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The Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

I do know the trade, having owned the freehold of a successful bar in a prime spot in the area since the very early nineties. And given current market valuations would gladly take half a mill from anyone! So no job centre for the forseeable future!! I do know a number of people in the trade who have been given leases in local pubs which have essentially become valueless and difgicult to let in the traditional manner you describe. The pubcos would rather take a chance, discount any ingoing premium to get someone in place who has a strong track record in the trade and thus where there is a chance of continued rental stream. The word was this place was not quite the toxic pub/ asset the Half Brick became but was not going to attract an ingoing premium.

I also understand the difference between the possessive article and the verb to be, as well as the rules of correct apostrophe usage!!!

26 Aug 2009 01:50

The Ball Tree Inn, Sompting

Most pubs you have to pay to acquire the lease.This place the brewery gives the lease away to those with so few other employment opportunities they are prepared to give it a go.

7 Jan 2008 18:00

The Black Horse, Apuldram

These reviews are very out of date and refer to a management now well gone. A very different place now. Food for the easily pleased. The empty car park says it all.

21 Dec 2007 17:36

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