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Tap 'n' Tin, Chatham

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user reviews of the Tap 'n' Tin, Chatham

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This used to be a great venue- it has really gone down hill. This place has always had terrible beer. However, it was one of the few places you could go in Chatham and not get some little Chav giving you hassle. The music was always the big attraction- some great bands have played here and there were some decent Djs too. On my last few visits the atmosphere has changed. I've seen a few fights and generally stupid behaviour by the kids that now frequent the place.

It's dead during the day and weekday evenings. I've been conned into paying the £5 entry fee on a Saturday night only to find a pretty empty bar.

This bar has had its day.
Badstrax - 30 Jul 2010 01:40
This place is an enigma i visited 2 recent saturday nights 1 was quite busy the 2nd was dead as a dodo!!
£4 entry i just cant believe to enter a place like taht where nothing happens!!
The beer is flat and insipid i always have bottled stuff in there much safer its mainly student types taht are still atrracted like flies to the place but i dont know why there isnt anything for them either i cant see it surviving much longer only plus point late beer when dumps lie the alex up the road shut at 11 when they have just charged you extortionate prices for below average beer.
mintyfc - 8 Jun 2010 10:05
A great music venue and the beer is of a reasonable standard
phonak - 17 Jan 2010 17:13
Ah the old Tap 'n Tin. 'Tis a strange beast to be sure, once the haven for metallers and the like, now it seems a touch lost these days perhaps struggling with its own identity. I used to really enjoy my late Friday nights at the Tap, heavy metal and free burgers (though I'm sure they contain more pidgeon than beef) but the place now seems somewhat lacklustre and lacking in charm. The new 'theme' nights are interesting, Poundland used to be a really good night out until the students of Medway heard about it, and started making hour long queues just to get in. Whereas in the first few weeks it was a bit of a jolly old knees/piss up on the cheap, now it is a mission just to get to the bar. Not fun. When there isn't an event however the Tap does seem a little sparse, even though they state that they will open till 3am regardless (for a hardcore drunkard a warm safe haven on a random night is a godsend) but the fact is that the new less friendly bar staff are more likely to close up shop at eleven instead.
Friday nights are still pretty reasonable, nice mix of people, and a good variety of music on all floors, metal on the top floor, and god knows what else below. Saturdays however are strangely a real dead zone, noone at all seems to visit then, and if you paid the somwhat extortionate £5 to get in you will feel cheated. I'm still not sure I agree with the logic of paying to get into a pub on a weekend, the Tap seems to think it is better and cooler than it really is, yeah it has the indie rock crowd, but sure has a lot of idiots too. The bouncers are hit and miss though, they manage to not let you in if you are a bit jolly, or just dont like the look of you, but also manage to ignore you if anyone threatens you outside.

Overall a pub that really needs to realise what it wants to be, until then I shall only visit once in a while, or if I dont want to go home till late.
Beergod85 - 7 Jan 2010 18:50
The doormen at the Tap ‘n’ Tin are certainly an indecisive and unsure bunch. Over the course of the past year-or-so, these black-clad burly heavies have gone through more policy changes than one cares to remember. At one time, expect to be quizzed on your previous whereabouts on the given night, on another, expect them to enquire about your employment history - you couldn’t make it up! Now, they are asking those - who have been known patrons for eight years - for identification.

You would think that a supposed successful establishment such as here would extend their savvy know-how to the entrance staff and perhaps install some permanent rules and regulations: I won’t be holding my breath.

HTM69 - 7 Jun 2009 13:42
Go here after all the other pubs shut.

Beer is rubbish but it is always fun to see young people trying to break dance and an inordinately long time for a Barbecue.

I go as it is close to my mate's house and it is open late
PerryGee - 4 Jun 2009 12:05
This pub is not for me anymore really, I've grown out of it. It was okay when I was 20 seven years ago, but I feel now it's not worth drinking there at the weekend. Too many posing youngsters go there now, and not meaning to be insulting... of course at 20 or something I was probably the same looking back. Good pub for the youth of Medway, bad pub for the older generations. (unless you're a hippy, or having a mid-life crisis)
xkasabianx - 5 Oct 2008 18:51
The Tap ‘N Tin is the flagship pub of the Medway towns… and it knows it! It does offer a unique experience: multiple dance floors catering for different tastes, multiple bars on 4 levels including an outdoor and cellar wine bar, live music from well established bands, 4 pool tables, break dancing and wrestling competitions, free BBQ food, a large outdoor area with seating and a very late license. It is a pretty vibrant place, a labyrinth of a pub with plenty going and everyone I’ve taken there has enjoyed themselves. There is no real competition for this kind of night out in the Medway area. On the flip side, not only is there a £5 entry fee - fair enough perhaps given what’s on offer- , but the drinks are also VERY expensive… a round for 2 people is very nearly £10! On top of this, the door staff are unnecessarily harsh and rude to people. My friend and I; never cause any trouble, look over 18, and have ID but are still made to feel like the door staff are doing us a favour by letting us in. This is quite unnecessary and something that should definitely be addressed. They could also do with spending a little money improving the toilets; the unisex toilet on the 3rd floor is in such a state it nearly made my girlfriend sick. This seems strange given the amount of investment the rest of the place seems to have had. All that said, I would still recommend the Tap, it’s a fun and lively place, with great music, and I have had some of my best nights out there. Sort out the toilets and the unnecessary arrogance and you’d have a truly great pub.
EvilDuke - 20 Sep 2008 22:35
I think this pub is being grossly underrated on this site, it's the only alternative venue pretty much locally.
Mattclary - 18 Dec 2007 15:06
Yea I remember the free sandwiches too and when this place wasn't up it's own arse. Now it's full of sweaty metal heads. They smell and have never clearly transcended the pubescent crisis that had them running off to the tattoist. It makes me laugh to imagine how submissive they must be at home with their doting little mothers. This place definitely seems to attract the inverted dregs of chatham. Although rumour has it mencap regularly run nights out from Dartford. At least chavs from the cess pool don't pretend they're bathing in the med (that's meditterenean, not the medway!)
after8 - 7 Dec 2007 23:00
Full of annoying students, who could do with using some deodrant and waking up to the real world, instead of slagging of America and constantly nodding in a drone like fashion saying "yeh yeh man" every minute!!!!! Beer is the worst I have ever ever tasted in my life, warm, flat, and tasteless. The laughable thing is that the students and a few of the hippies who frequent this hell hole slag of large corporate establishements and trendy pubs for their prices and image, fair enough, but who are the complete morons who are paying some of the most expensive prices for a beer in Medway, in scruffy surroundings, and for terrible beer!

On the plus side the musics good but that is it, seriously! Oh and if your political views are not liberal then forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheEmperor - 29 Oct 2007 00:56
Pete Doherty performed here last night!
HTM69 - 12 Aug 2007 12:42
Last time I was in here was shortly after it opened (2000?) when they brewed their own beer and there were free sandwiches at lunchtime. What a dump now however. Crap beer and ludicrous prices. Forget it! 0/10 from me.
BillyD - 27 Mar 2007 08:18
Absolutely dreadful. Filthy, overpriced, awful beer ans inept bar staff. A great pity that I'd left the napalm at home on the day of my visit.

Worth a second visit, but next time, I'll not forget the aforementioned combustible!

1/10 - because it is Friday,and I am in charitable humour.
5thearlofwimbourne - 17 Nov 2006 13:25
Not bad... but I'm about fifteen years too old to be drinking there! The music is always good, but the main thing I always take away with me is a nosefull of bleach!

Chav-free zone - which is a huge plus - but would be better without some of the pseudo-intellectual, chin-stroking students doing their degrees in a subject which sounds like a euphemism for bugger-all in there, and adding a few people with a bit more intelligence...

I understand that some pubs need to be hosed down after a night of 'studentry', but whenever I've been in there, the only thing I can ever really recall about the place is the stench of disinfectant.
flippincrikeys - 25 May 2006 16:41
Best pub in Chatham, the ideal counterweight to the rest of the chav filled places in around the high street. Great music and many different floors always ensures a great night. Best selection of bar snacks too that I have ever seen.
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 26 Apr 2006 20:45
Ah, The Tap 'n' Tin. I started frequenting this place "bunking off" while in the 6th-form at school. Admittedly, all the appeal of the place back then was based purely on the fact that I wasn’t supposed to be there. It was probably a couple of years after I finished school 'till I started going back on a regular basis.

Now, lets start with the good points. THE MUSIC. To my knowledge, this is still the only pub in the Medway Towns that properly caters for those with a passion for rock 'n' roll. The jukebox is crammed with classic albums and when there’s DJ's, the only ever spin great records. For the music, this place is sublime.

Now for the bad points. The prices are disgusting. I CAN understand the logic behind charging an entry fee on Friday and Saturday nights, but considering that many of the regulars are students, I really think they 'ought to look at the prices they're charging for alcohol. Also, the glasses often look like they need a clean, the beer on tap is always flat and the bottles in the chillier are always warm.

So there you go. It's a tough one with this pub. While it's great for the entertainment, the place BADLY falls short on the fundamental basics a pub needs to be classed as a good watering hole. The Tap 'n' Tin fails miserably here. OKAY, it's a fairly friendly atmosphere in comparison to other Chatham pubs, but I could imagine some getting irate with this pubs pitfalls.

If they got all the above sorted and maybe cleaned the place up a little, it'd be an A grade boozer. Until then, I'll give it a 6.

HTM69 - 22 Mar 2006 12:05
Defintely one of the worst places I've been to full of students that cant handle there drink beer prices stupid and have to pay to go in,completely wrong just stick with more appropiate places in chatham than this bombshell
wookieroc - 6 Jan 2006 12:25
Best place in the Medway Towns (admittedly that's not saying much) - mainly a student hang-out without the chavs that the rest of Medway pubs are filled to the brim with.
lwk198 - 26 Sep 2005 16:31
Used to be a really good pub, prices however have soared, they even have the cheek to charge entry fees on Friday and Saturday nights, they will let anyone in these days. The place has deffo lost its appeal.
drumsmakenoise - 14 Aug 2005 08:53
The best pub in chatham, live music loads of floors, and you can even do your washing and get your hair cut in there!!! amazing place really cool. No scum allowed!!!
chris riddell - 24 Sep 2004 11:04

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