lucky if your get one decent pint before it runs out!
Safe if you're a lager lout.
Jurg - 26 May 2004 21:15
This pub is a joke. After casually ordering five pints of fosters for my four chums and i, i was forcibly ejected from the premises! I believe the word is grievious.
Seamus Kelly - [email protected] - 26 Oct 2003 23:15

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