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Antelope, Tooting

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Large Antic pub with a variety of seating areas including an outdoor space at the rear. The drinks selection is probably still the best in Tooting - Thornbridge Jaipur, Sambrook''s Wandle, Volden Session Ale, Atom Blonde Ale, Marble Pint, Ilkley Summer Ale & Fallen Local Motive. The cider was Old Rosie.
blue_scrumpy - 28 Aug 2017 10:35
good pub surrounded by the bustle of tooting. ales were not tip top but certainly not horrid. the restaurant is the main reason to come here, although the quiz night is always fun. nice staff, wish it was open later though.
franklittlemore - 3 Apr 2014 00:05
excellent pub, the decor is strangley edwardian but very trendy, there is a huge amount of space inside and a really good varitey of beers. food is excellent, and the service is always friendly and genuine.

always a pleasure to visit when in the area.
CHELSEA_on_tour - 24 May 2013 12:05
Very pleasantly surprised, lovely atmosphere, attentive staff. Good selection of esoteric beers, the bloke drank Wolfie smith ( Very topical ) mate drank, Tommy from Head in The Hat Brewing Company, both marvellous . Wine okay too.
Will defo be back
Heathernurse - 13 Nov 2012 19:42
Our local friday night pub. Lovely ... but

please please do those special burgers on your bar snacks menu all the time !!!

And your friday night menu is so repetative it HURTS

You could get a ten if you tried
ROBERTA - 30 Jul 2012 14:49
Cracking pub. Was in there on a Monday night and it was nicely busy without being rammed. No trouble getting somewhere to sit at about 6 o'clock. Plenty of friendly staff on so no long waits to get served.

My mate was on the ales and said they were all fine. I was on the lager: the Amstel was awful but the Budvar much better.

Great mix of 60s and 70s rock on the stereo.

Despite Tooting being a bit of a hole I'll definitely go back to this pub.
VirgilHilts - 14 Feb 2012 17:25
This was my favourite new pub of the day yesterday. The interior is large and a little eccentric. The front bar is larger than most pubs. But there are two further rooms beyond, one with a pool table. There is also an outdoor drinking area at the rear. In the front bar, there are plate and tankard collections along with antelope heads. The furniture is an eclectic mix, including worn bar stools, sofas, armchairs and crooked tables. There are candles on the bar and on tables, which help to emphasise a gothic feel. Beers were Saltaire Hazelnut Coffee Porter & Raspberry Blonde, Purity Ubu, Trumans Runner, Pin Up Natural Blonde & Adnams Broadside. Lilleys Crazy Goat cider & perry blend was also on handpump with Aspalls & Hogans also available. A blackboard advertised that Adnams Ghost Ship, Thwaites Wainwright & Brewdog Trashy Blonde were coming soon. Despite the good drinks selection, the pub seems very focussed on food. Items on the menu were from the 'posher' end of the spectrum with dishes such as chorizo & purple sprouted broccoli omelette served with organic bread. Service was pleasant. A nice pub, if not a little eccentric.
blue_scrumpy - 16 Oct 2011 16:58
As a venue this is much improved from it's Jack Beards days. Have had a drink here a few times and it's good for beer and wine but ate there last night and had a very disappointing meal. Strange ingredient selections and very badly cooked. Had to send some of it back for being burnt and gave up with the rest as we were too hungry to keep complaining. It's trying to be something that the chef clearly isn't capable of. Wouldn't eat there again.
Hard_Woman - 15 Oct 2011 13:17
In here on Tuesday for a CAMRA meeting with the Antic people. Three Adnams beers - Lighthouse, Gunhill and Ghost Ship plus Purity Pure Ubu, Pin Up (Harwich Town) Natural Blonde and Williams Red. Also a cider/perry blend on handpump. Both the Williams and the Pin Up were £2.50 and in good condition. Larger than it looks, pub part at front leads through to an eating room then a big room to the left with a large screen. Very good.
GuideDogSaint - 22 Sep 2011 12:37
Liked it a lot, and the comment about successful gastro/proper pub below is fair, although my Adnams Lighthouse was a bit average. I really like the old dining room, far more interesting that the standard Youngs decor, for instance. Staff pleasant.
mtaylor40 - 5 Aug 2011 20:45
I have recentley moved to the area and found two very nice pubs in Tooting, The selkirk and the Antelope. if i was to reccomend a pint in the area it would have to be one of these.The antelope is a more trendy high street boozer with slightley more up market food, lovely place the only off putting thing was the strange chap standing outside just staring into the pub, not their fault i dont suppose. they have a great selection of ales so it suits me.

The Selkirk i found had very welcoming staff and quite cool back ground music, but i am really looking forward to a couple of afternoon pints in the beer garden they have. the food just seems like it is nice honest grub, and as a NHS worker they give me 10%.

i am looking forward to drinking in both of these boozers

Jimbo66 - 2 Feb 2011 08:55
lonkontrol, it isn't trying to be cool. It just is cool. Keep doing what you're doing Antelope!
jcreedy - 24 Jan 2011 12:25
Tries too hard to be cool.
Ionkontrol - 24 Jan 2011 11:14
Have been going here for a while and enjoying the food, ale and everything. However, last night, came across the rudest barmaid I've ever encountered. A short woman, haven't seen her before. Northern accent, I think.
I order a round, but as I'm ordering, she starts waving her hands around saying "No, no. There's no Aspall's and there's no Doombar".
Strange, I thought, as the pump clips for both were showing, but I kept calm and ordered an alternative cider and ale.
Next thing I know, she's poured the round, including three pints of ale.
"Er, are they all for me? I only wanted one," I say, quite reasonably.
"What d'you mean? You asked for a Doombar and a Purity Ale." (She doesn't mention the mysterious third ale).
"Er, no I didn't, you said there wasn't any Doombar, then you asked me what I wanted instead, and I asked for a Purity."
Without missing a beat, she shouts, "Look, which d'you want, the Doombar or the Purity?"
"Er, the Doombar," I reply.
Then, she takes the other two pints of ale (she still hasn't explained the third one) and, in a strop, pours them away.
Now that's service for you. Look out for her. It's almost entertaining in a way.
Think I'll give The Antelope a miss for a while though.
Pub_Bore - 29 Oct 2010 10:31
A rare & successful balance of Gastro and pwoper Pub. Really well kept ale, choice of mug or glass, staff who will keep beer in the pipe for you and fresh sausage rolls behind the bar for a £quid. My Welsh Black steak was really tasty & good value, and washed down with Adnams dark ruby 'Gunhill' in peak condition. Needs more staff at peak times, but highly recommended.
Wiccaman777 - 26 Sep 2010 01:15
This pub is great, we always meet here if we are going out around the area, good ales served in tankards, nice bar staff, good decor, lovely food, even had an invite to an independant film viewing in there, have nothing bad to say about this pub, really tarts tooting up.
rovers74 - 1 Sep 2010 12:35
What a great pub!
Les_Bieres - 9 Aug 2010 21:05
welcome addition to tooting. cavernous pub with a heartening selection of proper beers. fresh sausage rolls too! knowingly "cool" distressed interior but still looks and feels like a proper pub. bar small and understaffed so service can be slow. a few too many clapham escapees and nathan barleys for my taste but you can't have everything.
cornish_alfredo - 15 Jul 2010 16:47
Big fan of The Antelope!!!!!! Even more so now they have their little suntrap of a garden, fantastic for afternoon drinkies stretching into the evening!!!! Godsend for us folk in Tooting!!!! Sunday roasts are to die for.......
krone77 - 6 Jul 2010 19:55
First time in for me since it was Jack Beards and what a change!!! Rather than just having a few drinks and then heading on for nosebag, both activities were adequately catered for on site. Real ales superbly kept. Quick and polite service even though it was very busy. Can't remember the last time I was offered either a mug [the heavy double glazed kind] or a straight glass for the beer. Imagine that in Jacks?...maybe if it was chose your weapons. Superb.
FARUPNORTH - 21 Jun 2010 15:25
Garden opens on Bank Holiday weekend! BBQs and Pimms ahoy! Come buy a BBQ pack off us and cook your own meat!

6 ale pumps now on! Brakspear/Doom Bar/Tribute/Blond Witch/Old Hooky/HSB
Coming next....Hopback Summer Lightning and RUBY MILD multi award winner from Rudgate Brewery!

New comedy night starts this Sunday with Jack Whitehall headlining (Mock The Week/Comedy Roast etc) plus Hal Cruttenden and more! £8/£5 starts at 8pm!

rjbradburnesq - 23 Apr 2010 20:08
Wow, what a change. Jack Beards'...... good riddance, and I'm Irish. Food a tad overpriced, then again this is London, even if it is Tooting? Live long and prosper!
EJ2704 - 6 Feb 2010 22:18
Not bad, not bad at all and a world of different to Jack Beard's - great to see that the back room has been opened up. I haven't tried the food yet but that's probably because I think that £13 for Sunday lunch is too high for this type of (gastro?)pub. It ain't Gordon Ramsay FFS. However the beer is good, the environment nice (in that Antic chain style) and it's a good contrast to the louder, larger Tram and Social. Welcome addition for middle class types.
getdown - 2 Feb 2010 11:39
Bloomin' heck is this place big? We wandered round it almost in amazement before we picked our spot for a pre-curry pint or two - the Gales HSB was in good nick.

I did find the back two rooms rather cold though - the room up the stairs was particularly chilly, and the back room was warmer but I did think that one small fire and one radiator just wasn't enough.
bods - 2 Feb 2010 10:16
tooting warrior , your not very sharp are you ? the point is as per other posts i made that it would seem that the postings are a tad suspect , staff perhaps ? can u see a trend ? clearly not !

if you read my last post you would have taken on board the fact that i compliment this pub - good food, worth going to , no more rough types etc. these forums are to express your thoughts as you have..Stupid thick tw*t
mikeh1 - 1 Oct 2009 18:34
Mikeh1 - sorry your point is?

Perhaps when i have made 3 posts like you i will attain the status of a respected reviewer rather than an excitable 1st timer.

If you have more to say about fellow reviewers than the pub itself maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself. Patronising tw*t.
tootingwarrior - 1 Oct 2009 15:57
Aagh, i do like the excitable 1st time posters for the antelope like tooting warrior and ETOH.

Yep food is good but Guy Dimond the reviewer is local i m told, so wetting himself about a gastro pub on doorstep ?. the timeout link on its own is a bit odd & apparently by the manager

all good tho and worth a pop in. No more rough types , just Village types..
mikeh1 - 30 Sep 2009 21:06
Anyone calling this place a 'boozer' needs their head to be tested by a neurologist. It's a crap, identikit bar serving boring, crap beer. Jack Beards was expensive and wasn't a great pint but it had a bit of character. When these blow-in twerps begin to breed, they'll naff off back to Sussex/Gloucester/Surrey as they'll decide that Tooting is too 'edgy' to raise children in and then maybe, just maybe, we will get our pubs back and these dives will shut down.
JohnnyMarr - 28 Sep 2009 21:33
I've lived in Tooting a LONG time eagerly awaiting something to beat a gawdy 70's Irish pub. I say BRILLIANT for updating and I hope the rest of Tooting soon follows - (Manor Bar & Long Room excepted). Thanks to all at Ye Olde Antelope for your contribution to the Village!!
ETOH - 13 Sep 2009 21:59
I went there last Friday and found the staff to be totally polite.

Also had food - they were still operating from half a kitchen so the menu was limited but what i ate was extremely tasty.

All in all I think this going to be a great a place.
tootingwarrior - 9 Sep 2009 11:37
Tooting Village Ahoy!
It seems that since our last post The Antelope has managed three things:
1. We have opened the kitchen.
2. Sales have gone through the roof.
3. A certain demographic have had one's feathers ruffled.
To recap, we are serving good food at honest prices; the ale is still well kept; the games room with pool, big screen and darts is operational and the staff are anything but rude. Humouring of the old school may be lacking somewhat but then there is a new set to satisfy.
We work hard and try to cover all bases, we wish no harm to anyone.
Like it or not, the suburb has become a Village.

rjbradburnesq - 9 Sep 2009 05:02
Dont bother.

Very rude young staff, very very over priced and the shorts are totally drowned in with the mixers. You also have to wait ages to be sreved.

Was better as the s*&%hole Jack Beards and I even remember it as The Forresters was much better then packed to the walls with the Irish community who have all been forced out by trendy art students.

Those bohemians types that try to turn a great London Suburb like Tooting into a Village should piss off back to Redhill and stop trying to change London to suit them.

Tooting Village my arse.

PJD - 8 Sep 2009 10:56
Great decor and atmosphere, great staff, great boozer for Tooting!
marsden15 - 24 Aug 2009 20:15
Not a bad. 7 out of 10 so far. Will comment again in few months.
rockd1509 - 14 Aug 2009 16:38
I like this pub, good ale (in proper tankards!) and a decent cider, I was very happy to see. I was a bit dissappointed when i found out it's part of a 'chain' - all too often personality-less and with rubbish staff,- however i'm giving the benefit of the doubt in this case as i seem to be being proved wrong!

Nice decor, although it does all need wearing in a bit- a few pints spilled and chip grease from the kitchen to make it smell like a proper pub and to get rid of the new paint smell!

Nice and friendly and none of the pretentousness of some of the pubs and bars to be found further up the northern line. Looking forward to trying out the menu too.

Abbyst - 13 Aug 2009 11:41
nice place but it is blatently obvious that anitas, zomb and abbieM all have interest in the business , tho clearly they are not the puppet masters

its shameful when staff / employees post on theses forums rather than genuine posters, doesnt really add any value raving on about a place thats been open 5 minutes does it ?

it will work well after the £ thrown at TTS as an alternative for a like minded set.

yep tooting is finally changing tho personally i think its a toilet !!
mikeh1 - 11 Aug 2009 20:28
Hey ho folks of Tooting Village!
The Antelope is now 3 weeks old, and this week we have new real ales (so that's Gale's HSB, TT Landlord, Ruddles Best bitter and Hopback Summer Lightning).
Also we are now serving hot handmade sausage rolls on the bar, to tide us all over until our kitchen opens at the end of this month!
We'll be serving classic British dishes, great Sunday roasts and desserts to die for.
New bathrooms open this Friday and the back bar room will be ready to sit in and have drinks - which is great because we have been really busy the last couple of Friday and Saturday nights...we need the extra space!
We'll keep you updated as to when the garden, kitchen and function room open, but it should be by the last week of August. Work is progressing fast.
So, please post here with any useful feedback, good or bad...we appreciate it.
Cheers all,
The Antelope x
rjbradburnesq - 2 Aug 2009 17:45
lmao...what argos jewellery?!....why do you and abbie take reviews so seriously????
hazeleyes - 1 Aug 2009 23:20

So you're a girl... or a very close approximation.

I know exactly what kind of girl you are too... I'm amazed you can type with all that cheap Argos jewelry on your fingers.
Zomb - 29 Jul 2009 20:18
lol im a girl
hazeleyes - 29 Jul 2009 18:16
I've been a few times to The Antelope and I'm very impressed with it, the decor is interesting and homely, wide choice of beers and some very nice wines. Antic have a real knack of finding fantastic managers and staff and they've done it again at The Antelope. Fantastic pub and it will be even better when the refurb is finished no doubt.

I enjoyed the comment from the former Jack Beard's regular below, happily for him, there are plenty of shitholes for chavs like him all around Tooting where he can drown his sorrows.
Zomb - 29 Jul 2009 17:51
At last, another pub in Tooting worth visiting on a Saturday night other than The Selkirk and The Tram. Great decor and nice staff. Keep up the good work.
jcreedy - 28 Jul 2009 13:49
oh you've hurt my feelings abbieM(!)
hazeleyes - 25 Jul 2009 23:38
the review [by hazeleyes] below about the new interior is ludicrous. it is a million times better than what was there and if judged by the roaring trade now - hugely successful.

if you read down the reviews of previous times "the hills have eyes" or should that be hazeleyes? etc. you'll realise how deluded you are. the antelope is such a welcome addition to tooting broadway that silly reviews like yours will be discounted once they see the new place and also the next 2 phases are in place- with great food and new layout - new everything, basically.

the antelope is an interesting, beautiful place that is very different and in that sense, perhaps challenging to your seemingly inbred mentality.

best you go somewhere else, especially if you want "a shit lookin pub " [sic] as thats exactly what the antelope isn't.

abbieM - 25 Jul 2009 14:54
Anyone looking for the Wimbledon Celtic Supporters Club please contact me on [email protected] hail hail!!
bawbag - 16 Jul 2009 11:16
the antelope opened yesterday evening..was there and was very surprised to see so many people yuppies..too many bar staff..they dont have the same beer pumps anymore so alot of the beer not available..they got shit tables and chairs...(did they get them from the dump or what?)...the ones in jacks was better..the only good thing abt it is the decor - really nice apart from that bright green wall with the my opinion..the new pub is shit...yes jack beards was a shit lookin pub but its regulars and the people that worked in there made it a great pub to go to...its a shame..
hazeleyes - 10 Jul 2009 08:50
i see it has been painted on the outside..a really nice colour..i look forward to seeing what its like when it reopens but i do hope we will have the same regulars..its the people that make the pub
hazeleyes - 21 Jun 2009 10:57
(The) Antelope will be opening for drinks in early July.
Due to the extent of the refurb, there will be no food served at first but an open kitchen will be serving amazing fresh food a.s.a.p. (including late food service on Friday and Saturdays).
Couple this with decent tap beers and ales, a great wine list, great customer service and a new welcoming atmosphere - and you have a proper pub with the bonus of Antic's trademark sympathetic decor.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know! Richard.

rjbradburnesq - 20 Jun 2009 01:19
it's closed now .... will re-open in two weeks (optimistic). going to be called the Antelope (no idea if there is a The or not though). stay tuned
anitas - 18 Jun 2009 10:10
yes is goin to close down and be taken over by tramshed but i dont know when it will close tho..
hazeleyes - 1 Jun 2009 15:19
is this place really closing down in two weeks - to be re-furbed and taken over by the Antic Group (who have the Tooting Tram and Social)?
anitas - 13 May 2009 11:57
Utter shit. Never have I set foot in somewhere that has such an unpleasant atmosphere, I'd rather go to the Norbury complex and sink some Dooleys fudge spirit.

Having read Groovehounds comments, I cannot agree more with their attitude and the schtick which reminds me of The Hill Has Eyes with some of them.

There's a Gala bingo down the road that serves better beer.
rampantwurzel - 8 Dec 2008 22:49
Was outside on Sunday night, just asking for a light, and got chatting with someone who was cool. Then some guy comes out to smoke and started having a go purely because I had long hair and a rock t-shirt on. Most people know better, like this guy's mate who was cool, but if I want a fight with some prejudiced piece of human waste, I know where to come!
Groovehound - 7 Oct 2008 22:06
it was run by kevin and his wife until recently..heard he got sacked..dont know why or where he and his wife are now..if anyone knows please leave a message..
hazeleyes - 25 Aug 2008 01:46
Nice building - shame it's such a rough place.
Sprue - 27 May 2008 16:47
did this pub ever hear of bleach for cleaning the jacks, they should at least provide clothes pegs for your nose and the pub may as well be in the street as thats where all their smokers congregate there are more outside than inside, apart from that a friendly enough pub
anonymous - 7 Jul 2007 13:48
rubbish !
petey.p - 3 Jul 2007 16:14
staff great, sometimes seen to be getting a lecture from the boss, which is not something the public want to see when out having a pint!!

Music good too and overall the place has a good feel - however it needs a good scrub.. maybe a renovation is due?
cheekyone - 7 Jan 2007 17:24
Great pub, home of the Wimbledon Celtic Ssupporters Club. The best pub I've found in south London for Celtic matches, and if you're lucky you'll catch some great music too. The staff seem friendly, the Guinness is fine and it's not overly expensive.
Fionn_MacCool - 29 Dec 2006 02:35

Feckin' great pub, especially when we hump the Scum!
Friendly, great atmosphere, great music, great bunch o' people.

anonymous - 15 Apr 2006 10:52
So what if tootings not in kilburn?! Not many places around where you find ireland and celtic supporters!! Up the bhoys!
1Boozer1 - 17 Feb 2006 15:07
I can honestly say that, having worked for Jack Beards a long time ago, I tiptoed into the building wondering what exactly I was going to walk into.
I can imagine that, during an evening, it can be rowdy, boistrous, and fun. However, if you happen to be either A) Non-Irish, or B)Non-Celtic, it COULD be very intimidating!
Ireland this, Celtic that. Is Tooting in Kilburn?
However, I would go back. Heather is leaving at Christmas, so i'd like to go back before she goes.
Merry Christmas, one and all!
cockneystu - 2 Dec 2005 11:50
Completely agree with the comments from celtic hero, this a fantastic pub, music is brill and the drink is good 2. They even support the local hurling team (Sean Treacy's).
Music from Bang On is great, some good old irish tunes! You'll definately have great craic especially if your Irish or a Celtic fan, excellent atmosphere.
C.D - 1 Jun 2005 13:18
MUST SEE BAND. If your a Celtic fan, Irish, or up for good music, dancing and singing along to a few songs, get down there on a Sunday afternoon and witness one of the best Irish bands I've seen in ages. Do a lot of the old favourites with some deeper stuff ranging from the Dubliners to the Pogues, Christy Moore and the Wolfe Tomes. The band is a trio, mandalin guitar, bodhran and vocals. The band shows strong vocals and solid guitar from Matt, slick jigs and reels from Brian on the mandalin, and a driving rhythm from Richard on the bodhran. Forget your Sunday roast, Bang-on at Jacks with BANG-ON
celtic_hero - 10 Mar 2005 21:40
The atmosphere is racist, homophobic and whilst I appreciate this may not be the attitude of all staff, more could be done about this. Also, the manager could be a little more welcoming to those he assumes aren't irish.
Seb - 24 Feb 2005 20:59
Very poor, went there to watch the tri nations on Saturday evening (as it was advertised on a poster outside) but there was rugby union on the telly instead and the barmaid came up with that old chestnutt 'I can't work the controller, and the landlord's (frank by any chance?) is upstairs asleep'. Very very poor, I shall take my custom elsewhere.
Graham - 1 Nov 2004 11:32
The new-ish landlord seems to have really improved things - it was all a bit scuzzy before! There was an excellent run of Comedy gigs on Saturdays in June and July with top-drawer acts. The music/comedy room is good, staff are friendly, beer is fine, good thai/chinese food on Saturdays too
Miles - 26 Sep 2003 11:41
Decent beer and generally friendly punters, well at lunchtime anyway. Can be a bit rowdy so a gum shield might be advisable if you like playing pool and a definite must if you support Rangers.
2tin punter - 9 Sep 2003 15:07
the best guinness south of the river, live music every friday, saturday and sunday night with a licence till 2am friday and saturday nights (provided you're in before 11!!), stunning smiley bar staff who'll dance with you on the counter if you ask them nicely!
frank - [email protected] - 1 Jul 2002 20:05

got anything to say about this pub?

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