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Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

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user reviews of the Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

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This pub has been demolished - another one bites the dust!
Slipkid - 29 Jun 2012 21:14
Pleasant enough inside, but beware leaving the pub at night through the rear exit. The garden is landscaped, but dimly lit and I slipped and could have broken my neck.
tommo5 - 30 Jul 2011 22:09
So, we are splitting hairs are we fab?... can i suggest that before you start picking people up on their grammatical errors, that you enable spell checker on your's not that DIGFICULT is it
moncrief - 3 Sep 2009 08:07
I do know the trade, having owned the freehold of a successful bar in a prime spot in the area since the very early nineties. And given current market valuations would gladly take half a mill from anyone! So no job centre for the forseeable future!! I do know a number of people in the trade who have been given leases in local pubs which have essentially become valueless and difgicult to let in the traditional manner you describe. The pubcos would rather take a chance, discount any ingoing premium to get someone in place who has a strong track record in the trade and thus where there is a chance of continued rental stream. The word was this place was not quite the toxic pub/ asset the Half Brick became but was not going to attract an ingoing premium.

I also understand the difference between the possessive article and the verb to be, as well as the rules of correct apostrophe usage!!!
fabian - 26 Aug 2009 01:50
In most industries throughout the UK, you will always come accross people who makes comments about a particular working sector, that they inveriably have never been involved in, or have no first hand experience, or no knowledge of whatsoever, but still insist on saying that they know all about it, for example: Fabian....AKA the wally.

Firstly; Pub company's don't give pubs away( even if you are unemployed)
Secondly, 5 out of 10 pubs are not owned by the brewery.
Thirdly, you don't just "acquire a lease".......simply because, not everyone can JUST drag up 40 grand, can they fab.

So right then, this is how it go's Fab.

If pubs are falling short of there targets, and can no longer sustain the costs of running it, they can hand it back to the pub company, or re assign the lease (contract permitting), if the pub company can't re let it on a lease, a tenancy or a freehold basis, then they will put a holding manager in there, but he will have to pay a rent, depending on the pubs trading figures, it could amount to anything upto a thousand per week, the pub CO's just want there rent.
Normally the holding manager will have to clean the pub up (get rid of the riff raff) once he as established the pub as a viable business, the pub Co can re advertise the pub for sale, or even offer it to the holding manager.

Most Leasees and tenants of pubs are tied, which means that they can only buy their beer and other products from the pub CO's they are leasing the pubs in essence, when the price of a pint go's's not the owner who is doing it...Fab.

So theres 4 ways in to the pub game.
Holding manager, rent and rates plus stock 5/10.000 ingoing
Tenancy 3/5 year term 15/30.000 ingoing
Lease 10/15 term 25/ 100,000 +
Freehold, the skys the limit, you own the lot, but lets start at around half a mill as a now nip down to the local job centre and see what's on offer.

I hopes that sorted that one out.........

moncrief - 17 Apr 2009 12:00
i think people should give this pub a try before listening to other peoples opinions. it has improved now does nice food, even the clientell has improved, it has a bad reputation and has for many years but the current licensees are trying their best to change that, it no longer has the regular trouble and fights it used to be renound for as the troublesome customers have been moved on to a near by pub thats willing to accomodate them.
puremalt - 26 Jul 2008 21:22
Most pubs you have to pay to acquire the lease.This place the brewery gives the lease away to those with so few other employment opportunities they are prepared to give it a go.
fabian - 7 Jan 2008 18:00
a nice sunny octobers day, with three children we needed a family pub with a large play garden. we where given a warm welcome,we ordered our drinks and made our way to garden .the landlord followed inflated a dirty bouncy castle then proceeded to work his way around the play area with a shovel and large dirty plastic bin trying to shovel up large amounts of large dog poop .not quite the right setting to let the children play and it put me right off my sunday dinner .we still drunk our slightly under-par london pride left and will never return
uwho - 7 Oct 2007 21:45
I remember this pub from years ago - sadly disappointing now. Whole place is a bit of a mess and needs a good refurb. And don't look too closely at the random electrical wiring everywhere! Staff friendly though. and atmosphere not unpleasant.
pangolin - 18 Jun 2007 20:41
Not for me. Be more bearable when smoking ban is introduced, although, judging from attitude of regulards it will be difficult enforce. Sadly, it is the local for a number of problem families who live nearby. Whilst I might sympathise with them I don't really want to drink with them.
Fenultimate - 27 Apr 2007 18:15

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