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Walkabout, Shaftesbury Avenue

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This place is OK if you want to watch sport in a pub with no atmosphere, otherwise I would avoid.

Was probably better as a church.
Strongers - 25 Sep 2009 22:52
Its up for sale....
Clivers - 10 Jan 2009 12:02
awful ! I've never been so abused by staff anywhere else in London! Keep up the great work guys!: in a few months you'll be drinking your own beer, all by yourselves ! I went with some friends and the security staff literally sent me to fly,although they used some rather stronger words... Despite I look like anything but a minor, I tried politely to convince them to let me in, went through every possible card in my wallet, including NUS card, Uni ID, NI, a picture of the virgin... !! They insisted on checking my passport. What are they, a travel agency ???? All I got after that was some grunts, some rude phrases, and abusive gestures. I don't think either me or my friends are ever going back to that place. I hope you readers get a better luck but, just in case, take a genealogy tree along with you and some extra pacience to deal with the famous Walkabout at Cambridge Circus.
michaelppp - 19 Jun 2007 01:14
To an extent, a Walkabout is, well, a Walkabout. They are those plastic ‘Australian’ themed bars which are seemingly scattered all over London and other parts of the UK. This one, in Shaftsbury Avenue, is no exception and I entered Saturday night (April 7th) with all the preconceptions that you might imagine a regular frequenter of these kind of bars to have. I personally do not have a problem with the Walkabout chain itself. I find them to be harmless and with the usual of mix of rock, pop, dance etc blaring, I find the music tolerable enough. The drinks (though be it, an uninspired selection) are reasonably priced and with all this in mind, everything seemed to be in place here on Saturday. The only ‘different’ and attention grabbing difference to this particular Walkabout is the slightly above average building it is housed in. At the end of the day though, if you’re a fan and haven’t been here, then of course, you know what to expect. If you’re not a fan, don’t bother. What you’ll expect is pretty much what you’ll get!
HTM69 - 8 Apr 2007 23:56
Gah! It's awful. Only went in as the church conversion suggested it might make a decent space for a beer en route to better places. But no. The sort of place where after a couple of minutes you find your feet are firmly stuck to the tacky floor. We extricated ourselves as soon as was possible, regretting our mistake.
iceinthecider - 16 Oct 2006 17:52
Went there on Wednesday to watch some of the England game, and they had run out of Stella _and_ Budweiser. Before the game had even started. What a joke. I will not be rushing back there for a long time.
brionyot - 13 Oct 2006 13:40
Great room (former church), giant screen, decent beer - but they have a VERY nasty habit of increasing the booze prices by stealth when there's a big match on. Last Saturday, for example, I paid £1.95 for a VB before the game and was asked to cough up £3 for the exact same beer during it. They are breaking the law. BEWARE.
mrshrubber - 25 Jun 2006 14:12
I like some of the Walkabout pubs but this one just doesnt seem right. I cant quite put my finger on it. Dont know if I will be back. Its nothing special and they really try and cram you in. I must be to old for this sort of thing.
dgriffin - 7 Apr 2006 16:35
We had a very enjoyable Saturday evening here, in a private party room upstairs. A good selection of Aussie beers - but music too loud, considering we were in a small room, and they wouldn't turn it down. A shame that the end of a decent night was spoiled by the behaviour of an ill-mannered, heavy-handed bouncer backed up by his manager, who did nothing to resolve the situation; but instead made us, his customers, feel as though he couldn't give a damn. Both needed some basic customer service skills. We'll remember this Walkabout for all the wrong reasons, sadly. Won't be returning.
anonymous - 4 Apr 2006 15:21
I love this walkabout! especially on a friday night! The only bad things i found was that the floor is so full of glass you find your shoes get cut to shreads by the end of the night and you also have to wait ages for a drink once it hits 11:00 because it gets way to busy. Apart from that i had a great night and met some great people there as well. The music is amazing with a mix of cheesy pop to heavy rock they also throw in a good mix of latest club/dance music aswell with the added effects of a smoke machine and lazers. Not a good idea to go here if you want a good chat with ur mates and a drink. But its a good idea if you want to dance the night away and get pissed on cheap drinks! waaaaaay good.
Totally recommend this place.
fuzzy_jangle - 3 Apr 2006 09:55
I think that this place is worth going to at least once but I would not make it a regular night out as there are far better places in the area. Not a particularly good selection of beers (if that bothers you). If you want to get completely hammered and dance the night away to cheese music, this is the place for you. Bar staff are very friendly.
lennie384 - 8 Feb 2006 14:49
Good good good - you know what you are letting yourself in for when you go into a Walkie and this is one of the best examples in the land! Lots of drinking, lots of dancing, lots of women, lots of fun!
anonymous - 21 Jan 2006 23:57
I think the previous comments say everything there is to be said.

The place is hell on earth for anyone with modicum of taste. The scrum drink-as-much-as-you-can tarty atmosphere will only appeal to people of limited intelligence, although I suppose it caters for a niche.

If you like a proper pub and decent beer then this most definitely is not the place for you.
anonymous - 30 Dec 2005 17:10
Musnt grumble, probably your best bet for drunk australians in central London
anonymous - 15 Dec 2005 23:07
Legendary: a kind of cross between and Essex nightclub and a pub with the occasional Australian thrown in for 'authenticity'. Absolutely heaving at weekends and everybody very very drunk; the profits they must make on the beer...
Everyone should do it once I suppose just so that they can speak from experience (or lap it up and become a regular)
anonymous - 7 Dec 2005 23:51
We went there last nite( sun 6th) and it was excellent. great atmosphere, great music, friendly staff. well worth a visit on a sunday if you want a good fun place in central london
spursfan71 - 7 Nov 2005 15:20
An old church I seem to recall, was called Limelite or something before & was a pretty good club. Nevermind, things move on & it's now a Walky.

Last time I was there was the morning of the 22nd Nov 2003 when the MIGHTY English beat the aussies in their own patch. Great atmosphere & drank in there all day without any problems. My only gripe was the insistance of the DJ to play Men at Work a little too often!!

Walkabouts will be Walkabouts & anybody who has been to one before should know what to expect - a drunken, crowded, messy, fun night.

A 10 rating because of the Rugby. Nobody mention the Lions or ya dead!!
BeerGuru - 30 Jun 2005 10:23
Terrible hell hole, made the mistake of trying to get in here at 9pm on a Tuesday and the aussie meathead on the door refused entry because I was English!
When I politely pointed out what country we were currently in I was told "yes but this is not your bloody bar".
Maybe should take this up with Regent Inns PLC or whoever run the various hell holes acrosss the country know as Walkabouts
sos98 - 28 Jun 2005 14:39
I've been to this place quite a few times. Used to be a lot better, nowadays it's too busy and full of nasty men trying to pull at all costs. The music is ok, and it is worthwhile going if you're with a lot of mates. Otherwise, avoid it.
Dory - 27 Apr 2005 13:46
went here last night at about 1am and it was very busy. however the dance floor was covered in glass, and i waited 20 minutes at the bar to get a drink once i had tiptoed my way across all the glass to get there. i found it dingy and dark, and although the music was quite good and VERY loud i didnt really enjoy myself. it seemed to be full of teenagers very drunk on cheap snakebites. there are many more places in central london that are open until late and are much better, cleaner and freindlier!
juicyjennyxx - 23 Apr 2005 20:11
I went here on a monday night, it was jam packed.
We had to queue for ages to get in, and it was couples only and EVERYONE had to have ID, even me and my bloke, and we are 25 and 30!

We queued for ages to get drinks, but that was on the middle level. Once we found the basement level, it wasn't so bad, and you could move around and have a dance.

All in all, a good night, and I love the layout and church conversion. However, I think there were far too many people on the middle level and don't reckon it was safe in there if there was a fire or something.
chickdrunkoften - 29 Mar 2005 14:04
This place was good as a walkabout goes during the day..............but go there when everywhere else is closed and it's a big mad dance party where u lose all your friends and (no offence) there are hardly any antipodeans there!!
Kathleenlinga - 24 Nov 2004 07:30
Ok for young Australians who want to be blasted out with rugger or Big Brother coverage, but the cider was well dodgy when I visited. To be fair it was replaced without argument. Happy Hour is in operation and most drinks seem to be 2 quid a pint.
Ollie Reed - 30 Aug 2004 17:06
Unique style inside,I believe it once used tobe a church in the dark ages,it is OK but I must say the Covent Garden branch is bigger and has double the atmosphere.But otherwise an OK walkabout that does exactly what all the other walkabouts do.
Nick Hamer - 20 Aug 2004 18:42
The decor is unique for a walkabouts, and the food's not bad. Haven't tried it late-night yet but daytime lunch or early friday evenings are good. Huge prawn crackers, roo burgers aren't bad either. Sometimes slow to open for business. Worth a look in.
Richard - 7 Dec 2003 16:56
This used to be the old club limelight but has no become one of those bars full of pissed up antipodeans who only dance in groups of five. There seems to be two types in here - Rugger Buggers spilling their pints over the floor and leathers or your quieter girls who are a little shell-shocked and wear thin gold chains outside their black jumpers. The music is too loud and very tacky. Tiresome if you are not pissed up
Doofer - 6 Aug 2003 14:02
Absolutely my favorite place in London when I was still living there! Great atmosphere, great people, great music, even the staff was great... I miss Walkabout soooo much!
anonymous - 25 Jul 2003 22:47
Old Church so weird but unlike Weatherspoons this conversion has life. they have loud music they have TVs everywhere even above urinals. if you want to watch all the top sports surrounded by sweaty aussies (male and female) come here!
arturo morales - 1 Apr 2003 09:37
I've been in London for 5 months now and rate Walkabout - Covent Garden as the best place to hang out and just dance the night away. You meet loads of beautiful woman from all different 'walks' of life!
Snipes - 28 Feb 2003 01:46

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