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Barley Mow, Englefield Green

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user reviews of the Barley Mow, Englefield Green

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I Just wanted to let everyone know that The Barley Mow was taken over at the end of March 2013. The Pub was closed for refurbishment, and now has a clean & updated interior. The landlady Sonia has been working extremely hard to change the pubs reputation, and to get it back to the wonderful village pub it still has the potential to be! It would be great for you to give The Barley Mow another try, and all feedback is appreciated so it can be passed on to Sonia & staff. Summer is always busy, but winter trade has been affected by previous problems. Give it a try during this festive season :-) It would be great to see the previously much loved Barley Mow buzzing like it used to be!
StaffatBarley - 5 Dec 2013 10:01
Its all about opinions, and as Dirty Harry says, they are like arseholes. We all have one.

In my opinion, this is the best pub in the village. London Pride was the best on offer and the food was excellent - quality, home cooked and huge portions.
Mappiman - 14 Jan 2013 22:16
I made a comment in July 2010 and have ignored the pub since then but in another pub recently met Glen Flegg who I told what a dreadful pub I thought it was. He said that he was accused of every bad comment that was made so I want you to know it was not him in July 2010.
I will try the pub again (over two and a half years on) and will give my honest views trying to ignore the alleged nickname of the"charlie mow!!!"
This could be the best pub in the area if run properly.
discerningpubfollower - 21 Nov 2012 17:27
not alot service slow and unwelcoming. used to be agreat pub. will try again as realise everybody has a bad day
neeeiiil - 3 Feb 2012 09:12
I haven't been here in over a year but when I did go I also found that the real ales were a little on the cold side. Having said that, there's always a good and varying selection and the food offered here is probably up there with the best in the Egham area. Used to do frozen margheritas which were bloody nice (and strong!). Is that still the case? Bar girls were always some of Holloway's finest as well!
lxman - 12 Nov 2011 00:22
Fantastic location over-looking the green. Beer was too cold for my liking. Service could also be better. Did not try food as nothing on the menu appealed to me.
Food_Drink_Friends - 17 Oct 2011 14:20
Good range of beers, a bit cold but otherwise fine. Food was perfectly fine, a good variety on offer and was served up very quickly after ordering. Staff very friendly, served us with beer at our table. No sign of any of the shenanigans highlighted in previous posts about this pub. Would happily visit again.
ramblethenlunch - 21 Nov 2010 16:39
Used to drink at this establishment, food & drink were poor, staff reasonable.
Would not re-visit.
Sierra1 - 9 Nov 2010 14:05
just joined the web site and first posting,it has to be said that the previous postings are by a man of the name glenn flegg ie t.withers etc. who lives next door to the pub and has a long going dispute with allison,and it is also correct that he is barred from all of the pubs in the area that are members of the local pubwatch.please do not ignore all of the previous postings some good and some not so good but please be aware that some idiot is trying too give a false impression of a damm good and well run public house,my husband and i have many a good lunchtime in there and will have many more in the future,so please do not be put off by mr fleggs stupid comments ,and its about time the stupid man GROWS UP AND GETS A LIFE.thanks everybody ........mary
thewatchman - 24 Sep 2010 18:47
Love this pub, food is very good and the staff are friendly. Alison the licensee runs a very good pub and works very hard and has a lot to put up with from a neighbour. he constantly harrasses alison and her staff, when rumour has it, it is he who is banned from all pubwatch pubs in egham.
usedtoplay - 9 Sep 2010 07:33
The Barley doesn't seem to be what it was, our table needed a good clean I repeatedly had to unstick myself from it, the toilets were an absolute disgrace, urine covered floor, one urinal not working & the toilet seat in the trap on the floor. My guest was keen to let the landlady know this but the gentleman she was entertaining were loudly discussing how they download pornography from the internet and he thought better of it. The plus points are the beer garden, the San Miguel on draft and Chloe's chest.
TimothyWhites - 19 Aug 2010 21:35
Further to the posting of 6th July you will in reality find the landlady of this pub is one of the nicest and friendliest you will ever come across. The line ' landlady and her cronies' gives away the writer as most likely a well known local who has harassed the pub for many years.
I fully support free speech but that posting is slanderous at best and totally untrue .
Please come and see for yourself as it is a lovely pub with good value food and beer.
adrian45 - 6 Aug 2010 16:35
This pub should be the best in the area. The location is fantastic.
However the landlady and her cronies are foul mouthed and you would not want to take your children or mother there when they are there!
discerningpubfollower - 6 Jul 2010 21:57
This is one of those pubs that seems to change with the weather.
On a sunny day, for some thirsty beer drinkers, this is one of the nicest pubs for miles around to spend a couple of hours relaxing and talking. I can't speak for the food, but service has massively improved (fast staff turnover) and I recommend it heartily.
edb543 - 17 Jun 2010 14:36
Sunday late lunch, paid for food just before 3pm. At 3.30 we asked where it was - as two roast beefs arrived - all piled up on a square plate, 2 roast, 2 boiled, 2slices beef, broccoli/carrots, yorkshire and gravy... SInce the two fish and chips were nowhere in sight, we started as it was not piping hot. A little sparse at 8-95 each. 2 minutes later the fish and crickle cut OVEN CHIPS !!!OMG 9-95 each, with undercooked peas arrived. :( One fish was distinctly more cooked (brown batter) than the other. The Deuchars was ok, but the Adnams had a strange twang to it. Not impressed, especially as we now smell of the FOUR separate food burning incidents whose smoke permeated the whole pub in the 90 minutes we stayed.
The puddings (yes we had plenty of room...) on the other hand were pretty good and far better value (4/5 bread and butter, sticky toffee, pecan pie). So I suspect they are bought in, or the chef doesn't work sundays. The bar staff were young and inexperienced.
phileng - 25 Oct 2009 21:39
Has the potential to be the best pub in the village, sadly it is arguably the worst. The beer is average but the staff (mainly made up of students) are totally disinterested in the customers and I know several people other than myself who have waited to be served whilst the barmaids chatted idly amongst themselves. The interior is nondescript, it is more of a restaurant than a pub, but a restaurant that serves decidedly average food. A real waste as with it's location, it could be superb.

If you want decent beer, decent food and attentive staff (again, mainly students) then go to the Happy Man.
JohnnyMarr - 12 Oct 2009 17:21
We came for Sunday lunch, but regretfully we left disappointed.
billegham - 1 May 2009 01:39
Iconoc pub-happy memories! Left EG in 1970 (for Melbourme, Australia) and been back lots of times and ALWAYS have a beer at the Barley Mow!Be back in August, see you there!!
Pammy47 - 19 Apr 2009 13:36
Th e ale selection is simply stunning. 6 strong choices available.
johnnyplums - 14 Mar 2009 09:34
Brilliant pub back in the 70s, when I was a student at Shoreditch College (now part of Brunel) nearby. Memorable times!
lyndonbournon - 18 Jan 2009 05:40
Very disappointing Sunday lunch. The food was cold and some of it inedible. A pity really as it's in such a pretty spot.
AngieG - 20 Oct 2008 12:47
Great location.
Good food.
Good Beer.
Plenty of parking around the green.
hughiewatts - 16 Sep 2008 07:56
Agree very nice setting but never found the beer particularly good
CaptainDave - 4 Jun 2008 14:57
Fortunately my experience was totally different to Lord Jason's (2/4/07)! Sorry to hear that LJ.
I like the BARLEY MOW... lovely setting, over-looking the local village green. In the summer you can watch the local cricket match, sipping your favoured tipple! Does it get much better..?!
I haven't tried the food here, but nearby tables looked and smelled delicious enough. I enjoyed the sultry music in the background too, definately an over 30's pub! No chavs here! Thats why I luvvit! And yes the Fox & Hounds up the road IS nice, but i found the Barley Mow more relaxing, ending a perfect day perfectly! Go there with someone you admire. TJ
TeeJay - 17 Oct 2007 01:45
What has hapened to this pub? Used to serve great food but standard has dropped like a stone.Suggest you go to Mulligans on Datchet Road and taste the best food in the area.
beercritic - 5 Sep 2007 11:20
good pub,good food,good ale,great service will return.
anonymous - 9 May 2007 15:49
Lovely setting, specially in present weather, with decent beer and facilities for children
mtaylor40 - 28 Apr 2007 12:52
great pub,really enjoyed the visit.
anonymous - 16 Apr 2007 16:22
I REALLY didn't like this pub - all the tables are reserved - and the staff will even reserve a table thats in use, forcing you to move.
There is nowhere to stand (or sit!!), and if like me you are over 6ft - I was constantly in fear of banging my head on the low ceiling.
The beer garden looks nice - but to be honest - don't waste your time with this pub - there are other much nicer pubs within walking distance!

Wow - so hacked off by their attitude that I actually registered on this site to have a rant about them!

Only good thing is the selection of beer on tab - but if you want a nice time - go to the fox and hounds / the beehive or the holly tree!
LordJason - 2 Apr 2007 22:01
If you actually want to eat (it seems most people visiting this website don't) then you won't do any better than the Barley Mow anywhere. Efficient service, table reservable, cope with large groups of people at short notice, and food of the highest quality. The Sunday roasts consist of perfect tender meat with a great selection of veg.
Trev - 27 Mar 2007 15:25
was in last night (14/03/07)yes there are some chavs,but not as many as seen in the past,beer in very good nick,service a bit slow,but a very plesant couple of hours,will return.
theguv1 - 15 Mar 2007 06:29
was in friday night,i couldnt stay to long the front bar was filled up with sky contractors shouting and swearing,nobody behind the bar seemed to care,will never go back,this pub has gone to far down the hill.
theguv1 - 3 Mar 2007 07:09
The landlord is a nice guy but the pub isn't great.

Food Portions are very small and the lager is always flat. No Stella either - Terrible.

Garden is nice in the summer but otherwise go to the Gun.

Positives - Fittest Barmiads in the Green bar the Medicine bar.
Dust20 - 22 Jan 2007 21:44
Although having four (mainstream) ales on the go, a very pretty view of the green and lovely heritage facade, this place has gone to the dogs.

Despite still selling beer, almost every table seems to be blocked off or reserved for diners, so the only place to go most evenings is to stand at the bar (where there's no stools).

The Mow now seems to be attracting a rather menacing and boorish mix of nouveau-riche chavs (wonder where they get their money from?). The staff don't help either. One particular guy who was shouting away last night in a frankly menacing manner at the bar would have been warned of his behaviour in most other pubs, but not here.

Used to be a pleasent and classy place to get a good pint a few years back. Not anymore. Got to The Happy Man instead, via the Gun.
Quinno - 21 Jan 2007 15:00
Actively hassle my visually impared friend and her guide dog. Tossers.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2007 23:32
Pub has a really friendly atmosphere at any time of the day and you are always greeted with a warm welcome. They have a wide ranging menu and the food and service has always been great. Been here on many occassions for evenings out, dinner and sunday afternoon drinks and it has always impressed me.
spayne - 12 Dec 2006 11:40
We went to this pub, a group of about 30, we found the staff to be exceptionally polite, food fantastic, a pleasurable experience in all and would highly reccomend this pub for a great night out.
anonymous - 10 Dec 2006 12:15
Soulless since refurb. Usually decent looking barmaids and OK ales however. Indeed now a (not particularly good) gastropub rather than a boozer. Big beer garden at the back and nice patio at the front which definitely adds to the appeal come summer; drinks can't be taken on to the Green however, unfortunately.
anonymous - 2 Nov 2006 06:20
Nice place, great location, rude staff.
edb543 - 22 May 2006 11:47
About 10 of us met in here a week ago last Friday. Beer was good(Speckled Hen). We all ordered food which came pretty quickly considering how busy it was. Everybody enjoyed their food. I had fish and chips which was great with peas and a decent garnish.

Bar staff were all friendly and enjoyed a bit of banter with us.

Shame it shut @ 11 on a Friday night!!!!
anonymous - 6 Feb 2006 16:10
Regarding the comment below, the staff complaint wasn't about one particular member - All 3 of the staff I or my party came into contact with were all rude, so I wouldn't want to pin it on one person in particular.
TheGP - 22 Aug 2005 16:50
Mixed feelings expressed by people I know regarding the re-furb, but I think it's OK.

Excellent range and condition of cask ales so the high price is worth it for them. Lovely location and good regulars.

Regarding the staff, I think I may know who people have been talking about - he's got a rather dry sense of humour which isn't to everyone's taste ;o)
Quinno - 22 Aug 2005 16:45
As the other reviewers have said, this is a nice pub, in a good location. Can't help feeling though that are squandering this advantage. Went here the other day, the beer was OK, and very nice looking over the green. Service was rude though, not just from one staff member but all.

Had food, and it was average but OK (Surprising given the "gastropub" look they are going for - Would have expected better). All the staff had a really bad attitude. And this was at Saturday lunchtime.

As a result I doubt I will go back - Pubs are a service based industry, so why people who work in pubs think they can be rude is beyond me. Nip round the corner to the Armstrong Gun instead, they are much nicer in there.
TheGP - 31 Jul 2005 19:40
Seems like a good location to have a drink on a sunny afternoon, the staff were a little too surly for my liking though, apart from that an OK pub.
mike2004 - 31 Jul 2005 14:39
Good mix of refurb and trad inside. Nice back garden. Youngs Ordinary, Pride and 3X all on draught. Reasonably priced food including three Sunday roasts.
Trev - 4 Jul 2005 10:12
A pub with history, but you wouldn't think so if you looked at the decor; now, it's just another upmarket family pub development at the end of the day. Still, you can't take away from the lovely location on Englefield Green-- a bit of 'little England' that inspires ill-founded nostalgia.
Gagriff - 21 May 2005 02:36
They've subscribed to the Times 5 a meal deal. Unlike a number of other places, they didn't seem to regard a booking made under those terms as an imposition. The menu we were offered was obviously restricted in content compared with what full paying customers could have enjoyed, but the food was both tasty, of good quality and plentiful.

We shall definitely be returning, even after the special deal runs out.
anonymous - 5 Apr 2005 19:52
This was a lovely old traditional pub on the Green, could sit outside on a barmy summer's day watching the cricket on the green and enjoying a nice pint. Had loads of character; the last dual in England took place near here and the loser died on the floor of this pub. It was very English, very lovely, had a dartboard and a great local crowd. Did excellent food, spent many a happy Sunday in here playing darts with the boys. Still has a great beer garden but it changed management last summer and the new managers decided to give it a revamp. Shame they didn't have more than 200 quid to spare for the refit. Lost all character. Is now trying to be a trendy gastro pub-cum-restaurant. It doesn't work. Bring back the old carpets and the room dividers that gave it an atmosphere. A great loss for the Green cos the rest of the pubs are pretty crap too.

Cleversaz - 8 Mar 2005 16:49

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