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Greyhound, Carshalton

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user reviews of the Greyhound, Carshalton

please note - reviews on this site are purely the opinion of site visitors, so don't take them too seriously.

The last 3 Sunday lunches I have had here have been excellent and much better than when I first tried this pub around 2017. The Proper Job was very nice and well kept. A comfortable bar area to sit and eat. It’s a Young’s pub with their ales. They also had neck oil on tap and a range of lagers and Guinness.
It’s located in a picturesque setting so you can have a lovely walk in the park afterwards if you if you are full.
scarr - 16 Feb 2020 17:05
After an organised visit to the Greyhound hotel in Carshalton I was left gobsmacked and very disappointed with the mindset of the manager, Colum McCarthy. Despite having an agreement with another member of staff, James which I confirmed 4 times in good faith prior to my visit.

The manager Colum McCarthy over ran the decision with his unreasonable, unnecessary aggressive behvaiour lacking the hospitable feel of a hotel pub and restaurant. Unfortunately my client was a witness to the manager’s unreasonable and unnecessary behavior. Colum McCarthy, the manager of the Greyhound hotel verbally abused us and the outcome was we left the property.

If you are thinking of visiting the Greyhound hotel in Carshalton and making a meeting reservation with the ‘lovely team’ down there I would seek additional confirmation from Colum to verify, if you are to avoid being subjected to his truly hostile, confrontational and unnecessary approach. I have never experienced anything like this before. It wasn’t much fun at all but I moved on. In fact you may want to think twice altogether about visiting The Greyhound hotel in Carshalton. It used to be ok but I am led to believe it is under new management, whom have a truly unique way of running a hospitality business. My star rating is minus 5!!!

Gobsmacked007 - 16 Nov 2016 15:28
We need to talk about Young's.
We need to say that their pubs, since divesting themselves of their brewery arm, are no longer so much pubs as hotel-restaurants. I am sure the hardworking staff of this gaff as others are blameless but this is not a pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Levity was only achieved by a lady pronouncing Wells and Youngs Bombardier as though it was the name of the Canadian aerospace company. And why not?
rainlight - 7 Jun 2015 16:39
Dropped in to kill 20 minutes after fleeing the too-heavy Hope up the road. Bit of a schizophrenic place - it's a hotel pub, very historic and easy on the eye from outside, - with smart dining room and public bar interconnecting and a weird separate trolls-nest of another bar. Prices for even bar food very high - didn't try. Odd public bar ambiance: sports TV screens; some dining tables; some too-low stools and banquette-style seats. Doesn't quite gel. OK pint of Winter Warmer but the Ordinary Bitter and the Christmas Ale both off. Poor. Not a relaxing place at all, got very busy later on though. Meh.
strongarm - 4 Jan 2015 20:55
Never fails to dissapoint! Awful meal, slow staff, half of the stuff on the menu unavailable. 50 minute wait to pay bill. Lest we forget. I did, so will now wait another two years before going there again, and being dissapointed once more.

Oh, and save yourself the money for a comedy boxset this Christmas - just have a look at the prices they charge for a pint of Carling!
steveo - 2 Jul 2013 17:10
This place has a great location opposite the ponds in Carshalton. Sunday was my first ever visit to Carshalton and I was left impressed. Sadly the pub does not live up to expectations. It's another Youngs hostelry that appears to have had the dreaded facelift. The building has lots of different rooms and looks as if it used to have possess character. Now it has been spoilt by too many modern touches. This was another pub advertising a beer festival throughout May. York Yorkshire Terrier was their one guest beer for the week. Youngs Bitter, Special & Waggledance completed the "festival". Inspiring! Could be so much better.
blue_scrumpy - 21 May 2013 19:43
On entering this 'hotel' at noon with my wife and 3 year old daughter, the staff served me a pint, a latte and apple juice before telling me me my quite conspicuous but well behaved daughter was not welcome in any area aside from an already occupied tiny reception. The bar itself was dead (given the prices hardly surprising) Can I suggest on your blackboards outside where you invite people in to warm up with a drink, you write 'KIDS NOT WELCOME'
rob307 - 26 Jan 2013 15:29
Good pint of ordinary but expensive.Agree with beerwulf's comments,no need to ponce up lovely old pubs to pull in punters.pop down the Hope if you dont believe.
nacholibre - 29 Oct 2012 19:33
Not bad bar and dining, had better, but equally had worse.
Nice atmosphere and decent range of beers
tjacobs - 18 Jan 2012 12:59
This pub is a favourite of a friend of mine who lives in the vicinity, and he recommended that we visited it last Friday when an opportunity arose. From his description I'd expected perhaps somewhere a little more local, intimate and cosy than what I found, though saying that there parts of this clearly once-grandiose old building that retain some character and comfort (namely the Swan Bar).

The atmosphere was perhaps a little routine; it did feel like it was a pub that was not maybe pulling out all its stops to present a distinguished and exceptional experience. However, it hasn't in my made the fatal mistake of turning itself into a restaurant first and pub second; the Greyhound clearly still retains a strong pubby element and a mixed bag of punters were enjoying its liquid wares entirely separate from those who wished to eat.

Ale-wise, the usual Young's fare was on cask, and a perfectly acceptable couple of Ordinaries and Specials were consumed. Nothing out of the ordinary, but that wasn't by now what I was expecting. The chap who served us seemed pleasant and knowledgeable; apparently he's worked there on and off for 20 years so knows the form well.

We decided a meal was in order. A glance through the menu suggested a decent range of pub food, some options a little more restauranty than others but essentially a good balance for the kind of venue. I sat down to enjoy some rather excellent sea bream with new potatoes and other nicely-cooked accoutrements. This weighed in at around 14. While the food cannot be classified as great value, it is not excessive and is in accordance with Young's generally inflated pricing strategy for its estate.

All in all, no regrets coming out here and I would consider a further visit. Nevertheless, judging by the rather splendid exterior (and parts of its interior), I can't help but feel that it has had a considerable amount of its identity bowdlerised over the years, and what could've been a real stand-out pub is now just a more run-of-the-mill option. I'll leave it to those who remember it before that process began to take shape to comment further on it if they wish.
TWG - 10 Jan 2012 11:13
I like the current layout - plenty of choices where to sit, stand or eat away from the bar. The Ordinary was good, although it should be at more than 3.00!
Wilson_MacDonald - 28 Nov 2011 20:25
I'm a Youngs man, through and through and although I agree with most of the comments regarding the demise of their pubs which I have known and loved, this website is about beer so I'll stick to that subject for my review, well maybe!
Went in for lunch today and a pint or two of 'ordinary', I was served by a young man who pulled the pint and then held it up to the light to examine it. He explained that it was a new barrel and he wanted to be sure it was okay. I told him I would soon let him know if it wasn't. The pint was fine and I was very impressed with the barman who seemed to care about the product he was selling me. I took my pint into the Swan Bar, which was empty, read my paper, enjoyed the view and my Ploughmans, then had another 'pint for the road'. I hope the Swan Bar remains as it is, but more important may the Youngs never change

wilf880 - 18 Nov 2011 21:18
This pub is the epitome of what has gone with with Youngs - now its a Thatcherite property company whose only driving mission is to make money. No interest in history and heritage, the customers who put them where they are or in providing value for money. They have already trashed 80% of the internal character from the once-wonderful Olde Room restaurant to the characterful back bar and the great old public bar on the car park side. Now there are rumours that they are about to ruin the Swan Bar with wide screen TVs and turn the rest of the place into a gastro joint. Youngs should be charged with heritage crimes. The best thing that could happen to the pub before it's wrecked any further is for this awful, awful company to sell this place, and the Duke's Head which they are planning to wreck as well, and the rest of their estate, to someone who cares about the best traditions of the British pub.
Beerwulf - 3 Nov 2011 17:58
DanLeyland - 27 Oct 2011 15:45
What has happened to this once brilliant pub? Back in the early 80s it was great for a rowdy night out with punks and bikers , but never any aggro. If that was not to your teastes , you could relax in the swan bar in front of a roaring fire smoking a pipe. I didn't even mind stumping a lot of money for the food until recently as they had a decent chef with his own menu. Now they have exactly the same menu as every othe Youngs pub , so not much freedom for the chef to practice his craft there. This has happened to every Youngs pub that I've been to since they split from the brewery. The already expensive prices have gone up even more , yet the quality has gone down. Over nine quid for a bottle of Bulmers (they don't have Magners) and a small glass of wine, I don't think so. The place used to be licence to print money with people 3 deep at the bar , not any more.
bionicdog - 26 Sep 2011 11:37
The Swan bar (fire seat) was my wife and I's home for 25 years. Then came the smoking ban so now we're pub less with no leisure time what so ever. We don't want to spoil non smokers evenings but would wish for seggregated smoking bars. What we loved about The Greyhound Swan bar was.
1) The 400 years of history behind it.
2) The best lager chillers on Planet Earth.
3) A grand yet rural feel to the place
4) The view over the Ponds
5) The now departed Swan Bar crowd.
6) The once tended open fire.
7) The chiming of the Grandfather clocks
8) The gaze of "The Pike"
9) The pictures on the walls unchanging and never moved
10) Absolutely everything

Greyhound........we mish you badly.
ikannuna - 30 Jul 2011 19:17
Oh dear, Oh dear, what a prime location and great building gone to waste. Fairly empty most nights for what was once Carshaltons premium pub. Beer no longer the quality it once was, service still very iffy. Still gets packed for the footie but clears out very quick afterwards.
Barbeerian - 24 Jul 2011 15:13
this pub has really gone down hill!!! way overpriced for bad food and terrible service, the older woman working there makes you feel bad for ordering!
on the last 2 visits ive had terrible food at very expensive prices and a bad wine !!
i love this pub i just wish it would live up to its expectations!!
jimdonut - 4 Jul 2011 23:06
chance 43. I think that's the problem. If you look at reviews by other locals who now go to places like the Sun and the Hope, there is a general view that the Greyhound doesn't have a good reputation for food, atmosphere or beer.

Last time I went there i paid over the odds for what I presumed would be a gourmet burger and got a burnt burger with a slice of processed cheese on top served by staff that appeared to be irritated by me asking them questions.

flynn1 - 30 Jun 2011 21:56
Monty - Tell me if you went into Gucci and noticed that the Sunglasses were expensive would you write and complain about it?!!
The Greyhound holds a reputation for good beer, good food and a friendly atmosphere. If you think 1664 is too expensive dont buy it, drink tap water. its free!

chanca_43 - 25 Mar 2011 10:29
Last poster has it ever occured to you that the barman felt that breaking up the crisp box was more riveting than having to be near some oddity like you? Maybe he was scared the minute you walked in the door and tried to avoid eye contact hoping you would take a hint and crawl back under your rock. For someone who dosen't like the place you strangely state you go there a lot, bloody weirdo.
makemineacold1 - 22 Mar 2011 22:43
this pub has really gone downhill. it takes AGES to get served at the bar nowadays. just forever. if they know you, you're fine. if like me, you're not one of the special few then bad luck. the bar staff are very rude and non-observant. i was there one day where the barman served one person, looked at an empty crisp box , broke it up and then eventually decided to serve me. the beer is very expensive and sometimes seems to be more than four quid for pint of kronenbourg ! there seems to be a really bad vibe at the pub now, compared to the old days where a massive group of barstaff were only too eager to serve you. the general vibe from the staff seems to be "don't blame me, its not my fault". I watch the football on the big screen there and the commentary is never loud enough. many times, you have to ask the barstaff twice before the commentary is loud enough to hear above the general hubbub of the pub. Sometimes they have no commentary on at all until you ask for it. One day I was there and they changed the channel over in the middle of the football MATCH to the rugby without even ASKING anybody. needs attention and care. could be so much better.
montymonty - 22 Mar 2011 21:54
Update on my review-the fancy titled biscuit was in reality a plain old Lotus biscuit. Sums up the place, fancy terminology masking the fact that it's plain old pub grub but at much higher prices.
bootsyjam - 14 Feb 2011 11:45
Went to the Greyhound today for a birthday lunch, and all I can say is regarding the negative reviews on here: there's no smoke without fire.

Overpriced and extremely average food with indifferent service.
Venison casserole was very nice, but had a slightly firm film over it that looked like it had been standing for a while. My pork Sunday Roast (10.50) was rubbish, 3 slices of meat, bisto style gravy, yorkshire pud (decent), soggy veg, 3 sad and very dark soft potatoes. For 10.50 (maybe it was more)-absolute rubbish.
You know what, there are so many bad things that I just don't have the time to go into it.

The menu looks impressive but don't be fooled, it's average pub grub and nothing else. The menu has lots of fancy terms and fancy The only thing is, you have to pay 10-15+ for an average main, 6+ for an average starter, and 5-8 for average desserts.
Oh yeah, 7.50 for the cheese, not exactly generous with the cheese either.
Hold on, here's a great example, the 'cinnamon roasted ginger biscuit' (just looked up the menu-can't find the desserts and their exact description but it was more detailed & fancy than that) that accompanied the dessert? A biscuit from a packet. The chantilly cream flavoured with a hint of whisky and vanilla? First time: just the cream. Second time, had some whisky added. Third time, waitress came back and said she had to tell the chef how to make it. Shame, it was uneatable with the vanilla flavouring that was added.
Ok there's still more but I need to stop. It's expensive, and I have no idea why people would go there to eat. That's all you need to know.
bootsyjam - 13 Feb 2011 21:25
Very disappointing. Looks perfect from outside, and cosy inside. Then you get to the bar and pay over the odds for a pint. Don't even think of trying the overpriced bar food. Brought to me by a glum waitress with a face like she was at a funeral, the charred pathetic wedges made me think this was a joke. Young's have decent reputation, however this pub / hotel has been neglected. Bar maid was apologetic, but I still would NOT recommend this pub when there is plenty of choice nearby. Such a shame.
andym1300 - 11 Feb 2011 09:38
Just when you thought The Greyhound couldnt get any worseit has! Went in the other day and they had one bitter on! One! So called coaching inn and only one ale. Hopefully CAMRA have disowned the place just like most of the former punters. Swan Bar unstaffed with a note telling you to go to the main bar to get served what a joke. Main bar really is a pit now with football shirts suspended from the ceiling like some kind of chav semaphore. I wish theyd turned this place into flats and kept the Texaco garage at least the petrol station had a bit of atmosphere.
steveo - 21 Jan 2011 15:27
Had our Christmas day lunch at the Greyhound a party of 10 of us, we all had a great time, the food was good, as usual, winter warmer was the drink of the day, all the staff worked very hard to catch up with our late table, not our fault as the road was closed off due to a motorbike accident earlier, would recommend the Greyhound it's a good pub.
amanthatknows - 29 Dec 2010 23:30
Went to the restaurant here last night for dinner... and regretted it. The service was terrible. The restaurant had lots of empty tables, so you'd think the service would be fairly quick.. but no. After sitting down for about 20 minutes to be served, I went up and ordered my meal at the till and bought the drinks at the bar (glass of red wine served to me in a beer glass by miserable barman!). After ordering we waited and waited for the food.. also witnessed the chef coming out of the kitchen to tell the waitress that there were meals to be collected. There seemed to be only one waitress for a while who didn't seem to be doing much apart from walking about. Lots of other customers were getting up and trying to find out where their food was too. After about 40 minutes another waitress came out who seemed a bit more 'on the ball' and said our food was on it's way .. but still no sign of it after another 20 mins .. so she came and offered us free drinks and a free dessert and said there had been a mixup in the kitchen. I guess they were very apologetic but it was a week day evening and we'd really only gone in there for a main meal and didn't want a 3 course long drawn-out affair! Decided not to have dessert as that would have probably taken another hour to arrive so settled the bill with a 20% discount. All in all a pretty miserable experience and I won't be going here again in a hurry. The food was ok but pretty tasteless and nothing special for the price.. my partner had fish and chips (11.50) and I had the liver (9.95), which was quite dry. Both meals were steaming hot - which gave me the impression that they had been microwaved. It's a shame really, as the greyhound could be a really good place .. just needs someone to go in and give it a kick up the backside (so to speak)!

gwendybird - 28 Oct 2010 10:26
hello again everyone, gary here, the longest serving barman..

its been a while since i have logged on and seen the reviews, about a month..

i would first off like to say thankyou to Barbeerian - whoever you are for your comment on me - i would love to constantly work the Swan as i use to do, but alas i shot myself in the foot when the new manager took over, because he realised i could sell more beer and make more sales on the main bar - he gets his p/h better that way, its a shame but im still enjoying myself..

wombled - you need to come in and have a chat with me lol - im sorry about the tattoos, but i had them done when i was 15 and thought them cool.. uniform states short sleve black shirts so i cant do much about you looking at my tattoos, but as most of the regulars state - ones a sword going through a cabbage and they make them giggle and im happy with that

ok onto the new management and they way the pub is now being run..

Meiron and his wife Debbie (and their children) have really made their mark on this establishment, ive always said it would take a couple with children to get things going.

our menu has become a delight, trying to shy away from the ordinary and give the customer something new and exciting yet still within budget for what your paying for - please come in and try the Hunter Pheasent - my annabel and i ate there last week and she had that, i plumed for the steak - but her pheasent was to die for, not saying my steak wasnt excellent, it was.. i was just jealous of what she had - needless to say we shared :)

we offer the traditional Youngs menu but also couple that with our ever changing specials list (changes roughly every 2 months) so you, even if your a once a month diner will always be greeted with something new

pub side - we have at the moment 5 ales on, 3 Youngs and 2 guest - the Youngs on draft are the Ordinary, Special and now RamRod - the guest are Cornish Coaster and T.E.A. for the hogs back brewery (TEA stands for Traditional English Ale) and i tell you what its superb - im an ale drinker myself - normally a ram and special but the TEA is very good

lets get onto service.. a lot of the comments are well over rated, i will admit there are times we are streached, but every member of staff in this establishment gives 100% if not more. i have commented on staff before and they will always see that you leave happy and well fed and watered..

i have to throw this in lol - i think wombled works for another pub in the area and want to put me down - 95% of the people who come into this pub know me 5% are passing trade - that 95% would know i would never in a million years be rude or incourtious, its just not done.. i greet every coustomer with a warm welcome and if they want something thats not on the menu i get it done for them, regardless..

for anyone that hasnt been here before - we are situated in the heart of carshalton, overlooking twin ponds, smothered in wildfowl inc a resident heron. the building actually dates back to the 17c but may features have been added since but the Swan bar has tried to capture its originality with no technology in the bar -no screens no music, just grandfather clocks and wood paneling and comfy seating

the main bar is a little more upbeat serving all the usual ales alongside a good selection of lagers, this bar has music and 4 screens inc a big screen showing all the ususal and latest sports (i must say i hate anything with a green background) but for the sports fans and we have many, this really is a great place to view your thing!

the hotel side - we have 21 rooms, 2 bridal - all with sky tv, if you read this and are thinking of staying then ask for 208 and 209 - their the nuts... oops! if you do stay - ive also had the breakfast and i couldnt manage all of it, we really do send you off on a full stomach.

thesnakeman - 4 Oct 2010 04:17
Oh dear, Oh dear, Youngs have really mesed up the finest pub in the village. How much would they be willing to pay to get back John/Judy, the Heggies, etc, even the old colonal (bless him). Service is rubbish (16 bar staff - 14 punters and still waited ages for service (one poor girl had to stop eating on her lunch break to serve me)). Why they do not have Gary working the Swan bar more often amazes me as much as the fact the Swan is rarely open. It seems that the pub has gone further down hill in line with the Windsor improving. As they say, with the current Young' pricing policy, the Duke and Plough must be wetting themselves with laughter!

ps, do a bit of grovelling and you might get one of their discount cards ;-)
Barbeerian - 26 Aug 2010 21:03
A superb community public house in the heart of Carshalton village with great World Cup coverage on four TV's! The first England match was very enjoyable here attracts a great cross section of couples and singles. Good for folk who have a serious love for the game with knowledge to banter. Great Crac!
edsage - 15 Jun 2010 03:08
Made the mistake of going back. The clowns running the place have converted half of Carshalton into an empty restaurant. Pop in and have a look at the few customers that remain as they stare with disbelief at the amount of change they are holding in their hands after buying a drink.
If you dont have time to visit the Greyhound you can simulate the experience by going into any bad overpriced restaurant, opening a can of Heineken, throwing five quid at a passing idiot (any South African will do) and then using your rolled-up empty wallet to shaft yourself up the botty.
steveo - 14 Jun 2010 16:14
Had a Saturday afternoon visit, just had a pint out on a bench on the outside stretch nr the car park
Considering the lovely day, am surprised managed to get a seat, as it didnt have alot of seating on the outside. Maybe was too hot for some.
Enjoyed the pint and moved on, no problems, but considering reports on food here glad that was it really
the_original_rawnsleys - 25 May 2010 12:49
Nice pub ruined by the surly chav behind the bar more interested in showing off his tattoos and over charging than decent service. Top marks to the manager for employing such obvious a thief - 7 for a white wine spritzer ? 14 for two pints and the spritzer !!! He was rude to everyone he spoke to. Will definately pass on that this pub should be avoided at all costs
wombled - 4 May 2010 22:02
3.90 for a pint of Heineken?

This place has now priced itself out of my willingness to pay league. I don't mind paying slightly over the odds if the venue is nice, but the Greyhound is taking the piss now.
Tazz1976 - 11 Apr 2010 19:54
was going to visit for a pint once, but the bank wont give me a loan!!!!
alamoinvader - 5 Mar 2010 14:04
A pleasant retreat from the snow for a pint of Blackthorn, but I must admit we moved on to the Hope after one pint.
littleredone - 30 Jan 2010 12:16
Had a beer in the Swan room not bad for a Youngs pub although prefer the atmosphere and the prices in the Hope.
beersbear - 28 Jan 2010 11:25
A large Youngs pub offering the usual ales and a dedicated dining area. Have been here many times in the past, although not for a while but we recently visited for a meal with friends and I have to say the food was generally very good and my rump steak was probably one of the best I have ever had. Obviously though judging by others comments it can be hit and miss but I would recommend you give it a go. The staff behind the bar were friendly and the serving staff efficient even though it was busy - and they were able to help one of our party who has gluten free requirements. The ales were all well kept - give it go!
MartinRAF - 18 Jan 2010 19:29
Given the Greyhound so many chances foodwise over the years, had lovely meal one time and then the next awful, left it a few years and gone back to nice meal, next time atrocious. Longwinded way of saying the place is very hit and miss! Have never really seen the attraction of drinking there, overpriced and personally never liked the atmosphere. In fact after writing this I am wondering why we have given the place so many opportunities to get it right when our experiences (in a group with children) have included the staff writing our booking on the wrong day and then trying to turn us away as children are not allowed anywhere except the old cellar area, until a childless party took pity on us and offered to move. Won't be spending any more time, money or effort in taking our custom there again.
yummummy - 8 Dec 2009 13:24
The food at The Greyhound is suffering like many other so-called "Gastro" pubs by employing underpaid ill-trained chefs struggling with deliveries that they have no control over from a central depot akin to the business model that Wetherspoons employs except you can accept the frozen muck at Wetherspoons because of it's low price. The last time I was here the ale pie pastry topping was burnt and so hard I thought we were back in medieval times where the pastry was thrown away ! Complaints would have fallen on deaf ears so I've taken my custom elsewhere.
couch_of_lost_souls - 4 Dec 2009 17:33
i love the swan room. can't find that sort of interior elsewhere. worth paying a bit extra for a pint, i think. haven't eaten there for a while though... can't give you an accurate idea of how that is these days.
jimclark - 26 Nov 2009 19:40
I thought I would try dinner and the new menu so went in a couple of weeks ago and make use of my two main course and a bottle of wine for 20 voucher. If I did not have that voucher I wouldve felt totally conned.

Two soups, two pies and mash and a bottle of plonk wouldve been over 45 without the voucher. The food was middling to average but how can they charge so much (11 for a pie) for what is pub fare. Perhaps the chef does make his own pastry, dices the finiest beef shipped in that day and also lovingly prepare the freshest of daily vegtables?

The place has declined significantly over the years. The prime example is the Swan Bars demise, which has gone from the hub of local community to an almost deserted soulless bar.
AleKing - 4 Nov 2009 17:06
Called in on Sunday lunch time packed out, great sunday roast, I had pork my girlfiend the beef, good service the beer was good to, I had the youngs special, will be back.
amanthatknows - 5 Oct 2009 15:06
Yes the food at the Greyhound is overpriced Pigswill.
Better to try the Racehorse round the corner. They have a good range of homecooked food and do cheap offers on a couple of evenings.
Sam_vimes - 23 Sep 2009 14:16
A nice venue, but very expensive both to drink and eat.

The wine prices are frankly ludicrous; beer just acceptable.



My wife and I went there on a Monday evening, so it was quiet. We ordered the seafood pie @ 11 and the steak burger @11.

The seafood pie had NO seafood in it, just a dash of salmon and it came with a slice of carrot and a tiny bit of cauliflower - both bit had been ruined in a microwave, and the pie had been nuked too. 11 for salty mash?

The burger was cremated. It was charred and had been burned so badly I had to remove 30% of it to make it edible. They even tried to hide the worst side by smothering it with sauce, but it was so bad you could smell it before it was served.

It took 35 mins to reach us and wasn't worth 5, never mind the 22 they charged. They refunded half of the money after our complaints.

Don't eat here - it's awful and far worse than the cheapo Fox and Hounds 5 mins away that do a meal and pint for 6.

I'll never eat there again and advise others to skip it.
Tazz1976 - 9 Sep 2009 23:26
After reading some the reviews on here I was actually quite shocked. Although some of them date back to before I started.
The Greyhound is now under new management and this one is here to stay and knows what he is doing. He has bought in alot of changes for the better in his first few weeks. There are major changes at the Greyhound and I think it would be worth anyone who has had a bad experience there to re-visit. The staff are happy and always ready to help providing an excellent standard of customer service. The Greyhound is on the up now, great new management and a really good team working for him!! It really is worth re-visiting!
Unfortunately though, we don't actually have any say over the prices!! (SORRY!!)
xxkelzixx - 22 Aug 2009 20:51
Despite Gary's endorsement of the Greyhound and the way it operates, having been forced in there last Saturday I find it no different to what it was 6 moths ago - extortionately expensive - over 17 for two glasses of wine and a light and bitter. Courage light served with the Ordinary Bitter instead of Youngs, barmaid absent from the Swan for long periods and acted as if you had disturbed her from doing something else of much greater importance than serving customers beer. Seems incapable of smiling. Definitely needs to do better!
nikkihs - 12 Jul 2009 16:53
Me, im the longest serving bartender (Gary), I just love this place. lets start with the building and setting... one of the oldest buildings if not the oldest in Carshalton with a fantastic history dating back many centuries. In the begining what is now the Swan bar was the first phase of what is now the Greyhound, this served as a hunting lodge for the gentry hunting deer in Nonsuch park, the lodge also has links with Lord Derby the founder of the famous race meeting held at Epsom race course. At the time of construction they probably didnt realise just how beautiful Carshalton would turn out, the site was originally chosen because of the prime location to fresh drinking water (Anne Boleyn's well) and the fact that clean water was available to the horses via the pond which is fed by the river Wandle. Today the pond is the diamond in Carshalton and the Greyhound the mount as it overlooks. Over the centuries new parts have been added and taken away from the building but in doing so forged the most prestigious pub, hotel and restaurant for miles around. Since the dawn of the brewing trade this establishment has been a Youngs house, famous for their fine ales (you cant beat a pint of Special in my eyes or taste buds) and their consistency to deliver fine food. Lets move onto the staff.... For as long as I have worked at the Greyhound (2ys) there has always been Roger the head chef, this man runs on lithium ion batteries working seven days a week to ensure every meal that leaves his kitchen is cooked to perfection and of the highest quality. In my opinion and im sorry to say this Mr Chief Executive of Young's but your holding him back on his real potential, I mean some of the staff lunches that he provides really should be on the menu. Then theres Selda head of housekeeping, aww shes lovely, always running around in a panic for no reason making sure every room is spick and span, every bed is folded down perfectly, every light bulb to every complementary packet of biscuits is facing the right way. She and her team really do deliver 110%. As for the front of house crew (bar staff), right now I dont think I could ask to work with a better crew, bartenders and waiting staff. Every team member strives to make 'you' the customer happy and will go out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant experience when visiting the Greyhound. You will always get a warm greeting and were happy to take five and have a chat if you so wish (as long as there's no-one waiting that is and if there is, we'll come back to you). I personally would like to commend Laura, Kerri and Tanee, these three girls bring new meaning to the word multi-tasking, if assigned to waitressing they are always ready willing and able to jump on the bar and make sure you are served with the minimum of wait and always with a huge beaming smile.
... The customers if your wondering... an amazing bunch, we have hardcore regulars, regulars, once in a while and passing trade, but each person has their own uniqueness and it is that uniqueness that makes the Greyhound what it is, this is a very friendly, happy pub, where you really can feel right at home or part of the Greyhound family.... if I havent already said enough, have a chat with one of the staff, we will be happy to tell you some more.

thesnakeman - 22 Jun 2009 09:58
Wells Young's have lost the plot when it comes to prices! They really don't want local trade. We are not all scum! This pub is going like a ghoast town! We will not be drinking there no more.
mondayclub - 4 May 2009 16:37
Well. "Neil the mad" didn't last long, thankfully. Some small improvements, but still way to expensive for what it is.
molyneux - 27 Mar 2009 08:12
What happened. Went in lunchtime yesterday. It was a ghost town bar. Only had spirits no people. Overpriced on lager. 3.58 for standard lager. Food standard pub fayre for cordon bleu prices. 30 for mothers day lunch. Unbelievable.
Sam_vimes - 20 Mar 2009 19:26
I apologise 4 lookin so negativ 'ms001'... Its jus tha' I am basin' my review on wot I av heard frm current and ex customers! Its nt jus' my 4ghts! No offence incurred!
lancboy - 26 Feb 2009 10:30
I'm not too sure what the previous comment is about. It seems like someone does not like live sport "noise" and young people "noisy", quite possibly written by an older "quiet" person.

The Greyhound has changed quite a lot in recent years and one of the greatest things that has happened is the appearance of a new Manager - Neil. A lot better than the previous Manager, a very welcome change! Yes, it has opened it's doors from the restaurant to the swan bar and I agree it is not the one of the greatest ideas this pub has had.

Not been in for a month or so, so not able to comment on the staff, or lack of, should I say. Like any other pub you can wait to be served for what seems an eternity but in general there is nothing wrong with the Greyhound. Food and Drink excellent and staff very pleasant and nice to talk to.

Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been yet!
ms001 - 25 Feb 2009 12:13
The Greyhound, I believe, has been a good hotel for some while now, well that's what regulars tell me. I'll start with the Swan Bar- comfortable, quiet, full of familiar faces and has a real open fire. Recently the Swan has been opened up through to the restaurant, regulars did not take to this lightly. They can now hear the other bar and the customers chunnering away in the restaurant. As we all know, people dont like change, in some instances. If things dont need fixing, dont fix them. People have actually boycotted this hotel/bar because of the changes in the Swan. That brings me to the main bar, mentioning change:- This bar is the heart of the building, it shows live sports (noise), has mixed clientel(NOISY YOUNG and quiet old, which clashes) and recently refurbed to look like a smoking lounge at the House of Commons (green leather and oak coloured tables? Yeah thats modern!). I'll sum up... This hotel, needs to look at change for the better, not worse, it is expensive, the staff can be rude (and recently 4 KEY staff have been dismissed but not replaced, that answers FLYNN1's question).'Oi ,Greyhound', change your ways or lose your revenue, which is primarily good honest citizens who want to relax!
lancboy - 12 Feb 2009 11:31
I have lived near this pub for a while now and I love the pub itself and its position in the village. Its been very well refurbished and I love the layout. When we first moved here the pub was really busy and the staff were very polite - particularly the landlord, but ever since he left its never quite been the same.

It wants to be more upmarket in its food but it rarely has food that justifies the prices although things have improved recently. The real problem is that some of the staff (not all) almost resent having to deal with you. Maybe its because they sometimes seem to be short staffed but sometimes you can barely get two words out of them and they can seem annoyed if you ask too many questions.

I've always seen this as my local because i love the pub but im finding that even though its often packed, I go to the Woodman round the corner more now as you feel like your welcome and i can't say that i have felt that way about the Greyhound for quite a while now..
flynn1 - 5 Feb 2009 14:23
Brilliant position. Cape dutch gables. Decor is good. But having been in a few times I can safely say JD Wetherspoons has a better batting average.
alext - 19 Jan 2009 00:59
This pub has the potential to be the best pub in the area, great postion, a range of bars to suite all tastes, warm & cosy or bright & airy. We visit it perhaps 10 times a year, I'm not sure what's happened recently but all aspects of the service have just vanished.

Some staff try very hard but it's as though there's an overriding culture of not caring. I have no idea who she is or what position she holds but one woman there is the reason why we shall not return. I've been told she once worked at the Windsor Castle up the road (and smiled there regularly) but she is rude, indifferent and gives the impression she is doing you a favour by serving you.

I took my colleagues there for Xmas lunch and witnessed her overcharging another set of diners, giving up when the till wouldn't play ball and leaving me to wait for her to finish a chat before returning to serve me, by which time she had added another 2 pints to the bill. I have also been there recently when two of my friends on three different occasions were over-charged or short changed by her, in all cases it took 10 minutes and the asistance of others to convince her she had it wrong but with no apology.

Obviously I can not say how/why this happens but with the prices already high this is intolerable. I advice anyone visiting to check the prices & their change.

It is such a shame, I used to love this pub.
misterp - 18 Jan 2009 20:30
Sadly a complete disaster area! Each new manager is worse than the last. Expensive and rubbish how can Youngs do this to a once great pub.
molyneux - 17 Jan 2009 18:58
The Swan Bar was my home until the smoking ban. Now we can never visit again.
greywolfe - 23 Dec 2008 13:46
Nice pint of ordinary and nice fire in the Swan Bar. Manager very friendly and so were the the staff and locals. "The (Insert Name Here) Mummers will be performing their St George Play play as part of the "Isn't Xmas bloody over yet" tourette on Saturday 27 December at aboutt 13.15
cretemick - 12 Dec 2008 11:40
Forced in by my better half to meet a couple of friends on Sunday - low and behold, Swan bar shut!

Ignored by staff in the other bar, but rescued after 5 mins by mine host. He works hard, but he's got a long way to go before I will voluntarily cross his threshold.
nikkihs - 25 Nov 2008 17:41
They had guest ale in the Swan Bar recently - Adnams. It makes a change to see a Young's pub selling beer from another brewery.
lovelylady21 - 3 Nov 2008 14:15
Dunno whats happened to this pub recently - seems to be sliding. never seems to be enough staff on. whats happened to the bar maid in the swan? it always seems to be closed. that said, beer is still good and food is wortha try
lazydav - 1 Nov 2008 15:28
Despite a fulrry of slightly suspiciously overally positive reviews in the course of half an hour or so, this place is getting worse.

Service: I went into main bar the other day and stood for at least two minutes without a flicker of service. Bar maid walked past and blanked us. Tried my luck in the Swan Bar but it was totally empty and nobody was serving. I left.

Aside from the usual chap in the Swan Bar (if he goes then the place could well struggle), the other staff members are poor, insincere and even lazy. I have been there when empties clutter tabls and I've even had the "Bombadier is only being served in the main bar" as the bar maid has been too bone idle to a) change the barrell, or b) go next door and get one for a paying customer.

Food: Eating is also a risk. I have some order that have been incorrect or incomplete and invovled a lengthy wait. The quality of the food is average at best yet overpriced. Chips used to be chunky and tasty, now they taste like they have been cooked from to frozen.

Beer: Not sure about the "cracking" or "stunning" selection of beers. Usualy nitrokeg sh1t - most over 3.50 a pint - and a rather plain and unflinching selection of Young's, Special and Bombadier.

A lowly two.
AleKing - 17 Oct 2008 11:11
The kind of pub you go to with your boyfriend, or take your parents to for Sunday lunch. It's all very civilised and nice. I'd go back without a doubt.
samanthapanther - 13 Oct 2008 16:48
1 of the better ones in Carshalton, good beer and food.
JudeIscariot - 13 Oct 2008 16:31
Great food, although it was a bit expensive. Bar staff friendly and knowledgeable. Cracking selection of bitters, followed by an even more cracking selection of whisky chasers. Worth the extra money spent on food to go through that whisky rack! Genius.
Wild1 - 13 Oct 2008 16:10
One of the most stunning pubs I have ever been to - and the staff were pretty gorgeous too! Fantastic range of beers, with the stonking Bombadier on draught and bottled - you can't say fairer than that! Try the new Kew bottle by Young's - a smoother bitter would be hard to find. I must admit, the staff led me atray, and I drank far too much, but then you can always stay in the hotel! Can't give them too much kudos - they were kind and courteous to the end, even though I could hardly stand up! Pure pub heaven.
holidayman - 11 Oct 2008 23:08
I have always found the staff at the Greyhound to be friendly and helpful, particularly those on the hotel reception desk. The food is imaginative, and reasonably priced, and there is a fantastic range of beers, wines and spirits. It is set on the ponds in Carshalton, so you get a gorgeous view thrown in for free. And the quiz night is a riot - highly recommended on alternate Thursdays - definitely worth a visit or five.
lovelylady21 - 9 Oct 2008 18:43
They can't even manage to keep bitter in stock - truly shameful performance all round. What a sad disaster. 2/10
molyneux - 7 Oct 2008 09:02
I must say the transformation of this pub is now complete! Lager served at prices fit for city bankers with big fat bonuses. But with the service and attitude of Vicki Pollard. No wonder it was empty!
pagsey - 3 Oct 2008 21:42
Yes ! Alph River our thoughts coincide, Wells and Youngs are clearly an ex -pub company and now an out and out property developer.
slerpy - 1 Oct 2008 17:49
I've enjoyed drinking in The Greyhound for over 30 years, but recently the price-hikes, the indifferent attitude towards customer relations, and the beer quality have made it more of an effort than a pleasure to visit this fine old establishment.
Youngs management seem to be playing a peculiar game with their pubs in Croydon. Are they deliberately trying to run the businesses down in order to flog them?

Alph_river - 29 Sep 2008 00:05
Swan Bar always been an absolute pleasure with fireplace, convivial atmosphere, good range of beers. Public bar with the footy on is awful. Without is just about bearable. Also too expensive for pints. Bottles better value and usually a thoroughly good selection.
stevosgloriosus - 6 Sep 2008 14:21
In response to Aleking, the Deuchars IPA was 3.15 a pint and I for one won't be ordering anymore of it at that price no matter how good it might be. I also agree with other recent posts about the decline of the ambience, service and lamenatbel closure of the Swan Bar. It epitomises the decline of Youngs itself into a greedy pubco run by sharp suited property developers.
Beerwulf - 2 Sep 2008 07:32
Having found the Swan bar shut on bank holiday Monday - rumour has it that the only barperson capable of running the bar was on a paint-balling gig - the camel's back is finally broken. The final insult on top of the silly prices and bad service

After more than 30 years of using this pub, I am moving on to another that provides good beer and resonable food at sensible prices.
nikkihs - 28 Aug 2008 19:17
Ah, Emmy86, what exactly are you trying to justify? The 4.15 (yes, 4.15!) for a pint of beer, or the fact that the Greyhound has become the biggest backpacker hostels this side of Earls court?

Ill tell you what is insulting being charged what are easily top-end prices for a pint of beer and then the second the bell goes, some Munster starts pushing a hoover around. That is rude. Bloody hovering in front of customers a few seconds after closing time not even after drinking up time. Go in there any night of the week and witness it for yourself. Its fast becoming the highlight of a visit to this once-great boozer.
steveo - 13 Jun 2008 15:22
I'd just like to say to doevski, that last time i was in The Greyhound, peroni was 4.15 a pint, not 4.40. I'd also like to say that being discriminative and racist to make your little opinion sound better is definately not on. Try a thesaurus to come up with more educated, relevant and CORRECT describing words rather than terms you have used. Otherwise, Greyhound is always a pleasure to visit, reccommend to anyone
emmy86 - 12 Jun 2008 15:54
4.40 for a pint of Peroni. The autistic South African barman didn't even thank my mate for his stupidity in buying such a beverage.
Doevski - 4 Jun 2008 20:56
I went in there last week and, lo and behold, a Youngs pub with a guest ale. Not only that, but it was the stonking Deuchars IPA. Alas, they only had one barrel and they wont be getting any more because the locals really didnt like it so it took ages to shift.

All I can say to the locals of the Greyhound (whether lager-swillers or supposed ale fans) is; shame on you. Deuchars IPA is superior in essence to almost all of the distinctly underwhelming Youngs brews and your lack of taste and appreciation has ruined any chance of a refreshing change. Hiss and boo. You havent got a clue.

Anyway, aside from that I do like The Swan Bar although have reservations about the main bar. The Special has been on good form of late, although as mentioned, the pub is generally pricey.
AleKing - 9 Apr 2008 17:16
Mmmm mot to sure about the demographic.... second mortgage for a drink but a lurverly big car park for 2pm Friday for the scaffold lorries for that drink / drive getaway! No regulars behind the bar pub? hotel? While i think about it I'll have a pint in the Windsor Castle...
rob307 - 14 Feb 2008 01:31
a pub of two bars. for a quite drink in a cosy warm enviroment the swan bar is your pick, nice views of the ponds this should be kept as it is and not changed. the main bar is now very modern but the prices expensive
scaramanger - 4 Feb 2008 18:11
very good Youngs and a typical modernised old Youngs hotel - worth a visit.
mtaylor40 - 1 Feb 2008 21:49
Yes well, good beer (served too cold, but where isn't it), lots of space/tables. Ridiculously expensive food.
It was shut/refurbished for a while, and when I went back, I wasn't sure what had changed.. Still if I was crawling around Carshalton, I would definitely go here
markyhb - 19 Dec 2007 08:46
Had run out of Bombardier yesterday, but the Youngs bitter was on top form. Food overpriced, but tasted OK.
john_the_jester - 30 Nov 2007 14:04
Tartan carpet is a disaster, single sink in ladies an oversight and health risk. 12.95 for a Sunday roast - give me strength! There are economies of scale when doing roasts, but a limited choice of chicken or beef and lazy unpeeled potatoes make the pricing even more laughable. The mid-week steaks are good though and the service in the restaurant has now improved and the early delays seen soon after the refurb now seem to be sorted. The starters remain inventive and almost justify their 5 average price. On Sunday 11 November, a selection of cheese was offered as a starter! I can only assume that some uncultured Aussie made a mistake when typing up the menu. Still, the place was full with a queue for seats. I doubt that many will return for the 13 roast though, so eventually prices will have to drop as there are only so many people in Carshalton that can be mugged. Go during the week and enjoy the occasional inspired starter and excellent quality steak.

Beer prices now approaching four pounds a pint and almost a pound more expensive than similar local establishments. If youre pout for a few beers its almost cheaper to buy a Travelcard and go to central London!

The refurb is great though. Will have cost a fortune and all areas are clean and well looked after. They must have run out of money and picked up the tartan carpet on the cheap I only wish there were more incontinent customers in the Swan Bar to help along the speedy purchase of a replacement. In the meantime you get staff sat at the bar eating breakfast and you begin to wonder if it hasnt turned into a hostel for the benefit of Australian backpackers subsidised by the local beer-consuming community.

The Greyhound is still a collection of compromises. Good beer, bad prices; family atmosphere, but only in youre on a gap-year from Brisbane; great food, overpriced food; amazing dcor; tartan carpet.

I still like going there though and I hope that the new landlord is the messiah that some allude to. Hopefully hell capitalise on his successes and buy the kitchen staff a calculator and potato peeler. I look forward to reporting back!
steveo - 12 Nov 2007 14:11
I have used the Swan bar for many years and the best thing to happen to the place is the new manager. His approach is pro-active and his intentions excellent, the bar has never been so clean. I'm glad to see the whinging old women (men) have moved on, its time to let the Greyhound go forward rather than keeping the draconian approach of John/Judy (previous management)
Please Youngs, don't ever let them back.........
The new menu is just great, the service and staff are all good, the refurb has lifted the spirits of us who really appreciate change. I do agree with Beerwulf (previous poster on this site) about the beer quality but have to say I do not share any of his opinions about anything else. The Tartan carpet is just great!!

davidjohnson - 30 Oct 2007 13:18
The 'tartan' carpet in the Swan plunges new depths of poor taste, closely followed by some of the chavvy tiling and kitsch tables in the kiddies area. A building with the gravitas of the Greyhound deserves better. New guv'nor very defensive and curt towards the old regulars.
Prices ridiculous. Bring back John & Judy!
Beer quality is sound however and deserves its place in Good Beer Guide still..
Beerwulf - 29 Oct 2007 20:16
Expensive, going downhill fast. No wonder main bar is empty on non-football nights!
anonymous - 26 Oct 2007 15:32
This pub has never been cheap, or even reasonably priced, but has been the sort of place to go to with the latest girlfriend. The local Round Table used to meet there such was its respectability. However it is now cheaper to drink in the City area of London rather than wait till you get nearly home- and wait you will in this pub, the service speed is along the lines on an athsmatic slug with a limp.

I recommended a colleague to stay here once, and how they can charge 80 a night for a very basic room ia beyond me.

I used to be a regular user of this place, after my last visit, it will be some time before I return. I think I now see why Youngs is having to merge in order to survive.
Huge_Happiness - 6 Oct 2007 16:44
One of, if not the best pub in Carshalton. Clean, modern, and not full of fighting, swearing men. However, to enjoy these privileged environs, you need to take out a second mortgage before you arrive.

parkhillian - 28 Sep 2007 12:57
Have been using this pub for years and glad to see the new manager is spending some money on a long awaited refurb. Had dinner in the Swan Bar last night,the food,service and new decorations were all excellent. This place has needed new blood for a long while and at last Cashalton will have a great Pub for all to enjoy.
davidjohnson - 12 Jul 2007 16:19
I have always liked this place,beautifull area opposite the ponds and very funny how there seems to be broken fences on the bend after a weekend!! Not sure how many cars actualy go in, the swan bar is the best for a quiet chat and locals are lovely and friendly,the olives are fantastic and the best I have ever had but the pub will be much better when smoking ban comes in.
runninghampster - 25 Jun 2007 01:10
I had a really appalling meal - sirloin steak and chips, big mushroom and 2 halves of big tomato. I had arrived late, hungry, and needed a meal and so tucked to the steak (poor/ave) and the soggy mushroom and tomato(poor)and picked out the odd edible 'hand cut' chip, realising as I progressed just how bad the whole thing was and leaving a pile of inedible overcooked grease sodden chips and the equally greasy looking sauce I was meant to put on them. Cost just under 17. Most decent restaurants could do something special for a single course costing that much.
George.S - 14 Jun 2007 17:54
Sadly trying too hard to appeal to a younger audience with live music and wacky sofas. It is too loud to talk - staff are keen but inexperienced. I miss the old landlord who was punter friendly - I saw signs of ne'er-do'wells drifting in as well
rob307 - 1 Jun 2007 01:05
New manager (grey haired guy) is abrupt and rude to staff and customers, shame the old managers left, it has definitely gone downhill since the last time I visited in March.
anonymous - 14 May 2007 18:01
Pretty much the same as the nearby Young's Duke's Head, but without as nice a beer garden.

Stupidly expensive for offering nothing special
LowenBeerHold - 9 May 2007 13:29
STOP PRESS!! Recent and unexpected change of landlords! New regime have immediately stamped their seal on the place by moving two chairs and buying a sofa. This is big news for Carshalton possibly the most significant change the village has experienced since the one-way system was abandoned. The Greyhounds food area has shrunk as has the apparent level of trade with prices still way above where they should be. Most beer also remains well over the three quid mark which is equally unfortunate. Its still a great pub though and it will be interesting to see if the new guvnors change much. Sadly the latest tranche of Australian and South African bar staff are about as responsive as Professor Stephen Hawking on a flat battery. Waits of over ten minutes are quite common which is the average time it takes for the antipodeans wonders to work out that there are two sides to their, um, two-sided bar.
steveo - 8 May 2007 13:44
Nice enough place with decent beer, but the last time I went it was full of kids.
BarneseyUK - 21 Apr 2007 18:52
This seemed like a nice enough pub. I went there for a Sunday roast with my wife and my parents. Decent food, washed down with perfectly good ale.

Service was good. 7/10.
BarryMaher - 19 Feb 2007 15:13
I have no idea about the drink but the food is FAB! Been here a couple of times for work dos and keep meaning to pop back with family or friends as the food alone is worth coming back for.
Lollyjot - 3 Feb 2007 19:53
Refurb cancelled, so business as usual :)
Wells Bombadier now available as in most Youngs houses now.
molyneux - 11 Nov 2006 15:24
Is it a pub or is it a hotel?

If you enter as a hotel customer, don't be suprised that children are not welcome, to earn a space in the darkest most misrable part of the hotel you have to buy an expensive meal. If you are not willing to do so, I am afraid, you are all stuck in your room with no where to go.

If you enter as pub customer you are guanteed a friendly smile, a cold beer, tasty bar and restaurant food (bit too expensive for the type of establishment).Bar service is not always prompt in the afternoons and weekends but always friendly. As with all youngs pubs "not bad but could do better".
tjnicko - 9 Oct 2006 18:32
being refurbed from sept 26th, staying open but restricted for about 3 weeks
molyneux - 11 Sep 2006 12:31
Not as good as it once was and hard to get a seat unless you venture into the old codgers' bar. Top bit of nosh in the restaurant though and still a pleasnt place to spend the evening.
bionicdog - 7 Aug 2006 15:38
Popped down here at the weekend and, although quite similar to most Young's pubs, it seems to have an edge on its brethren.

Staff we friendly and the the four pints of St George's we had were cracking - and under a 5 a round. The food was quite decent, and no way near as pricey as many Young's places I've been into.
AleKing - 19 Jun 2006 15:24
The food is good in the restaurant and if you just want a lite bite then the portions of wedges are very generous. Good luck getting a seat on a Friday or Saturday night.
Jessaranda - 9 Jun 2006 09:48
This is a lovely pub. Really great food,especially the slow roast lamb shank! Its also in a really nice setting. I reccommend a brisk winter walk in the adjacent park followed by diving into the pub to warm up. I agree that it is really expensive, but I've had some great times here with family and friends. The staff should also get a mention as they are all really helpful and friendly, and the one time I did have a bad meal there, the next time I went in I was made a real fuss of.
Setch - 24 Mar 2006 09:11
Hugely expensive, although very pleasant place to be. Still my favourite despite the prices. Oddly the staff appear to have slightly more space behind the bar to stand in than the punters do in some places, but they're all very friendly.
Dr.Em - 21 Mar 2006 13:09
First visit since they did it up a few years ago. As usual with pub refurbishments, why? Getting rid of all the separate rooms is always a mistake. Beer is fine.
nickdavies - 21 Nov 2005 12:48
Good beer, nice food, ridic' London prices. No garden, busy road but one of the better ones in Carshalton.
danrkelly - 17 Oct 2005 15:16
I have been posting comments about this pub for ages. It's a favourite of mine and I go there quite a lot. However, however, however, however. The prices have now reached astronomic levels. Food is still very expensive and clearly geared towards the passing hotel trade rather than regular return local trade. The food is good, but not quite what it used to be. The main thing that has changed though is the price of beer. Bugger me sideways and call me Alice - 3.10 for a pint of Kroney! Three pouns f'ing ten! Let me remind you that this pub is in Carshalton, not in the trendy centre of London. The cost of beer here is now through the roof - some 25p a pint more than other similar establishments. The management have gone too far this time and too greedy - I'm off elsewhere!
steveo - 22 Apr 2005 18:42
A really good pub and restaurant.The menu always changes and I have not ever had a bad meal here.The Sunday roasts are excellent and since I moved to the area two years ago,I've brought overseas guests and friends from around the UK here.I know we'll always have a good meal and its a firm favourite with friends who live in Central London.The staff are friendly and I like the fact that the smoke free part of the restaurant IS smoke free.
traceyhg - 26 Jan 2005 16:36
The Greyhound is a fine Youngs example. The bitter is well kept and very drinkable, and there is a good mix of customers - older in the swan bar, younger elsewhere. Can get busy at the weekends and there are better places to eat in carshalton. The Racehorse for example.
Sam Slatter - [email protected] - 28 Oct 2004 16:25
Best pub in Carshalton, however best to take out a second mortgage if having anything other than a couple of pints of Youngs "Ordinary".

Was refurbished a couple of years or so ago, very tastefully, however miss the old back bar
Jeff "Sandy" - 22 Oct 2004 01:16
My mum & dad recently visited this pub & even stayed a few nights!! They were very impressed with two staff in particular - A kiwi girl called Lee & another kiwi girl called Kelly!! Give them a pay raise they reakon! They said it was the highlight of there trip!
Nikki Smith - 27 Aug 2004 00:41
Nice pub. Does good sport coverage. One time there was a local team playing the the second division play offs, and this was the only pub in the area I could find playing the England Rugby Union game.

Can get really busy especially at weekends, and the prices can be quite steep - even for the area. They do have a couple of lagers that aren't Youngs, but make sure it is somebody elses round when you order those.
I like pubs - 20 Mar 2004 11:38
Still the best pub for miles. Food prices are creeping up though.
Steve - 19 Mar 2004 18:03
One of the staff here, fair-haired guy, was very rude and nasty to one of my mates who was just havin a good time. Some basic manners would not go amiss. This is not the first time the staff have been unpleasant, and I have advised him to write to Youngs brewery.
anonymous - 6 Jan 2004 10:23
Is steve the landlord or something?? I'd have to agree this pub is rather nice and relaxed. Food is great, service is outstanding. Swan bar is very old man, with loads of chiming clocks and a real fire in the winter. Good for a quite beer or weekend closure. Oh yeah MOVE that big table away from the Toilets !!!
anonymous - 24 Oct 2003 15:04
Excellent pub - easily the best in the area. Great staff, good atmosphere and fantastic kitchen.
It's a really old pub dating back hundreds of years - the Swan Bar is particularly rich in history, but can be a bit locally and old man-ish. Still the best bit of the pub though.
Toilets are clean, lots of seating throughout the pub. Big screen for football in main bar. The main bar area can get a bit noisy and 'blue' during football matches, but the Swan Bar and 'resturant' area remain blissfully relaxed. There really is something for everyone.

The food is excellent, in fact far too good for a pub really - which means that on popular days (such as Fathers day etc), you'll have to make a reservation days in advance. Yes, the food really is that good!
Steve - 22 Nov 2002 17:12

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