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Ship, Monument

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Hidden away down a little courtyard and loomed over by the Walkie Talkie.

A pub has stood here since before the fire of london and its still holding on.

Good Beer Guide 2020 Entry.

A Nicholsons in the traditional style - plenty of wood, hint of a Gin Palace, snob screens on the bar. Narrow, with high stool furniture in the main, and wooden seating elsewhere. Upstairs restaurant not investigated but the wall signs suggested they were proud of their pies.

Several cask handpulls and the London Pride was in exceptional condition.
Mappiman - 4 Nov 2019 11:51
Nicholson's pub that is one of many tucked away in the narrow streets and alleyways in this part of the city. As it was throwing out time from the various offices, the pub was in full swing with City gents (very few women). As it was my second Nicholson's pub of the day, the ale range was fairly familiar - St Austell Nicholson's Pale Ale & January Blues, Sharp's Doom Bar, Fuller's London Pride & Off Piste IPA, Dorset Brewing Company Frosted Jack, Butcombe Plough On, Ossett Yorkshire Blonde & Electric Bear Werrd. The interior has plenty of dark wood and feels quite cosy. There is an upstairs dining area. Unfortunately, the beer was the worst quality of the day. One of the many city pubs that closes all weekend.
blue_scrumpy - 18 Jan 2019 21:49
Attractive looking Nicholson's pub tucked away off the main drag but within spitting distance of Bank and Cannon Street stations.

As with most Nicholson’s pubs the ale choice and selection was very good, across the 10 hand pumps were 7 ales, the pint of Conwy Breweries California was decent.

The Ship is a strange shape, being long and thin with overall wooden flooring that opens into a larger room on 1 side. This room had the television on. The pub was pretty busy with most of the punters being local brokers and office workers, however the heating was being pumped out of the ceiling heaters and made the place far too hot and uncomfortable.

I had never been here before and didn’t even though this place was here, lucky for me my mate did.

Will I return, I don’t know but they had good ales on and it was quite busy at 9.30pm on a Wednesday night…just a bit too warm for me.

lezford - 6 Feb 2016 10:31
One of the dubious benefits of starting the drinking day early is observing the interplay between pub staff & suppliers, maintenance people, council inspectors & such. Such was the case this year at the Ship, which I have visited & admired several times over the years. A managerial lady was bellowing over the phone about some life or death issue, simultaneously berating a tradesman fixing a door, & seeking advice or opinions from junior staff. Excellent multitasking skills, but a pity they weren't put to use dealing with customers. I did get a pint of Pedigree (3.40) from a sullen minion & it was fine, but my overall impression was an unhappy workplace.
Queenslander - 14 Oct 2015 23:28
Visited for the first time yesterday as there are suprisingly few good pubs in the immediate vicinity. Nice interior, decent range of ales, and responsive bar staff. Very busy with the office crowd, but had a pretty good atmosphere. Recommended.
enfilade - 20 Feb 2015 15:22
Popped in here for the first time with the other half a few days ago.

A nice looking pub tucked away down a little side street. Two pints were £8 which I thought was quite good for the area.

Unfortunately got VERY busy once all the offices had chucked out and there were quite a few of the usual loud suited types.

Overall though a good atmosphere with good beer at a good price and I would return :)
Miker1234 - 13 Dec 2014 00:55
There are several pubs I visit each year on my annual UK crawl, and this is one of them. I like its alley location and quirky indoor layout. The self important suit wearers were well represented, but there was a tourist or two to balance the crowd. The bar people were effective, if not exactly cheerful, and my pint of Pride (3.55) was fine, and remarkably cheap for the location.
Queenslander - 20 Oct 2014 22:37
Excellent little boozer tucked away off Gracechurch Street.
kevmac - 10 Nov 2012 10:53
Bloody good little boozer, nicely tucked away so you can sniff out a couple of very decent and rather cheeky pints whilst being 'in the market'.
PieFace - 12 Oct 2011 17:14
A good little pub, especially for beer.
They took ages over my lunch order and got it wrong, but gave me a free beer in recompense and very apologetic so no hard feelings.
TGD - 5 Jan 2011 10:16
Go into this pub at any time of the day and you'll get a good idea as to what the so-called "brokers" from city offices actually get up to. Having said that, the beer is still amazingly good.
peterwarlock - 8 Dec 2010 16:40
Possible the rudest staff in London have been found at this place. nice selection of drinks, and fun outside in the summer, but attitude ,bad manners,and complete rudeness mean goodbye im afraid..we wont return
blonde_babe69 - 24 Jun 2010 15:39
Not good. A provincial pub in the City in the worst sense of the word. Average inside, average beer, average clientele. Did not like being swept down from the 1st floor at 930 table by table and calling last orders at 1030 on a Friday. What a joke. Plenty of much better pubs hidden around the City.
pieandpint - 20 Mar 2010 10:55
It has taken sometime for me to decide what to write here, it is a very difficult one. Being in the Industry myself I can be very scathing when putting pen to paper.

To be honest, if this is the best the City has to offer, Ill take the first train out. The staff are worse than useless, the bar sticky, with no attempt to clean it seen and I had the worst pint of my recent visit in here. Moreover, I then had to debate with an Eastern European to get a refund, why these people choose to inform me, an Inn Keeper, of the fact ale is supposed to taste of vinegar is beyond me. I do hope I just caught it as a very bad time, if this is what people accept in the city, no wonder there was a financial crisis. It has low standards and fails to achieve them

firkin9 - 1 Mar 2010 15:13
In my book easilly the best pub in the City - no pretentions,good beer, good staff and a regular lunchtime crowd - excellent !!!!!
millreef - 18 Feb 2010 11:29
Excellent selection of beer and plenty of staff for the post 5pm rush before the commute home. Fortunately the weather was good so could stand outside otherwise the downstairs could be quite crowded, I would imagine, though there was hardly anyone upstairs.
badhabits - 8 Oct 2009 21:54
This little Gem of a pub is very well hidden. I visited yesterday Lunchtime as part of the "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail and had to ask in a local shop how to find it. When I did I was delighted at what I found. Although full of "suits" well it was Lunchtime the Ales were on fine form I went for the Greene King IPA and ws not dissapointed. There were more people outide than in but there were mare than enough staff to serve us all. If you can find it THe Ship is well worth a visit. Did not try the food and did not see anyone elsr eating.
Bitter_Man - 19 Jun 2009 10:20
First visit for a while and was a litle disappointed by the beer choice. Although six or seven real ales on sale, all are readily available in the local area except the Tribute. Tribute is usually this pubs best pint but i thought it was bit below par on this occasion.

Pub is still worth a visit

TheHorsesMouth - 10 Mar 2009 15:11
Pleasant pub with extra seating upstairs. BE WARY of the food though - I have a rather tepid fish and chips, and have had the worst stomach upset ever for the last three days.
yupbang - 26 Oct 2008 10:38
Tribute was in cracking form when I went in yesterday - food excellent - the sausage and onion sandwich was a cracker. Bar staff, friendly and service quick, considering that the place was absolutely heaving. A very worthwhile pub !!
peterwarlock - 22 Oct 2008 07:54
One of the better Nicholson's, and less crowded than it used to be since about half of the clientele now seems to standing out in the alleyway having a smoke. Even if busy downstairs, the upper room usually has plenty of space. Had a reasonable pint of Robinson's Olympic Gold.
rpadam - 13 Aug 2008 20:28
Nice traditional boozer that is tight on space (inside and out). I prefer some elbow room and I'm not fussed about real ales, but apparently they had a good selection and were in good nick.
iamspartacus - 22 Jul 2008 16:44
Visited on a Tuesday lunchtime. From recollecion, this is the first London pub I ever saw serving Tribute on a regular basis, and its still on here a couple of years' later. Not the same barrel, of course.

In the limited time I've been a BITE member, this is the 3rd Nicholson's pub I've reviewed in the area (the other 2 being the Horniman, and Crutched Friar), and qualifies as my favourite of the three. There are alway regular beers (Pride, Youngs, and one I can't remember), together with guests. Yesterday, one guest was off, but remaining were the gingery Everard's Sly Fox, and St Austell's Tribute. I tried each, and both were in good condition. Good marks for quality. Service can be slow on occasions, though was speedy yesterday.

The inside is pleasant enough, and the moment the sun shows itself, everyone piles out onto the alleyway pavement. Yes, it does tend to towards the suits, but I don't see that as a pro or a con in itself, and you expect that on the edge of the City anyway. The atmosphere is decent, and I've never seen any trouble there.

I've said before that I think Nicholsons (though, of course, they are themselves part of the M&B stable) are one of the better chains, and I think The Ship is a good example of why.

Well worth a visit. 7.5ish out of 10.

Mercurial - 28 May 2008 12:23
How do you escape a Nicholsons boozer in central London? Its possible of course, but there does seem to be rather a lot of them and as stated in previous reviews, they are all fairly similar. The Ship however, is perhaps a little different. Situated in a court yard around the Eastcheap/Fenchurch Street area, it may attract the usual suspects in the form of its clientele (hello suits!), offer your ears the usual, though be it, inoffensive MOR music and serve up well-conditioned real ale, but whets different about it is the interior. Both the downstairs and upstairs bars are incredibly snug and quaint. I really was quite surprised and as so many seemingly enjoy standing outside smoking (evident enough on my visit, Weds 9th April) you may even get a seat inside. With the old fashioned-style furnishings, you could easily be fooled into thinking this is genuine old city hostility. After all Im sure it was before it became a McPub. Sorry, that was unintentionally harsh. I do actually recommend a stop here and Nicholsons do tend to represent the better side of the pub chain.
HTM69 - 15 Apr 2008 18:49
Fairly typical Nicholsons pub down an alley way close to the Monument. Timmy Taylors was in good nick yesterday. Not a must visit pub, but well worth popping in for one if passing through.
JohnBonser - 20 Feb 2008 13:12
Really liked this particularly the upstairs. The alley is sheltered outside and even has an ashtray for us outcasts! which is handy
Bobsmithswig - 7 Nov 2007 20:39
Excellent - along with the Swan in Leadenhall about the best pub in the City

Small but authentic with plenty of space in the alley for outside drinking.

And still people go to the P&P, AB1s of this world

murgatroyd - 4 Nov 2007 01:23
always very popular.

prompt service.
evers. - 2 Nov 2007 11:20
Visited this place last week and although very busy the place had decent ales inc. Timothy Taylors and so we got stuck into a few. Mostly foreign staff who wanted to be obliging and helpful and I was grateful for that. Nice place and I will be back.
Mcloj - 14 Jun 2007 13:31
Tasty little trad boozer. Like it.
PieFace - 11 Jun 2007 16:57
One of my fav City pubs. I notice the one bad Anon review but trust me this is an excellent pub. Good range of beers the St Austell Tribute was spot on. Service is always good and usually quite attractive. If you can find it down the little Alley go there.
TheHorsesMouth - 11 May 2007 12:58
Great range of Ales - Hounddog was my choice last night and a fine pint it was!
A l;ittle crowded but on a balmy spring evening it was Ok outside.
Definitely worth a trip - an oasis in the city!
One word of caution - barmaid was not the most fluent English speaker but she did her best!
writtleman - 27 Mar 2007 10:02
Good pub, nice range of beers, excellent service and a real pleasure to drink in and explore. Friendly atmosphere and a good traditional feel to it.
Andy_Poole - 13 Mar 2007 13:06
Never had any problems in the Ship and the visit last week was no different.A good selection of well kept beers on offer. Good venue in the summer and they have outside heaters if you want to venture outside in the winter when can get quite busy inside.
DrWatson - 8 Feb 2007 16:48
No worries at my last visit. Service was unremarkable. Beer was fine.
jorrocks - 19 Dec 2006 04:38
Been drinking here loads of times and never had bad service or a bad pint.

Staff have always been friendly so maybe there was something more to poster of 13th Oct!
scootacommuta - 11 Nov 2006 19:30
Went there last night and had a fairly good experience. Beer range was good, but quality was nothing special. Given the big comment below, I would like to say that the service was polite and good.

Verdict: good pub to go to on a date (the upstairs is well suited to initimate tete a tets), but not much space anywhere if there is a group of you going.
MarcDickson - 25 Oct 2006 08:46
Bad experience, eh? Good pub in my opinion... staff always polite!
anonymous - 19 Oct 2006 14:56
Do not go to this pub ever.

I am relaying a shocking incident; a disgusting example of bar staff ineptness and rudeness.

Halfway through my pint, I popped to the toilet and left the glass on the ledge behind my friends (as you inevitably do when you are stood outside). On my return, my pint was gone. My friends were flummoxed, they had noticed staff collecting glasses, and there were a couple empties around, but no-one said to them is this half a pint of beer dead? so they never noticed my drink had gone.

I politely asked the girl collecting glasses if she had picked up the pint, to which she said yes. Understanding that it was busy and that it is hard to keep track of whose pint is whose, especially with lots of empties around, I said that it was a mistake. I had not finished it and she had not said to the two people stood there if it was dead, as it the etiquette.

Outrageous, she shrieked back: That is your fault. Your friends fault, they saw me and didnt stop me take it away.

I pointed out that they hadnt seen her take my drink, and she should have asked if the pint was dead, which she admitted she didnt do, insisting it is not her duty to ask if a parton has finished a drink, it is the patrons duty to stop the staff from taking unfinished items (probably one of the most bizarre ideas Ive seen applied to the service industry, especially as her colleague asked us earlier if the drinks from the previous people were dead). Obviously people leave drinks sometimes, and how is she supposed to known each groups drinks, which is perfectly understandable, but that doesnt mean she can sneak around, take drinks without being noticed and not ask if it they are dead, and then blame the patrons friends for not stopping her. I asked for a half to replace the one she took, she effectively said: Well, its tough, its your fault. Its your fault. I have not got the authority to give you half a pint and neither has the manager. This was her first LIE.

She then rather rudely walked away. Infuriated at her reaction to a simple misunderstanding (is Sorry sir, you can appreciate it is very busy and sometimes these things happen too much?) I went in and asked for the guvnor. The chap pointed towards this lady, who then revealed herself to be the assistant manager. Even more irked (after a few more its your fault lines from her again), I asked to speak to the manager. She said he was not there. This was her second LIE.

Angered, I went outside, got my two friends pints glasses and walked back in to give her a barrage of abuse. Lo and behold, she was frantically talking to some guy. Noticing me, I asked if he was the manager and, of course, he was. I calmly tried to explain the situation, how it was an honest mistake to make, my friends didnt see her and she never asked if the pint was dead. By this time, she was having some sort of juvenile fit and verbosely heckling me that it was my fault. She was so animated and confrontational, at one point the manager had to practically restrain her and usher her away.

To his credit, he was pleasant, gave me half a pint and apologised.

Even so, I am appalled. Obviously when business is busy it becomes hard to keep track of drinks, but in my 10 years drinking, I have never, EVER, had a drink (let alone half a pint) taken from me without being asked if it is dead (let alone stolen from me when I am in the toilets) and then to say it was my fault.

Dont go to The Shit (sic) unless you want to be abused my some disgraceful, unprofessional, irrational, lying, glorified barmaid or enjoying taking your pint to the bogs with you
anonymous - 13 Oct 2006 09:59
Tucked down a little ally, this is a pretty good little boozer. The ale was well-priced at 2.55 a pint and served by friendly bar staff; albeit an over-sized head on a couple of pints. Not the best selection, with Pride and Spitfire, although both Timothy Taylor and Deuchars IPA were excellent. Also, no plebs drinking Magners, so hopefully thatll fizzle out as a summer fad.

There is not much space inside, so throngs of people standing outside drinking, which is something I am not overly keen on.

Even so, worth a visit for a good and competitively-priced ale or two on the way home.
AleKing - 13 Sep 2006 09:53
Great Pub and more importantly, Great Beer. Deuchars IPA,Tim Taylors, London Pride,Greene King IPA,Adnams Broadside etc.Bar Staff are very efficient.
Boleynboy - 9 Aug 2006 17:51
Quite a nice place to have a drink in the City. It's hard to go wrong with well kept choices like Landlord, Deuchars IPA, Adnams Broadside (i think there were a total of 8 real ales on). I was there along with the after-work crowds, and still felt welcome even though I dress like a ragamuffin. Service was quite efficient as well.
dpv - 14 Jul 2006 14:20
Very old alley pub, nice patina of age on the bits that haven't been 'made over'. Some of the floorboards look especially ancient. Adnam's Broadside was spot-on. Staff were friendly but rather keen to get you out after last orders (can't say I blame them). Upstairs non-smoking room. Oh yeah, and the cleanest khazis I've ever seen in a London boozer.
Albert_Campion - 10 May 2006 14:04
One of the better pubs in the City. Expertly run and the beer is always immaculate. Great for after work drinks outdoors.
anonymous - 28 Apr 2006 15:06
Nice location down a side street but was there as the offices closed. At least 100 people standing milling about outside. Hard to judge the pub with such a crownd.
jorrocks - 22 Oct 2005 04:25
Great little pub hidden away in a side-street away from tourists. :-) 6/10
Darren_in_the_City - 19 Nov 2004 14:43

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