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Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

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user reviews of the Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

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Firstly don't be misled by the name - I didn't see any evidence of Hells Angels or Satanists - you're perfectly safe

This is the sort of place I wouldn't usually look twice at - stripped floors, dim lighting, candles on tables etc. not my concept of a pub at all but I found myself here for no other reason than the live music. Main bar is quite spacious but with plenty of seating and there's quite an eclectic choice of beer, some keg, some on handpump. There's another bar downstairs where the bands play with just keg beers, albeit from local micros. Drinks are definitely on the pricey side but then we had front row seats for two superb bands at no extra cost so pound for pound excellent value for money.
HarryHawthorn - 28 Jan 2014 13:55
Jolly nice pub with lots of beer and lots of live music. A nice corner London pub, with a little bit more to offer than most. In the main room there is a single large central bar, with a fantastic beer choice. Four real ales, including some from the Camden Brewery alongside a great selection of draught beers, lagers and European imports. There is a range of seating, tables, benches, sofas etc.
Food is served, simple and pleasant pub classics like bangers and mash and fish and chips.
Downstairs there is a second smaller room, with a little stage for live music. Music seems to be a regular feature with a few gigs every week.
Overall a great place to spend an evening.
alistair_cross - 6 Sep 2012 10:39
With a name like this you'd be prepared for burly Yorkshire farmers with silver tankards quaffing foaming Black Sheep bitter and mounted animal heads on the wall but with the dark tinted windows outside you'd be expecting a trendy lads pub with 4 different types of popular lager. Neither is true. It is of the trendy wooden floorboards, tables and chairs variety but happily the beer is from Camden brewery. I tried the Camden Town Wheat Beer which could have been a cross cultural disaster but was so lovely I could almost chew it (slightly too cold though) Soundtrack - obscure Presley and 'The Unknown Soldier' by the Doors. Approved (stamp hits the page) Only quibble was 4.20 for the pint.
cookster101 - 4 Jan 2012 12:57
Good choice of beers and a couple of real ales. Can get busy and there are always lots of tables reserved.
nobbythesheep - 25 Sep 2011 23:05
Visited on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Great ( tho expensive) range of beers on tap and decent enough sandwiches. Good music and laid back atmosphere. The service however was like nothing I've ever seen before. Girl behind the bar was Definately on another planet. Slow and about as enthusiastic as a man being led to the electric chair. I swear she sighed as she banged down our cutlery at our table. Like a teenager being forced into household chores. Was so unreal we couldn't help but laugh. Not enough here to tempt me back I'm afraid .
Coops04 - 21 Aug 2011 00:08
Visited 20-10-2010. Not bad at all. More bar than pub but still had some real ale (Directors). Punters predominantly young (which I haven't been for some time) but atmosphere friendly. Staff were attentive and pleasant event though the bar was busy and noisy. Basement gig room a pleasure.
wumpus - 21 Oct 2010 13:46
web site says it all , you can't see it unless you update your system !
They want to sell us beer but are so rude and treat us so badly - find a nicer pub , nicer staff , nicer web site !
neilwebby - 17 Sep 2010 15:30
Im glad that other people on here have picked up on the rude service as I found, who I think was the bar manager, to be full of contempt and the barmaid that served me couldnt have looked less interested in my custom if she had just told me to piss off.

This is a large open plan u-shaped pub with a high ceiling and harmless twenties crowd. Whilst I was waiting to be served I spotted a couple of real ales lurking at the other end of the bar and there was also a good premium draught selection.

I didnt spot any sort of TV screen, but I enjoyed listening to the decent background music whilst supping my Guinness. There is a function room with a bar downstairs which was being used for a private party, I wonder if the service was so tart for them.

I begrudge handing over my hard earned to such a rude ungrateful shower so Ill not be returning.
Strongers - 15 Jan 2010 09:36
A decent pub, with some decent beers, but it does get quite busy after 6. I like it for a quick drink after work, and great for an afternoon pint before it gets hectic.
gazlejedi - 8 Nov 2009 12:45
I have just DJ'd at this place - A smart but basic upstairs, a decent looking menu and a rather one-dimensional beer menu...apart from bottles of Coopers. The basement bar (where the music event was happening) was manned by a man more interested in his mobile than life itself. Not many people attempted his lack of customer service and personality to be honest and his scornful remark at 10.30pm ("that's the last one, yeah?") only prompted me to continue. Cock. This was a charity event tainted by Mr Grumpy.

It's off-pitch but that is no excuse for shabby treatment of those who are providing a service. Advice to pub manager - kick him right up the arse or get a smiling person who doesn't drop glasses and grimace.
paulio1966 - 6 Oct 2009 19:16
It's a nice enough place, but the barman was the rudest I have experienced in a long time. I still can't quite believe it.
nicoj - 29 Sep 2009 16:26
Just need to add that although the decor/space works well and the fish finger sandwiches are indeed great, most of the staff here are still intolerably rude. This pretty much appears to be a pattern over the last few years and they can't seem to break it. It is a shame as service without an ironic scowl would lighten the mood in the place. There are a few times when the place is busy and a lot more times where you can rattle around in there pondering where everyone else found to go in the area.
Maccy - 6 Aug 2009 11:54
ok. theres alot of negative reviews on this place. i live round the corner and have been often, at least twice a week for the gigs.

the music and staff are great, never had a problem, i can only assume that if you approach with a sour face youll get sour service.

really cant recommend this place enough for its gigs and general weekday evening ambience, and im not a skinny-pants-round-lower-arse hipster. no one cares, its a general trough for social intercourse! enjoy it. though will say that the food isnt at all good....go to the peasant round the corner on st john street for that, theres a reason that place won gastropub of the year 2008!
wfrose21 - 11 Mar 2009 19:15
It was my first time at this pub on Friday, obviously in that area this is a busy night for them.

I thought the food was great, the service depended on who was behind the bar, we only encountered one member of staff who maybe should of taken the night off. The basement venue is great, fantastic music especially if you love northern soul, Tamla Motown and some 80's tunes.

The only thing that spoilt it for me and this was nothing to do with the venue.

Were the two ladies and gentleman who decided to dump there coats on top of our items, then watched as my work colleague moved to the other side of the basement venue with what she thought were items that belonged to our group, without saying to her excuse me, but those coats on top belong to us.

Then pointed me out to the bouncer when they engaged their brains and suddenly thought ....Oh my god she's trying to do a Winona!

Next time ladies keep your coats with you.
ausencia63 - 30 Nov 2008 21:43
The Slaughtered Lamb is a lovely pub when it's not over crowded with a certain type of delusional local Clerkenwell clientele. Most week nights are great; as is early on a Friday evening...I tend to get there at about 4pm! It does get very busy later in the evening with gentlemen who seem to be unaware that their trousers are somewhere around their knees. This also means that you can wait 20mins to be served. Bar staff are split between very nice and damn right rude - you will be served but ignored by some of the girls who seem to think they are very much above the task at hand. This all said it's a lovely pub to sit in, great decor, large windows and fantastic Paulaner on tap. Also red Stripe and Kirin along with fairly pricey but excellent pub food. When it gets too busy head round to The Sekforde Arms on Sekforde Street a proper old boozer
nik2740 - 28 May 2008 14:54
The basement venue for music is fantastic, really 'warm' feel to it. The acts that we saw were fantastic and the acoustics were great.

The beer choice was a little more varied than the norm as they even had Brooklyn lager available! I hope they get a few more obscure beers as it would go nicely with the clientele. All in all a decent venue.
Teskea - 14 Apr 2008 09:11
Despite being the size of a minor aircraft hangar, this is a reasonable addition to the burgeoning Great Sutton Street scene and preferable to the nearby 19:20 (which is ridiculous) and Sutton Arms (which defines the word "average). The detail helps - stained glass lower windows and chunky pint glasses for the ales, as well as fans inexplicably mounted on the walls - but somehow adding to the feel. It's probably all been decided upon by focus group but the result is pleasant indeed.
BoehmBawerk - 20 Apr 2007 13:42
Go here regularly for gigs in the basement venue (fantastic acoustic acts generally, although have to go upstairs for drinks), and although I've thought the staff can be a little pre-occupied on occassion and leave u standing, Ive generally never had a poor encounter with any of them. Usually always cheery and polite and remember ur previous order.

Beer range is pretty standard really and prices normal for central london.

What Id highlight mostly about the place is the relaxed vibe. Subtle 'victoriana' decor and nice eclectic but comfortable seating. Music is always a really cool collection of 60's and offbeat rarities.

Food always excellent and good value.

Avoid friday after work though. U will hate it!
superyoungisland - 24 Mar 2007 18:30
I agree the staff are incredibly rude.
We ordered fish and chips for 3. An easy order.
After waiting 50 minutes we asked where the order was and were told "are you blind can't you see we are busy?"
Waited another 20 minutes, Then was brought our side orders of mushy peas. No Fish and chips. Ten minutes later were bought just chips.
By this point (80 minutes after ordering) we had to leave. We were very kindly told we could have our money back. Brilliant! How kind of them to refund money for food we hadn't received.
I pointed this out and told them the service was so rude and they had clearly forgotten the order and didn't apologise once. The response was "i know you drink in here a lot so don't be rude to me"
I said "not any more" and that was in a 4 weeks ago (just remembered to write this)
Until they change all the staff and management myself and my friends will not go.
anonymous - 19 Jan 2007 17:40
Ridiculously rude staff who have no idea how to run a bar or pour a pint, its almost a joke how rude they are! Poor quality badly kept Guinness, a point of which they seem to think only needs to be poured to 4/5th's full to be served up. Plenty of other decent pubs in the area where the beer is kept well and the staff know what they are doing.
ricorazzo - 13 Jan 2007 12:33
This venue has the rudest staff in London. On a recent visit they decided to start putting chairs up on the tables at 10.20 -there were 20 people in the pub at this time and before 11 they told us they were shutting and we could have plastic glasses and take our drinks with us. When I asked why they were shutting they said they wanted to go home early, when I queried drinking up time they said come back with your lawyers.
I won't be coming back and I urge you not to go there at all.

anonymous - 4 Jan 2007 18:35
ignore from a bitter point of view. otherwise - lovely all round.
xajones - 25 Nov 2006 01:04
Seemed OK when I was in there. A fairly uninspiring selection of ales, but a reasonable selection of other drinks. Service seemed fairly friendly when I was in there. Quite nicely done out in antique leather sofas and whatnot.
Muzthing - 4 Nov 2006 09:52
the comments that were made on the website are certainly not right as far as im concerned. i have just moved into the area and have been told the pub is under new managment. the landlord is dan and both him and his staff are very helpfull.the beer is very good and also the food.well cooked and well presented.the feel of the pub is just right, nice staff and the general atmosphere was nice too.i would recommend this pub to anybody visiting london or people that live in the area.
mrking - 19 Aug 2006 20:20
This place is best avoided. I wouldn't go back there if you paid me. One of my friends booked a private party here, putting down a deposit for the basement room and paying a fee for use of the decks as another friend had agreed to DJ. When the DJ arrived, someone claiming to be the owner proceeded to tell him what kinds of music were "allowed" to be played in his bar - no dance music was the bottom line. The owner was rude, abrasive and objectionable, refused to listen to any reason and he insulted both the DJ and the person who's birthday we were celebrating (who was in tears by the end of the conversation). And then he took the deposit money at the end of the night, having also taken a load of money over his bar from a packed room while he played his personal selection of music all night, which by the way included some dance. Never going back and I wouldn't advise anyone else to either.
crouchender - 27 May 2006 18:11
Guiness was rough, the service was so so.Complete contrast to Sutton just up the road
tottenhamsean - 15 May 2006 11:17
not good. What's all this talk about good food? Personally I tend to feel robbed when I've paid 7.50 (i think - may have been more)for deep fried crap.
The chef(?) here must have the easiest job in the world. Somehow, it was even too much to ask to get extra peas. Maybe the tin opener was broken.
Bar staff were useless, although it was busy (for some reason), but this is no excuse. A pub this size should be able to cope with people being in it.
UncleNobby - 4 Apr 2006 23:02
Has started opening weekends - does roasts both days according to a sign outside. Not sure they will do much business at first but good on them - I think too few pubs open on weekends in this part despite the area being increasingly residential.
anonymous - 29 Mar 2006 14:29
This place seems to divide opinion but i find the staff, although not falling over themselves to be friendly, are perfectly courteous and efficient. The fish finger sandwiches are rightly legendary and I recently discovered that they have live music 2 or 3 nights a week in the basement bar (which is an amazing space and totally different to upstairs!). I get the feeling it's still not widely known as a music venue yet but on the two occassions I've been, the music and atmosphere has been amazing! The 5 door charge seemed steep first time but an amazing female singer songwriter signed to the same lable as Bjork was playing a secret gig and the other acts were just as good. Check it out before everyone finds out about it!
Billster - 19 Mar 2006 22:41
Very nice leather armchairs. Air-con looks a little out-of-date.
Pedders - 17 Mar 2006 17:05
Decent place. Scampi and chips is excellent here. I also rather like the Sleemans Canadian lager which is quite rare>
anonymous - 1 Jan 2006 15:09
A ridiculous place. Staff are uber-trendy and seem to have foregone the art of service for the habit of vacant staring. Having stood at the bar for 15 minutes, waiting to get served, I sacked it and left. Rather than contemplating which item of clothing they can 'artfully' roll up next, perhaps these simpletons could go and work in one of the many, pointless galleries dotted around the neighourhood.
Jestlife - 16 Sep 2005 15:40
Really nice place. Has that old pub charm but somehow looks extremely trendy too.
The open Mic night was really good and had a great atmosphere. Liked the selection of drinks. Bar staff a bit surly at times, but thats what happens when you are too trendy it hurts (them not me obv.). Liked the idea of the smaller room for the open mic night which created an intimate feel. Really liked the decor. Nice place. One of my all time favorites.
amumd - 10 Feb 2005 15:07
Went to the open Mic night on Tuesday 1st Feb with myn lady... Firstly, upstairs is airy and chic in a dark sort of way but anywhere that sells Paulaner beer gets my vote. The live music is downstairs in a black-brick room with a small bar. Very intimate appreciative crowd. Some have compared it to the Kashmir Klub but I would say that the quality of music was a long long way behind the famous KK. Maybe it was a bad night. The featured artists weren't up to much and you pay 3 which is decent value for money - but then the KK was free... Still, live music is there and it's a nice place to go if you want to be a bit different.
norstar - 2 Feb 2005 15:20
done up in an old clerkenwell warehouse space to look like an old fashioned cockney boozer, but actually much less poncey than that sounds. spacious, airy, bright. nice chips with curry sauce. decent beer - one or two bitters, good cold lager.
sean - 14 Oct 2004 14:44

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