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The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

I haven't been here in over a year but when I did go I also found that the real ales were a little on the cold side. Having said that, there's always a good and varying selection and the food offered here is probably up there with the best in the Egham area. Used to do frozen margheritas which were bloody nice (and strong!). Is that still the case? Bar girls were always some of Holloway's finest as well!

12 Nov 2011 00:22

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

No I am not Katie from the Red Lion. The arrogance of some people who review pubs in the Egham area astonishes me. Because I gave the Red Lion a favourable review, I am presumed to be either Katie or Kevin because it would be quite impossible for someone to like the Red Lion.

Eghamlocal - as you are so ready and keen to announce on a public forum who you believe the users to be - why don't you tell everyone on here who you are and at least be transparent yourself?

Here's an even better suggestion - if someone expresses a point of view which isn't your own, just learn to accept that people can feel differently. The point of a website such as this is that people from different backgrounds and who come from different walks of life can post in a single forum what they think of the various establishments that they frequent. Nobody should be belittled or made to feel that their opinion is not worthwhile simply because it doesn't conform to your own. Now grow up and pull your head out of your own arse.

11 Nov 2011 01:39

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

Been here a few times over the year. I believe the landlord here is the same gentleman who runs the Happy Man. Both pubs have Thai influences in their menus especially with regards to the specials on offer. As Pubgirl pointed out, the presentation is normally above par for pubs and the food is also of a good quality.

They also do a reasonably priced English Breakfast every morning and open at 10 for that purpose. They also have a pub grub menu which has various sharing platters to cater for students. Alcohol is a bit pricy but with the 'funky' name and vicinity to Royal Holloway they have first dibs on the students and their student loans! Good pub.

27 Oct 2011 18:19

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