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Grove Inn, Holbeck

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Fantastic traditional boozer with dart board, real ale, multiple rooms and regular live music. I only popped my head round some of the rooms but they looked cosy enough for those not interested in the band. I was luck enough to see Paul Middleton's Angst Band which apparently play there every third Thursday of the month - and what a treat that was, amazing stuff.
As well as the great music, the staff were very friendly and accommodating,and were happy to charge my phone when it ran out of juice. Great selection of ales (I think I counted 8 on), including Moorhouse Black Cat, Rooster's Yankee, and a pale beer from a brewery called "Ilkley" which i had not heard of before but the beer ("Mary Jane" I think) was wonderful.
dyyony - 22 May 2017 13:37
Traditional West Riding -Style pub, 4 rooms off a corridor which has the bar that also serves the room with the dartboard. Great old style rooms with real fires for the colder months. Good bar staff who poured my pint and straight away told me it was off and offered another ale straight away. Music not on tonight as the band had gone sick. My Ridgeside [email protected]% was £3.80.
rpf1955 - 14 Jun 2016 16:04
Our next stop after Midnight Bell was this little hidden gem.

Very traditional pub that has survived the local development going on and with the amount people drinking here after work I’m not surprised.

Several different rooms inside with the bar to your left as you enter from Back Row.

Busy but the bar staff were both friendly & helpful…which you don’t always get in London.

8 taps serving a good range of ales.

With the sun beating down the addition of a garden to the side of the pub is very welcome.

Another cracking pub that is worth the walk out of town.
lezford - 14 Jul 2014 14:04
Wow! What an amazing pub, visited here last month. Great, well kept beer with knowledgeable staff. The rooms are something else, quite simply a proper pub.
Fulhampete - 6 Apr 2014 10:00
This museum piece of a pub is a 'must visit' if you like real ale and pubs of history and character. It is only a five minute walk from the train station and lies just outside the main Leeds city centre area.
It has a number of seperate rooms, all of which boast original Victorian features, whilst the bar was well stocked with plenty of beer choice from breweries far and wide, including a superbly kept offering from Bradfield Brewery in Sheffield.
Perhaps some of the 'features' could do with a spruce up, for instance some of the seating and carpets are getting threadbare, but don't let this stop you visiting this gem of a place and drinking your pint in front of a roaring fire - you can't go wrong.
SouthYorkshireman - 8 Dec 2013 23:00
Stays decent this place, should never change.
loveleedshatebates - 28 Oct 2012 12:02
For me this is a serious contender for the title of "Best Pub in Leeds". Since it is within a few minutes walk of the station I call whenever an opportunity arises, and the staff are unfailingly friendly and knowledgeable, the ale choice is always extensive, well-chosen and in top condition and the building itself, a true survivor in its incongruous position, is a piece of unspoiled drinking history which is perfectly serving its purpose today.
Stamfordian - 16 Apr 2012 12:53
Aaaarrgh! On our first return to the city in exactly five years, we managed to surprise ourselves by navigating to here by memory and parked up nearby, excited to re-acquaint ourselves with one of the finest (and very few) corridor pubs left...only to find it follows that fine Leeds pub tradition of closing completely on Good Friday. Ah, well, push on, there's always the Victoria instead...nope, wait a moment, they're shut too...what about Whitelock's? Surely not...Oh, good, at least THEY'RE open today...
Gristy - 26 Apr 2011 14:49
Fabulous ! A proper down-to-earth Victorian pub that hasn't been knocked through and made into an open plan nightmare. Live music is often on in the back room, but you can't hear it when the door closes so for those of us for whom it's all about the beer... The cellarman looks after his ales with the same kind of zeal you'd expect from a muslim beer janissary, and the locals are wierd. What more is there to say about The Grove ? A thing of great beauty and a joy forever !
DerekDrinkforbrains - 5 Nov 2010 16:42
An Enterprise Free House of local renown, The Grove Inn is tucked away on a sidestreet behind the new Bridgewater Place development which most Leodensians I've encountered seem to hate. They like this boozer though, if the mix of punters is anything to go by. Normally there is a good range of ales available, although they were running a little low on my visit (reflecting its popularity). Its got a traditional, multi-roomed interior and a pleasant space to sit for outside drinking. Leeds Pale in fine form; This is a good solid option just on the outskirts of the city centre.
ChrisP87 - 3 Jul 2010 17:03
Good range of independent real ales and a TV for the World Cup in 1 of the 4 rooms. Also has a beer garden
oftenscore6 - 17 Jun 2010 09:38
What a trooper. How this place braved out the massive amount of construction going on around it I don't know. However I do know it serves a fantastic pint of ale or cider, and is the home of Leeds CAMRA which should tell you something about the quality of the place. Regular folk evenings, food at lunch, open fire for winter evenings, cracking beer, friendly beer staff and friendlier roaming dog, I really can't fault this place.
LeedsStew - 23 May 2010 17:49
Rather saddled by being classified as 'Holbeck'. Come on! This pub is in Leeds - only a 5 minute walk from the railway station. It's a real survivor - a small local boozer in a sea of concrete office blocks. To find it, leave Leeds Station, go under the 'Dark Arches' and beyond that new monstrosity known by locals as the Dalek or the Hoover. Its on the right just after that.
arihall - 13 Mar 2010 18:02
On Dec 19 the beers were Elland Bora Bora and El Divino, salamander chrimbo bimbo, Leeds midnight bell, daleside blonde, moorhouse black cat and pride of pendle, deuchars IPA and old rosie cider. Multi room layout was nice to see, highly recommended.
GuideDogSaint - 28 Dec 2009 08:25
Excellent, traditional back street boozer surrounded by modern office buildings. Multi-room layout with dcor mellowed by age to gentle golden hues, an outstanding unfancy Victorian interior. Nine hand pumps spread between the corridor serving hatch and the front bar, serving a range of mainly UK microbrewery beers all in fine condition but a little cold. You can easily spend many happy hours here. Mixed group of punters ranging from suits at lunchtime to student types and regulars. Attentive and friendly Irish staff who make bar work look easy. Regular music of different sorts and just a short walk from the railway station.

oldboots - 15 Aug 2009 13:42
Fairly basic ale house within walking distance of the city centre, with a good selection of ales on tap. Supping the tasty Moorehouses Black Cat while watching a band playing to a small (but enthusiastic) crowd in the back room was a very pleasant way to finish off a Saturday night in Leeds.
wee_jock - 29 Jun 2009 13:53
The Grove is one of the few good reasons for visiting Leeds for a beer. Never less than really a well kept selection. Pleasant staff. I used to work in the area 35 years ago and although there is very little left with a range of ugly generic buildings, coming upon the Grove always makes me smile-it's a real Doctor Who moment.
StephenE - 31 May 2009 18:01
Classic with good range of beer. Despite it being a Friday evening it was fairly quiet - perhaps everybody was in the folk club which meets in a back room.
simontheeditor - 12 May 2009 19:38
Wow, wasnt prepared for The Grove Inn, as its the last thing you expect to find in the middle of the office tower blocks on the canal side developments. Its like walking into a time warp and finding yourself back in the days when pubs were there to dispense good ale and be a social meeting point for the local community. A no frills social drinking house.
Cant really add to the previous descriptions given except that the wife spotted that the iron legs of the tables in the larger back music room were from Singer sowing machine stands. And the smaller of the two rooms off the corridor was a ringer for my old nans front room.
Several beers on and the ones at the serving hatch were Moorhouse Black Cat and Witches Brew, Deuchars IPA, and Salamander Scatterbrain, which I believe is a local Microbrewery.
I didnt get to see the beers in the front bar as when me and the misses moved from the back room to one of side rooms, some of the locals picked up on the non Yorkshire accents and after establishing that we were in Leeds for the bank holiday weekend, were very concerned about us having a good time and discussed plenty of suggestions for our enjoyment whilst in Yorkshire. Suffice to say we didnt leave the pub till gone midnight.
Gann - 13 Apr 2009 22:43
Great pub, a true survivor squatting amidst office and apartment buildings that have sprung up around it in the last 5/10 years. Food is basic but that's not a priority here.
The Groves true principles - a traditional atmosphere, wide coice of real ale, live folk music - are unaffected by the radical change in punters' profile - long may it continue !
NellySays - 15 Feb 2009 13:20
Best pub in Leeds in my opinion and has been for the past three years. Always 9 real ales on the bar, a cider. Great, homely atmosphere with loads of nooks and crannies and no inner-city wide-boys ruining it.

Beer in great condition, a must!
Spodgey - 3 Nov 2008 18:48
I'm probably one of the office workers who have "adapted to the pub rather than the other way around". It's a nice little joint this one, always a tasty pint for you, the lunchtime meals rattle out of the tiny kitchen in no time at all. Lovely wood fire going all winter long, has started quite early this year though due to the bitter autumn.
LeedsStew - 4 Oct 2008 21:07
Fine small multi-roomed traditional unspoilt pub over the river from the station in a very developed area of Leeds that reminded this reviewer of a mini - Docklands.

Formerly a John Smiths pub - see the signage outside - it's now an Enterprise Inns free house, retaining some original features and serving a good variety of real ales. These included Moorhouses Black Cat Mild , which seemed popular and a beer from Elland Brewery ( which my notes record as being Bora Bora - a rather robust copper premium bitter )

The pub is popular with local office workers at lunchtime, but, unlike London's Docklands, they have largely adapted to the pub rather than the other way round. The tallest office building in Leeds is nearby.

There's outside seating at the side and a large music room at the back where live music is put on at weekends and in the evening.

It's approx 10 minutes walk from Leeds centre and is well worth it.

It's pleasingly to see that redevelopment of an area doesn't always mean that splendid pubs such as this half to be bulldozed in the name of "progress".

Probably my second favourite Leeds pub after Whitelocks at the moment.

Try and go there if you get the opportunity.
JohnBonser - 3 Oct 2008 17:35
Gem of a pub, might be a bit 'working mans' for some tastes, but well worth a visit for the ales and character of the place. Has strong music links too so a good place to chill or rock depending upon your mood.
mikey64 - 5 Jul 2008 11:26
Fantastic Pub, Only a Five Minute walk from the Rail Station
chiefwigumuk - 11 May 2008 13:25
Great pub with an excellent selection of beer, all in good nick. The highlight of the day - spent a happy couple of hours in here before watching my hopeless football team get relegated at Elland Road. Bit off the beaten track so great location if you want a quiet pre-match pint
TheMortyVicker - 4 May 2008 20:50
An unspoilt old fashioned rough and ready boozer on the corner of a main road, surrounded by vast new buildings. It's a lovely warren of a place with four regular ales plus four guests. Only criticism is that there was no ale stronger than 4.2%ABV on my visit.
Rich66 - 20 Feb 2008 21:45
How does this place manage it? Largely intact from the day that it opened, complete with West Riding corridor servery. Owned by a pub company and with no houses in sight and dwarfed by office blocks, it succeeds in dispensing 7 real ales, mostly locally brewed and in excellent order. Throw in the rear concert room which showcases acoustic and blues and you dont have to wonder why its so popular.
Alerover - 15 Mar 2007 21:27
The best pub in Leeds by a nose. Resisted all attempts to develop and "regenerate", and now has listed status. Also the best pub in Leeds for folk and roots music, with eight top quality real ales. Don't stroke the dog - he might be in a bad mood!
fairport79 - 16 Feb 2007 00:19
one of the few pubs i'll go to in leeds. hidden by high rise shite but worth tracking down. good ale and atmosphere.
mph - 22 Nov 2006 03:52
Charmingly old fashioned pub now out of place amidst the new developments on the canalside but hopefully staying put. The multiple rooms inside vary from cavelike to concert sized but the building work around has made sitting outside less pleasurable this summer. A wide selection of ales most of the time, with some less well known regulars and surprising visitors. Regular music and singers nights. The Grove is a hidden gem.
foffo_spearjig - 27 Oct 2006 21:30
Visited the city in April with the mighty RFC. Made a beeline for this pub and spent a very happy hour both before and after the game in the company of the friendliest locals and barstaff you could wish to meet. Wonderful layout inside - lovely old tiling on the corridor section, superb range of beers, great chat, and attention to detail from the staff was excellent. Every pint requested was served in its' own brewery labelled glass instead of he first they could lay their hands on. Can't wait to get back there.
Gristy - 10 May 2006 12:55
Up in Leeds for a meeting I was taken to the Grove and was most impressed. Good size, nice relaxed non-smoking room and some stunningly well kept beers. My friend came back with a great pint of Daleside Blonde for me. On my round I discovered Deuchars and was tempted to spend the rest of the night there. Great find, highly recommended.
sexygoldfish - 5 Jan 2006 20:39
Happily survived the regeneration of Leeds "Waterdside" area, this is a real gem of a pub. Friendly, atmospheric and with a real mix of customers. Great for either a quiet pint and a read of the newspaper or a rocking evening. Most of the best folk simgers in the country have played here and its easy to see why. If you've an hour to spare on your way through Leeds, take the five minute walk and do yourself a big favour. Definitely my favourite pub in Leeds.
asselbee - 6 Dec 2005 19:03
An oasis of a traditional British 'street corner'pub surrounded by a desert of new concrete and glass buildings.
Situated 0.1 miles from the city centre railway station. Listed building containing bar, snugs, and concert room. No posers - down to earth atmosphere.
Always at least 6 real ales ( 2 or 3 guests which change weekly) and good at realistic prices.
The pub is a CAMRA award winner and has occasional beer festivals.
Live music is a feature most nights, with occasional 'all day'
Sunday gigs.
The clientele are an eclectic mix from professionals to manual workers. Frequent haunt of students during term time.
John Bailey - 13 Aug 2005 23:36
Excellent Yorkshire 'corridore' pub with a few little rooms where you'll often find the regulars strumming their guitars. A large concert room at the back and an outsie terrace.
Always a wide selection of well kept real ales on draught.
tpreece01 - 13 Aug 2005 23:31

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