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Porters Lodge, Monument

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The Porters Lodge closed in 2014 and was demolished by April 2015.
PostalDrinker - 16 Apr 2015 19:37
8 darts boards are here but the pub is looking quite tatty. Staff ok , wanted to watch the Manchester Derby on Monday but guess what? no sky. Bit rubbish for a sports bar not to have Sky. Still darts was ok, I won a leg.
rmadefc - 3 May 2012 02:50
I was invited to this pub as part of a works team building evening this week and very much enjoyed the whole experience. The theme was darts playing, and although like me most of my colleagues had not really played darts before, I found it most amusing mainly because it was very well organised by a company called COLDA who not only designed the whole event but made both the players and spectators laugh so much during the final games by making the players walk-on to music similar to T.V. I must mention Steven and Roger who made what first seemed to be a boring night with colleagues into a function of the highest order. Well done COLDA, and well done to the Porters Lodge.
David98 - 24 Jan 2012 10:15
slim1690 - 21 Oct 2011 23:16
Simply THE home of darts in the City, if not London as a whole. Twice monthly Opens, normally won by top County players, teams in 5 or 6 different leagues, and of course the IDL, the biggest singles league anywhere, with over 50 players of all standards playing week in week out. I started going in the Lodge about 2 and a half years ago, when there were 2 dartboards, one or two teams, and the Gaffer has worked his a*se off to raise the profile of the pub, now with 8 boards, all Blade 3 or 4s as supplied by a top name in the darts supply world, and the ideal place for corporate darts events, or just a night out with your mates, as long as you book in advance as it's often jam-packed of an evening.
slim1690 - 8 Jul 2011 01:27
We had a corporate games night in the Porter's Lodge last Friday evening. The manager organised cards, crib boards, domino sets and had trophies engraved for the winners and runners-up of each event. One of the staff managed the team lists and knockout rounds and acted as MC which saved me all the hassle and was like herding cats - well done Roger, you are a hero - and all the staff could not do enough for us. The buffet meal was plentiful, tasty and fresh and the the atmosphere was tremendous. People are still coming up to me and thanking me for the great night out we had but in reality it was all down to the Porter's Lodge team.
keefjones - 5 Jul 2011 01:27
Feb 2011 great place to play darts - not many places left now and serves Pride or Bombadier cheers
Chunkyetti - 10 Feb 2011 14:12
Great for darts and staff, lousy interior though.
twinoaks - 9 Feb 2011 14:47
Since my last comments on this pub, which were some time ago, the place has changed somewhat, and the management too. This is now one of the finest places to play darts in the city, though it does get particularly busy at times. Food is always good and staff are exceptional. Rarely run out of anything I want to drink and quality of drinks are always good. Only downside for me is that, being underground, I get no signal on my phone. That said, that can also be a bonus :-) Quality of the darts players in the pub is variable, from people who hardly know one end of a dart from another through to the occasional pro from the PDC come for a practice before a tournament.
Lordfidan - 9 Feb 2011 13:49
Our Company had our Internal Darts Competition last night @ The Porter's Lodge, EC4, superb venue, food was excellent, Rob & Lesley superb hosts, we had a gr8 time, and will be returning again.
I recommend this pub to anybody, nick
eatme69 - 20 Jan 2011 15:53
I suppose its a great place if you like your boss spending ooodles of cash on wine and food so we can play darts ??? teambuilding is such fun.!!
To be honest, its ok, lots of dartboards.
I dont think I will return, unless my boss takes me out for drinks again, but cant knock the place.I have never seen so many dart boards.
bendyboo - 14 Jan 2011 19:57
The Porters Lodge is unique in the City of London for being the only community pub in the Square Mile.
Whilst it may not be a community pub in the sense of village locals together the Porters Lodge has built itself a thriving community of Darts Players Ė of a widely varying standard and City workers who are bored of the usual wooden floored, marbled bar-top blandness available everywhere else and instead would like to have some fun.

The Porters Lodge has built its clientele on the extensive darts facilities on offer. The regulars come from all walks of life from bankers to builders and legal eagles to labourers. All are welcome, all sup together.

Earlier comments of the boards being of an average standard are confusing to me and misleading in general. Last time I was there the Landlord was taking a brand new Winmau Blade 4 out of the box to put alongside all the others in the pub Ė 8 at the last count. At the time, that particular board wasnít even for sale to the general public. Probably something to do with the tie in the pub has with one of the UKís largest darts stores, an indication of the landlordís dedication to his pub, craft, regulars and standards.

Iíd challenge anybody to find a better place to chuck arrows than the Porters in London. Speaking to regulars there, they come in from all over London and Home Counties including Essex, Kent and Herts to play. Donít think theyíd bother if the place and its facilities were below par.

Come for the darts, stay for the atmosphere. Donít expect Raymond Blanc cuisine or Keith Floydís wine list but prepare for a great time.

sheerluckholmes - 16 Dec 2010 16:01
Above ordinary but not brilliant pub. Can't really think of much to comment on. Having said that, played some darts in here during a weekday afternoon and cannot fault it's dart's facilities. A real find in this age of dartboards becoming rarer and rarer. No sign of the 2 dollybirds in the photos though
johnwarkstache - 3 Dec 2010 05:45
I have been going to this pub for about two years now and have not had a dirty glass nor a dodgey pint what so ever
regards to the toilets i have seen alot worse in the city when visiting the m playing darts food in the porters is great service is always with a smile and jokes which makes it more welcoming now onto dartboards they 8 darts boards which are cosistanlty played on over the course of the week so mr arry arrows if you think the standards are from very very below average to some county level players going there for a few throws they will over the course of time wear.i am fortunate to be in there superb idl (a singles league)which has grown and grown over the time ive been going here and i hope it continues for me a great pub with a great bar team behind it long may they continue
whitmore - 25 Nov 2010 12:13
I use this pub a couple of times a week usually to play darts and cannot believe the comments about the poor dartboards! is ArryArrows used to using a board once and then disposing of it? The reason some of the boards occassionally appear a little well used is because, er, they are used a lot! They are changed over on a regular basis and I have not noticed any more of a problem with darts bouncing out than experienced in the several hundred other pubs I have thrown a dart in! A couple of the boards that are used in areas by "fun" players are maybe not of the same quality but that just makes sense to me with boards costing up to £30 a time. The lighting and scoreboards are being improved but this obviously takes time! I drink Lager so cannot comment on the pump beers but have not had a dodgy pint (or a dirty glass) yet.
Agreed the toilets are not always the best but,again, are improving as lately soap and hand towels have been available in abundance. To stop getting damp while peeing I suggest AppyArrows takes his time and tries to improve his aim!
thehappydrunkard - 24 Nov 2010 13:29
Don't normally feel compelled to comment on pubs for other people's benefit as i much prefer to make my own mind up - but having the read the latest "review" (a word to be used lightly in that context) decided that I would say a little piece too - and answer some of the points raised.

At this point, just to make clear, I have no connectiion at all with the management, in case "arry Arrows" decides to tar me with the same brush as the blonde he referred to.

I have used this pub for a number of years off and on, generally to play darts - long before the present management took over the running. The decor and the facilities have been a constant, so to lay this blame squarely at the feet of the present incumbent is a tad unfair, if anything it should be down to the company who own the pub to actually do something regarding the obvious improvements that should be made, after all it is THEIR pub, not the tenants!

However, our correspondent does make some points which I feel need to be answered. The boards are of an average standard? That will be news to the very reputable company who provide them, as part of the deal they have for organizing the hugely successful singles darts league that runs out of the pub - a league that has a waiting list that rivals those normally associated with an NHS hospital. The boards were not brilliantly lit, but these have improved significantly - if they were not have then one of the main winter darts leagues in the City would not have changed venues and moved to the Porter's Lodge (they are VERY particular about this sort of thing and if it was in any way unacceptable would not have considered using it)..... and having been in attendance at the league's recent presentation evening, a committee member was quite happy to quote the Lodge as being "the City's darts pub"

In closing, when reading reviews on here about various watering holes, be they good or bad, they are always one thing - OBJECTIVE. May I politely suggest if "arry arrows" is actually what he accuses the blonde lady of being - i.e. being in the employ of a rival pub, and one that is jealous of another establishment that has found a niche market and is making good use of it? Having an array of teams that compete in three different leagues, something that wasnt the case a year ago, suggests that the landlord and land landlady must be doing SOMETHING right, otherwise the pub would not receive a rating above 6/10.......

And by the way - if you're looking for a really decent pint, food and decor to match, may I suggest the Fox and Anchor near Smithfield Market. An absolute gem of a pub!

albinoferret - 17 Jun 2010 00:49
An avid darts player, I have decided to comment of all the Pubs I have played in recently.

I all honesty, whilst they may proclaim to be the cityís Darts venue, this is by far one of the poorest Pubs I have entered.

The boards are of an average standard; some having seen better days than others. The throws not particularly well lit and the scorers may well be electronic, but only just.

The beer is cheap, but still not worth paying for and the glasses very grubby. In fact, generally, the Pub is dirty beyond belief, leaving you not wanting to lean on the bar. The toilets would be better suited to some 1970s unattended Public Gents, complete with wiff and overflowing urinal, I do hate getting damp when peeing.

A very poor show indeed.

I have a feeling the Blonde commentor must work there or be paid by the management.
ArryArrows - 8 Jun 2010 13:37
London Marathon this Weekend.

Live band at the Porters ,outside weather permitting.
blonde_babe69 - 21 Apr 2010 16:45
"Horses for courses" immediately springs to mind and Strongers has pretty much summed it up below.
If you are looking for a cozy little pub that serves a huge variety of beautifully kept real ales .....Ummmmm........this ain't it !
On the other hand, if you fancy a game of darts - a great social game in my opinion - then there's quite simply nowhere better in the City.
Many years ago (more than I care to think about) I played in the City Bank's Darts League and there used to be a load of darts pubs in the Square Mile. Sadly, they have all been converted to poncey establishments serving imported lager and wine. The Porter's Lodge appears to be a throwback to that more innocent, customer focussed era.
Sadly, the beer, quite frankly, is disappointing to say the least.
There are a few hand pumps but only one was in use and the London Pride had that odd, creamy smoothflow taste despite the fact that it was apparently pulled in the proper manner. I've never quite worked out how they do that !
Nevertheless, as someone else said, you don't go to the Porter's Lodge to sit at the bar and sup ale.
I too rememeber the City Darts which was also a bit of a dive and this place is the closest I have seen to it - and long may it continue.
So 4 out of 10 for the beer - 10 for the arrers !
Cover_Point - 19 Feb 2010 13:58
hed kandi and darts!!!! and yes this place somehow makes it work.
The best place for Darts inThe City!!! 6 boards and some pool tables make it work.Late on Thursdays but HED KANDI ALL DAY LONG !,I gotta say this is a find,and so close to all the tube stations in the CITY.
No competiton really for darts.there used to be a pub called the City Dart..but I think that closed down ,I think this place is the City Darts now,with Hed Kandi,,oh,and sambucca..
sambucajason - 24 Jan 2010 23:21
now having 6 dartboards..and 3 electronic score boards..the Porters just gets better.
blonde_babe69 - 10 Jan 2010 23:06
best dartboards in the city by far.
All five boards are unicorn pro..which is great,and the electric scorebaords are great.
darts darts it
blonde_babe69 - 6 Oct 2009 17:26
Was there last Thursday with some colleagues from work.We heard about the karaoke,and I have to say that this place is a bit quirky .
Great service in a city pub??? great selection of beers,peroni,san miguel,corona etc.The London Pride was on,along wth Black Sheep,but I dont know about the quality??
The staff are so good,funny,chatty and they do a mean baby guinness.
It was very busy,with darts(i even played) which is unusual for around here.
I drink in the city most Thurs nights,but although most places are busy,the customer service doesnt exist.
There at the Porter Lodge they were fantastic,best karaoke venue around,it may be tatty yes,but they know what a customer want.
And PS. loved the pink poodle behind the bar lol......

princesslesley - 21 Jul 2009 20:29
This place is a tatty dive that harbours one of the worst gentís toilets I have ever had the misfortune to walk into. Although there are three unused hand pumps there is one hooked up to some Pride, but it wasnít the best. There is a standard selection of lager, but I ended up on the Guinness which I find is hard to mess up.

I would normally write off a pub in this state and give it a big fat zero, but the Porters Lodge isnít about sitting at the bar and making notes on the quality of the ale, it is about the darts, pool and fantastic atmosphere that the manager and his misses generate with the aid of some loyal locals. It is a shame that a little bit more care isnít put in as this would become a great pub.

There are five dartboards which are needed to accommodate the nine dart teams that play from the pub every week. There are also a couple of pool tables that are available for general play or can be hired for parties when one of the six pool teams isnít playing a league match.

There is an old beat up TV and a couple of ill fitting projector screens that look like they were put up at the spur of the moment, but amazingly no Sky Sports which I find strange for a pub that is so sport orientated. One of the projector screens, that covers a dartboard, was showing a feed advertising the pub with pictures off their Facebook page like the ones above.

The manager informed me that the teams are mostly made up of the local office staff that like to unwind after work and donít enjoy going to the pub and talking shop. I have to admit that if I worked in the area I would join a team here and this would probably become my local, even with all its faults.

The question is often asked in the forums on this site about whether there is a pub in town with pool and darts that would cater for groups on a night out. Well here you have it, and a point that I havenít mentioned is that they have a licence from 9am until 3am everyday of the week, but obviously it has to be worth their while to stay open.

So to sum up, this is not a place for the discerning drinker but if you fancy playing some pub sports until the early hours in a friendly atmosphere you could do much worse than giving this place a try.
Strongers - 26 Jun 2009 08:36
Great for darts, which is what the City needs after the demise of The City Darts down Commercial St. All it needs is raised oche's and a bit better lighting and there is a goldmine there.
bigphilsmate - 3 Jun 2009 12:25
five (5) dartboards.
two pool tables,and big screen ,but no sky.
friendly team running a proper pub.
not poncy like some city bars.
top place,bit of karaoke on thursdays.
anonymous - 31 May 2009 20:26
OMG..wat a night.
Skool disco next week,mi an the girlz will be their!!whoo whoo

anonymous - 22 Aug 2008 15:22
Went there Friday night with some friends.Music was kickin,the staff bend over backwards to make you feel welcome.Going back on next Friday to dance the night away .
hotlipz - 20 Jul 2008 18:48
This looked like it had closed when I walked past last night. From the below reviews, I'm not sure it's a great loss to the world of London pubs.
grecian - 10 Jul 2008 10:24
Great pub and great prices, £2.60 for a pint of fosters between 12-3. 2 dartboards, 2 pool tables, grat thai currys and very friendly staff, what more can I say!
I definitely recommend!!
gavinanton - 10 Oct 2007 14:23
Pretty grim really - beer was expensive and not kept well. Not surprised there was only one other person in there.
pubcollector - 28 Apr 2007 12:21
What a dive, was extremely stale smelling. Went there for a pool match and was shocked that it was £3.20 for a pint! £1.30 for a game of pool, which is a pain as how many people have a pocket of 10 and 20p's???
Would not advise anyone wasting there time visiting here!
dagpaul86 - 26 Apr 2007 08:42
Underground, windowless, stale-smelling and a bit tatty... not that it's neccesarily a bad thing. Thai food here comes highly recommended by my foodie colleagues. Seems to have some permanent regulars. Staff are OK. Ho hum.
Albert_Campion - 26 Jan 2006 21:27
Nice little pub, Excellent Thai food prepared on site. 2 pool tables, dart board. Very busy on Thursdays and Fridays. Occasional entertainment. Very friendly staff and management. Graffitti boards in the Gents.
Lordfidan - 15 Jun 2005 17:14

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