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Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

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user reviews of the Liberty Bounds, Tower Hill

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I get they are providing a service and my low rating is purely on the enjoyment that I found during a visit.

Opposite the Tower - its peak tourist location. Every table taken. Queues at the bar, managed well by overworked staff.

The background noise was out of this world. I found a perch, nicked a stool and got a headache.

All this whilst a jobbing high viz jacketed security guard patrolled, with the most bored looking expression on his face.

Here for the Good Beer Guide and won't be returning.
Mappiman - 2 Mar 2020 10:49
Excellent selection of ales but incredibly busy at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening, so after a quick pint we headed over Tower Bridge to the next nearest Wetherspoon's, where you are always guaranteed a seat.
duchyjim - 2 Dec 2015 13:47
Visited this pub during Friday lunch time. It was fairly full with City workers and tourists like me alike. Service at the bar was swift and efficient. Did not try any of the food nor the gamut of ales at disposal as I had a pint of soft. Great location and quite a spacious pub. If you are a tourist and maybe shocked by the high price averages in London then this pub is a good choice. The interior is not bad either, it really looks like a pub as compared to some other branches of the Wetherspoon chain.
ferret83 - 22 Oct 2015 22:59
This was the first of 16 Wetherspoons we visited yesterday in search of the 12 ciders I hadn't previously tried that were in their cider festival. The Liberty Bounds was the only one I hadn't previously been to. It's a fairly dark place in parts, spread over 2 floors. Bar staff were fairly jolly and I managed to try 4 of the ciders here before moving onto pub number 2. The ale range was Brains SA Gold, Wychwood Piledriver, Green Jack Gone Fishing ESB, Fullers London Pride, Greene King Abbot Ale & IPA, Sharps Doom Bar & Adnams Broadside. Ciders were Mr Whiteheads Beetroot Cider, Shepton Mallet Somerset Tree Shaker, Sandford Orchards Rhubarbed, Rich's Farmhouse Cider & Waddlegoose Lane Woodsprite. Handy for the Tower of London.
blue_scrumpy - 27 Jul 2014 19:12
This was our second pub of the night after the nearby (awesome) The Ship. The contrast could not be more stark.
For this place the positives were - a good table with great view of the Tower Of London; very quick food and the prices.
On the downside, eight police came in to remove roudy customers; blokes in the loo having very intense conversation before going into a cubicle together to (presumably) take drugs; the general atmosphere, and inept bar staff (told him twice we wanted slimline tonic; and then the barman told me he'd been instructed to put lime cordial in gin and tonics - surely a slice of lime?).
Feeling generous - a 5/10 at best. A 4 would be more like it.
Old_King_Cole - 26 Dec 2013 20:18
This was our second pub of the night after the nearby (awesome) The Ship. The contrast could not be more stark.
For this place the positives were - a good table with great view of the Tower Of London; very quick food and the prices.
On the downside, eight police came in to remove roudy customers; blokes in the loo having very intense conversation before going into a cubicle together to (presumably) take drugs; the general atmosphere, and inept bar staff (told him twice we wanted slimline tonic; and then the barman told me he'd been instructed to put lime cordial in gin and tonics - surely a slice of lime?).
Feeling generous - a 5/10 at best. A 4 would be more like it.
Old_King_Cole - 26 Dec 2013 20:18
It's a Wetherspoon's. What you see it what you get; decent beer, not much in the way of atmosphere or decor but realistic prices. Have a pint in here, feed yourself on food that isn't brilliant but won't kill you then move on somewhere better and more expensive.
djw - 2 Nov 2013 23:50
One of the better spoons around. Great location for the Tower of London which does mean its inclined to be overrun with tourists, especially early.

Supped a good pint of Cotswold Spring, Stunner at £2.99 is no bad deal in this part of the City.
twineyboy - 18 Jul 2012 23:33
Great ales, friendly staff, good atmosphere, spacious, and like most Wetherspoons a beautiful building. The Eastern European, somewhat large lady manager barks at and bullys her staff, but appart from her, the staff are terrific. Amazing view of Tower of London and great foo. Amazing! Had a great time
pablondon - 8 Jul 2012 19:42
Popped in on Friday of Diamond Jubilee weekend, and busy but well managed. Pint of Welton's She's a Diamond was excellent, and agree pricier than some Spoons, but a quid cheaper than some local pubs, two quid cheaper than hotels, and you can see the Tower of London for goodness sake; well you could if it wasn't raining... If you're on a room only deal at your hotel also do breakfast which are incredible value.
spikefromsurrey - 4 Jun 2012 10:06
I popped in here with a friend a few saturdays ago in between thunderstorms. We got a seat upstairs (at 12.15) with no trouble and I admit we just planned to eat here. Ordered our food and it arrived within 7 minutes. I was astounded and although the drinks are more expensive than out of town sites I can confirm that the beer is well up to standard. ()Have drank here before). A really cheap and filling meal costing us just over £11.
A good place to start off or finish if arriving at Fenchurch Street.
ButchEgg - 17 Jul 2011 22:22
Good selection of real ales but lager is expensive here. There is a bar upstairs but be warned, it does not offer the full range of beers that the downstairs bar does, eg Kronenbourg is not available upstairs. Seems quite busy at all times, food was disappointing though, our order came out cold and had to be sent back although the serving staff were decent enough about the whole thing. When the food came back it was still not that warm, and the chips tasted like they had been hanging around for ages. A pity really, as normally I like Wetherspoons pubs.
manx_888 - 16 Jun 2011 10:51
Visited monday, and maybe not again, no problem with the drinks or service... Its the price this is a wetherspoons a tradition of wettherspoons is food and drink cheaper than its competitors...... not this one... a pint of amstel £3.40, a pint of carlsberg £3.70, more expensive than most other pubs in the area
gruppe8 - 2 Jun 2011 11:40
Good pub and in an excellent location although the last time I was in there the service was very slow. The beer and food are very good. This is thus far the largest wetherspoons I have drunk in.
alcohol1c_anonymous - 21 Feb 2011 18:40
Good pub for a couple of pints after work. Gets quite packed, but then what pub doesn't these days? I like it, and being a wetherspoons, you're getting cheaper food and drink than most other pubs.
Spartakoos - 8 Jan 2011 20:52
While some Wetherspoon pubs have been left to go to rack and ruin, this one still seems okay.
Had a selection of ales and ciders on as part of a festival when I visited this week, with the beers all £2.55 per pint. Some special festival beers from Young's, Hook Norton, Elgood's etc and all pretty well kept.
Annoyingly, by the end of the evening there were more taps off than ales replaced when they ran out, although hopefully an indication that people are switching from fizzy muck to proper stuff.
Being a Thursday I had a curry there too. Decent enough vegetable option, with a pint of Ruddles thrown in.
Wetherspoon pubs might not be everyone's cup of tea, but when they are okay like this one, I'm happy to pop in now and again for a cheap evening out.

duchyjim - 31 Oct 2010 13:42
since when has this wetherspoons hiked its prices up ? popped in for a pint last week and £3.20 for a pint of fosters my friend who was drinking it said the barmaid tried charging him for lime till a manager set her straight , i know its central london but wetherspoons never charge silly prices , especially as other pubs in the area are charging under £3 a pint of fosters

still a reasonable pub though , the ale is well kept and the staff seem knowledgeable about the ales
romfordir - 29 Sep 2010 11:07
Horrible Service & food !!!! Go somewhere Else!!!!
Sherridm - 9 Aug 2010 00:33
I visited this pub for lunch twice this year when visiting London from Yorkshire and I found the staff very helpful and the service and food good. only complaint is that we had to lug a pram upstairs as the childrens eating area is there but that is only a minor fault. will certainly visit again in september as the views and the atmosphere and the food and prices altogether make this a very pleasant pub.
BENJIMAN6 - 1 Aug 2010 13:52
visited today, good choice of ales, busy with drinkers and eating. ales from 2.70, nothing special and next to the very busy main road
popeye321 - 17 Jun 2010 14:02
This is a typical JDW pub, in a building that was clearly not intended to be a pub. I had a pint of Bateman’s Multigrain ale, which was better than I expected. I was in there at about 1.15 on a weekday lunchtime, and at the time one new member of staff was on her own for about fifteen minutes, inevitably leading to delays in service. When I looked later there were at least three members of staff serving. It’s a Wetherspoon’s pub in the City, and is exactly what you would expect it to be – cheap. I suppose it’s not too bad if it’s handy for work, or for meeting someone, but I certainly would not go out of my way to visit again – in fact, I would probably go out of my way to find somewhere more to my taste.
RexRattus - 21 Sep 2009 18:23
Visited here recently. Atrocious service. Waiting customers outnumbered the bar staff (one person) by 4 or 5 to 1. Food was poorly done and cutlery dirty. I was overcharged for the drinks and only realised after the meal but there were so many people waiting at the bar I could not be bothered to make an issue. Will NOT be going there again. The nearby Spoons Crosse Keys is far superior. You would not think it was the same chain.
Jaguarman - 31 Mar 2009 13:46
Visited here for recent spoons beer-fest in Oct 08 and received shockingly bad service, only 1 member of staff for a busy bar and only 3 real ales available and two of those were the usual beers, only 1 guest beer on during a festival is an absolute disgrace and sadly I have not been back since and will not venture to do so again. Disappointed though as this used to be a decent place to meet friends for a beer or two...
Bong - 12 Jan 2009 09:56
used to be a decent spoons, but rubbish now, because of the utterly appalling service as many have already said.
mps77 - 26 Nov 2008 12:25
Stretch your legs and go to the Crosse Keys instead - a far better establishment.
peterwarlock - 1 Oct 2008 15:22
On my first visit I was not impressed - that was a year ago - recently returned with 3 friends only to find bar staff devoid of personality and brains. Service very slow!

Won't make the mistake a third time to go in here i suggest you do the same.
teethgrinder - 12 Sep 2008 18:55
Did I visit a different pub?? Dec 07, Saturday Night, full of odd bods, Real was absolute rubbish and I drink most. Service, nearly by invitation. Maybe good with city slickers Mon to Fri, forget weekends.
TGG - 3 Jul 2008 16:51
One of the better 'spoons - not the cheapest around the City, but certainly cheaper and more civilised than most other establishments in the vicinity. Usual good selection of decent beer, including in the upstairs bar. Well placed for the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, etc. but far enough away to avoid the hordes.
rpadam - 3 Apr 2008 21:19
Sadly a turnover in staff has seen this place go downhill in recent months. Slow service and and stroppy staff are to be expected, and this is outside peak times.
AshingdonMan - 16 Nov 2007 16:24
Bloody brilliant pub! We popped in there for lunch on 13th June at about 1.30 and ended up leaving at about 10.30pm! We had their "beer and a burger" meal for lunch which was good. Nothing special but a good price for London and tasty and filling enough. The Stella was excellent, chilled to perfection and the staff were all very friendly with quick service. We ate dinner in there as well and the fish and chips was good sized and good quality. This place has a great atmosphere despite being huge and the toilets were better than mine at home! The whole place was welcoming and comfortable and there were nooks and crannies for couples and canoodlers and plenty of larger areas for bigger groups. Highly recommended. Happy memories!
Esme - 28 Jun 2007 21:40
Paid my first visit for some time. (See previous review) No real change. Still worth a visit and all the ale I tried was good.

Worth a visit.
TheHorsesMouth - 25 Apr 2007 14:26
Found this better than most Spoons I have visited, in not full of pop heads firing cheap drinks down before moving on. Suppose this is due to the location.

Meal came to 36 quid for four including bottle of wine and a pint of Red Stripe!. Staff were on the ball too. All in all a safe bet, with a great view across The Tower of London and on to Tower Bridge.
WILLOLD - 4 Apr 2007 23:05
Me and my boyfriend visited here on Friday for a drink and lunch and thought it was great. Two meals for £6.99 and the drinks were cheaper than other pubs too.

The views from the pub windows of the Tower and the bridge are luverly and, to top it all, I was in the best company I could ever wish for
JuicyluvsSpunky - 12 Mar 2007 11:23
visited last night around 930pm was quite busy , but got served quick by a eastern european barmaid who didnt get the idea of a J20 without a glass , had a pint of brown as i looked at the beer menu and thought £2.49 for a bottle was bloody good value , must be one of the (if not the cheapest) pub in the area , service is hit n miss , ive been here many a time and service is different everytime i visit , but its a weatherspoons so i dont expect much , its not a bad pub really

romfordir - 9 Mar 2007 16:16
New Year's Day lunchtime and the place was hardly busy, populated mainly by East End low life, being the only open pub for miles around, and a few odd tourists. Even so all the free tables were covered in dirty plates and glasses, and we were told there was a 30 minute wait for food. Usual Wetherspoon standard of service then. We left.
nickdavies - 2 Jan 2007 11:04
One of my favourite ‘Spoons, I used to frequent The Liberty Bounds regularly when working nearby. Unlike many others in this hit and miss chain, it actually has the feel of a genuine pub and not a canteen or a doss house for down and outs. The clientele base here is less varied. This is very much down to its location and the pub is far the better for it. Like all Wetherspoons, in working areas, it can of course get a little rammed after 5pm, but overlook this and you’ll find this watering hole to be a pretty relaxing drinking environment. Recommended.
HTM69 - 14 Nov 2006 17:31
Reasonable for a Wetherspoons - was in there lunchtime today after a guided tour locally. Being large, very busy and in a tourist area you cannot expect the first class service you might otherwise, and are just glad to get to a nearby pub. Staff whilst under pressure could be more polite - one barmaid giving me a Scottish £5 note was very resistant in changing it. Food reasonable but could be more palatable. Not the place I would go to for a special occasion.
pcostley - 7 Nov 2006 19:33
Visited about a month ago - lunch time. Won't be going back again (ever?). Once upon a time I recall thinking Weatherspoon’s were a good idea but am afraid familiarity has bred discontent. 1st pint (Pride) tasted of vinegar - worst pint I've had for some time. Returned it - staff replaced it immediately but without bothering to check why - i.e. they weren't bothered and kept selling the stuff to other punters. Second pint (I forget what) wasn't much better - left feeling a bit peaky.
Bignig - 13 Oct 2006 00:42
As 'spoons go, it's one of the better ones I've visited. Perfect for a burger 'n' lager stopgap. Treat it as a cafe that serves beer and you're laughing. Well, chuckling anyway.
Albert_Campion - 11 Oct 2006 17:39
This was quite a good pub until recent changes - A) restricting the upstairs bar to table-service diners only, B) designating ALL the window seats as "no smoking". The result is as window seats tend to be always occupied by tourists, one inevitably has to stand near the bar, which despite having a low mezzanine roof above is also the smoking area. So the 'smoking' part of the premises has the lowest ceiling and is also nearest the counter, hardly good H&S policy. Also since the Pommlers Rest Wetherspoons on the other side of Tower Bridge went 100% no smoking this place has got far more "chavvy", presumably as Bermondsery's finest tank up before "largin' it". I actually wrote to Wetherspoons re. this and got a patronising form-letter back referring to "mystery shoppers" and passing my comments on to the local Area Manager. I was in there last Sunday, the bar was three-deep after a tourist boat had docked, staff run of their feet on food orders taking 10 mins each to process while the Duty Manager went around collecting the odd glass. Packed downstairs yet the upper bar was empty and off-limits to all apart from a few holidaymakers! What a way to run a business!!!
bowroaduk1 - 18 Aug 2006 00:24
Had a pleasant few pints and a bite to eat here last night. The staff were friendly, and when I said a drink was a bit flat the manager replaced it immediately with no questions.
anonymous - 15 Aug 2006 16:21
I agree, I go there all the time. Hoegaarden only £2.79 bargain! Staff mostly OK watch out for the Irish Dykey Artist bird. There was a Spanish tourist in here last Saturday and she wouldn't serve him food because he didn't have the table number. Poor bloke couldn't understand. Luckily I knew it was 36 and helped him out, got glared at for my troubles mind you. Hey "SPOONS" put a map up near the bar with table numbers, make life easier. Do I get a years free Hoegees for my customer friendly bright idea
scooterroy - 1 Apr 2006 10:29
This is the best Weatherspoons in the area. Same of them seem to be a bit souless but this is not the case here, probably due to the two/three floor lay out. Clean and tidy, and staff are usually friendly although the turnover appears high. Beer selection is good with at least 1 guess ale on at every visit. Food is your standard chain fair. Good location close to the Tower of London but despite the this doesn't feel too touristy. Well worth a visit.
TheHorsesMouth - 15 Feb 2006 13:53
been here a few times , the staff seem friendly and a good selection of beer , dont like the way the smokers are all downstairs though but good cheap boozer for the area
romfordir - 4 Jan 2006 19:49
Nice Weatherspoons to meet up in after work and the food is pretty good too. I couldn't spend a whole evening in there though. I'm sure I'll be having a Guinness of two in there in the future.
creamyegg - 28 Nov 2005 09:21
I neglected to mention there did seem to be marginally better variety of beers than you normally expect in similar chain pubs.
Iceman - 17 Apr 2005 00:17
I once saw Brian May in this pub, so it can't be that bad I guess.
However, another time some guys came up to the bar when there was just me waiting, and the barman must've known this, but he served the other guys first. I didnt think that was nice of him.

Iceman - 17 Apr 2005 00:15
Not bas for a Wetherspoons pub
One of the few pubs inthe area that open during the weekend.
BinBagBob - 18 Feb 2005 12:41
this is a pretty standard boozer, fairly handy for the commuter. Acceptable food and drink at the usual, competitive wetherspoons prices
Chris T - [email protected] - 1 Oct 2004 12:21
Standard Wetherspoon's (cheap drinks, expensive food) but still quite cheap for drinking in Central London. Nice view of the Tower of London but no air conditioning which is a pain on a hot London day (not that you get many of those). Tables are also very cramped, they seem to be intent on cramming as many diners in as they can. They do the Curry Club from midday on Thursdays while other Wetherspoons don't until 5pm which is a bonus. 5/10
Steven - 5 Aug 2004 21:07
Had a great experience here. Lots of pulls to choose from and enjoyed a very professional staff!
Travis - 20 Jun 2004 19:19
I think you`ll find that the Irish Chap you mention has now left the Liberty Bounds & works in a different Wetherspoons Pub.

Christopher - 29 Jan 2004 07:46
Great pub & lovely food. Staff were very friendly icluding a particular irish chap. I will be visiting again very soon
kirsty - 13 Jan 2004 11:16
As said above, a good place for lunch, never had a problem with any of it.
Larry Edelstein - [email protected] - 7 Jan 2004 06:05
I agree with PsychO wholeheartedly, this being my regular lunchtime haunt. Am on 1st name terms with some of the staff.
Christopher - 3 Oct 2003 07:50
I went in th Bounty at lunchtime today and..........
...very few tourists among the largely local workers.... little sign of City yuppies either.... staff prompt to serve with a big smile..... and Robin, where are you coming from? The place has lots of character, tons of atmosphere.... the ideal recovery point from viewing the sad Blaine man in the box over the river. I loved the place and score it 8!
PsychO - 25 Sep 2003 19:38
Sorry I can`t agree with you there & find it having a great deal of character, which is more than can be said of the Moon Under Water in Leicester Square.
Chriswithers - 7 Aug 2003 07:36
Alistair, you surely cannot be serious. This isn't a pub, it is a vacuum bereft of any character. A truly awful place. I may not be exagerrating when I say that this could be the worst Wetherspoons I've been to. Now that really is saying something, although I did overlook the Hamilton Hall when I wrote that.
robin - 9 Jul 2003 13:08
A regular lunchtime pub of mine, no complaints about the staff.
Christopher - 8 Jul 2003 07:46
This is a great pub in a good location. The only downside is that it is a major draw for all the tourists coming out of the Tower of London. This can lead to long waits at the bar while the bar staff attempt to understand some of the strange accents.
Alistair - 21 Nov 2002 11:01

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