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General Roy, Feltham

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user reviews of the General Roy, Feltham

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This pub is actually somewhat surprisingly OK. It's setting in Hanworth Park is not the greatest. There is no park in site, just large business units.

Let's forget about the setting though. The pub is part of the sizzling chain which means that the food is generally of a good enough standard at reasonable cost. Many other Sizzling pubs tend to feel more like restaurants (a bit like a budget beefeater) however, this strikes me as definitely a drinkers pub.

It's a decent size and quite authentic looking inside like a traditional suburban boozer with the cricket dh owing on the TV's. Decent sized outside area for smokers and drinkers alike and big enough car park.

Lunchtime clientele were a mix of mainly office workers from the neighbouring business units and a few locals. Evening crowd might have more of a whiff of Eea de Chav about them but unfortunately I was only here got one, not a skinful so unfortunately didn't get to find out.

They do also cater for cask ale fans which is a little unusual for the area (withstanding the moon on the square) The ales on were Gk IPA, Bombardier and Old Speckled Hen. Opted for the OSH which was nice and served at a good temperature. They also change the ales around too usually with the widely seen ones such as Pride ANC Doom Bsr however, I did notice a pump clip displayed behind the bar of a beer called Trappist so they obviously get in some more obscure brews as well.

All in all I would recommend. No complaints from me here
BeerGutt - 4 Sep 2014 22:49
Only been here twice but find it to be an alright pub, very friendly staff. Lovely clean pub. :)
euro_beer_lover - 3 Feb 2014 19:05
Called in here a couple of times recently; Youngs Special not too bad on Thursday. Heard from Nick(?) that Ringwood 49er and Adnams Bitter coming up next, so Mad Dog 62 should be happy - I know I am. Rob, I know it's not the same as when you were working there, but it's a different type of pub now. With the new beers I hope more cask fans will get in to try it.
dougscott - 24 Oct 2011 15:24
Have not been here for a long time so i thought i call in and review, since its refit. Generally seems more space with the removal of some tables and replacement of the dartboard. Beer wise Young's Special & Bitter i had a pint of the former which tasted ok and at 2.40 a pint is good value. Now if they could get some guest ales in i could be swayed back. This is one better pubs in Feltham Clientele wise.
MadDog62 - 8 Sep 2011 12:52
I thought I saw the 1st chav of Spring outside this place the other day.Bare chested & enjoying a pint of lager in the midday sunshine.I suspect the coalition government's plans to cut benefits might impact on the takings here.It's another example of George Osborne's failure to grip the micro economic impact of his war on benefit dependency.The pub shuts, becomes a crack den, cuts to police budgets mean the area becomes crime ridden etc.Do you follow my drift?
Tramadolkid - 17 Mar 2011 19:04
1st visit of the year last night. Took my girlfriend for a quiet drink. Very quiet seeing as there was no heating on, and it was minus 2 outside. Not impressed.
robhealy - 9 Jan 2011 21:35
Was in here last Friday for Xmas Lunch (had the 3 course for 9.99 and very nice it was too)
Only two real ales on Sale Marstons EPA @ 2.55 and a bargin in Youngs
Special for only 2.25 so I quoffed a couple of pints of that.
bjbrummiejohn - 9 Dec 2010 12:58
Good Beer, Good Food . Helpful Staff.
billyvonne - 27 Jun 2010 09:59
Recomend the London Pride, Recomend you eat somewhere else. Atmosphere can be a bit like the chips they serve, "Stale".
Sodalltodo - 28 May 2010 16:42
Its OK. Service can be fairly slow on a busy Friday lunchtime. Ok for sitting outside in the summer.
mph82 - 19 Dec 2009 13:08
For beer (real ale) quality and choice I'd personally rank this pub No. 2 in the Feltham area, 2nd only to the Moon. Not a bad pub to sit outside in the summer evenings.
mim - 6 Oct 2009 13:08
Pretty good for a quick drink to meet some friends, but wouldn't make it my regular.
CheekyShepherd - 4 Nov 2008 17:02
Neil is always at the quiz night every wednesday. Good Night
wookie2008 - 24 Mar 2008 18:17
I have to agree that the lack of service is a problem! I have been an irregular customer for 10 years and service has always been a moot point for me. Notwithstanding, the London Pride is good and at 2.25 a pint,very reasonable. Food is improving and reasonably priced
jimlyboy - 19 Jul 2007 22:16
clearly staff leaving some of the last comments, sounds like a sales pitch. if they have managed to get some staff who can actually serve you properly in here it might be worth going in again...
TheGP - 17 Jun 2007 22:09
Good food, good drink, extremely good prices, can be hard to find a seat at lunchtimes, but staff are always smiling and helpfull
anonymous - 1 May 2007 01:18
recently this pub has been taken over by new management and also since the other posts has been taken over by a new company, my visits there are always good fun, the staff all enjoy their work, and chat freely with the customers, the food is not 100% perfect but if you are unhappy with your meal the staff will always change it for you, untill you are completely satisfied, so pop in and see what you think of the place for yourself before listening to others
anonymous - 27 Apr 2007 23:27
Re the last post...
When I worked there, just after the pub opened, we had a really great team and not only did we serve all customers in turn, if you were a regular customer who made eye contact with one of us when you walked through the door, your pint would be waiting for you when you got to the bar!
robhealy - 16 Sep 2006 16:06
Went to the General Roy a few weeks ago to meet some old friends, they had been waiting almost an hour for their dessert and a cup of tea!
Agree with everyone else's comments, service is poor, more staff need to be employed and also trained on spotting who the first customer waiting at the bar was.
zee_random_gal - 24 Apr 2006 16:55
Pub regular for a number of years
Generally I agree with the other users comments about the service which is testing at the best of times!
Beer is not fit for Human consumption (IMHO) has been blighted for a number of years so play safe and stick to the Lager. Not sure about the food but can recommend Kebab shop in high street.
MadDog62 - 6 Sep 2005 16:51
Cheap beer and food quite when i went there during the daytime not sure if i would return during the night.
phillip.whitington - 14 Aug 2005 21:14
I have recently received a lot of flyers through my door about this pub - Yet another new management, but this time with a bit of marketing - Offering a FREE PINT and a 2 meals for the price of 1.

I thought this very generous, so thought I would go to claim my freeby and see if the new management had improved the pub.

Inside, the pub does seem to have improved - They have always had trouble with the layout, but they have got some more comfy looking furniture and taken out the pool table (yay) but removed the quiz machine (boo). I reckon this will improve the pub 100% in winter.

However, we are in summer not winter, so I sat outside. Lots of creaking patio furniture, covered in ants, literally falling apart. Almost up to my knees in fag butts. Why spend money sprucing up the inside if basic repairs and cleaning are beyond you?

And the core problem of this pub remains the same - the service. There are never enough staff on for starters. Then for seconds, they seem to employ bar staff who have never worked behind the bar before - They are unable to distinguish who was first at the bar and randomly serve customers waiting in no particular order, thus hacking off many. I also had trouble ordering food from a very flustered barmaid.

The service is the bedrock on which you found your pub. You might have some negative aspects, but good service can make an average pub a place you want to visit - There are other pubs in Feltham, such as the Running Horse or Red Lion for instance, that are busier, perhaps more tatty round the edges, but have always shown excellent service. Hence I will go there instead if I want a local pub.

Please please sort out your staffing rather than your free vouchers - The service is far more important..
TheGP - 22 Jul 2005 20:24
Obviously chavvy due to location. Wouldn't go in of an evening but makes a change from the Kings Head for lunch although takes forever to get food and when it comes it's not really worth the wait. Bloody Ashford, what a crap place to work when you have to resort to lunching in Feltham. How thoroughly depressing.
Cleversaz - 2 May 2005 14:00
This pub is morally wrong - They NEVER have enough staff, and if you eat here you take your life into your hands (that is on the offchance that your grub ever turns up)
Check out the number of white vans parked in the car park - That says it all. An awful awful pub
anonymous - 4 Apr 2005 16:40
Stop press.. Actually had a decent evening in this pub last week. They appear to have brought in a pub quiz, played some decent music and lowered their prices - Is someone finally trying to make a success of this place??! Keep trying please and your rating will go up!
TheGP - 26 Nov 2004 15:58
A "new" pub, but possibly built by people with no design sense whatsoever. A great cavernous mess of a pub, even a big beer garden doesn't save it.
Rubbish beers, service has been abymsal for years, passing through many different owners, no jukebox that I am aware of, and lunatic customers.
Avoid like the plague.
The Ginger Prince - 9 Aug 2004 15:14

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