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Gorringe Park, Tooting

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user reviews of the Gorringe Park, Tooting

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The refurbishment is a GOOD thing for the run-down area. It's quite English and makes a point of it, if you see what I mean, but does it better than any number of token St George's flags can do.
I've only been past, not even in although I hear good reports, and it bothers making an effort for its admittedly high prices and indeed 'yuppie' vibe. Some obnoxious self-satisfied 'yuppie' places definitely don't, so this is a good thing in this case (and I'm sceptical as hell when it comes to a bad vibe or pretentiousness!)
They even bother putting a herb box out the front which some utterly pathetic specimen decided to uproot one night, in jealousy, it seems. Tooting doesn't have to be a hole, shame some people don't get that. Sour grapes from the Paddy poster before.

There's a great Irish pub down the road that does everything right (The Ramble Inn) and they're not going anywhere any time soon, don't worry...
Groovehound - 16 Aug 2013 03:01
Bollocks. Hate it. Flat beer. What more can I say apart from don't waste your time unless you want to be given dirty looks by a load of yuppies, wait for 20 to be served because the barmaids are on the phone or messing about with each other and to sit at tables with other people's dirty glasses on them because no one was collecting them. Whoever took over this pub for it's refurb has destroyed it.
paddy1999 - 23 Jun 2013 12:18
I visited this pub recently it was serving McEwan's Major (ABV 4.4%), a blast from the past to see McEwan's on draft. Good little pub, it's been refurbished and is now a Charles Wells pub, it also has a cinema in the basement and a garden area at the back. Worth a visit.
Scotsaledrinker - 8 Jun 2013 18:35
Recently underwent complete refurbishment from "bog standard London boozer" mentioned below to thriving gastro, more akin to the Antelope up the road.

Possible highlights include a small cinema in the basement which has apparently been used to show 'Prometheus' this weekend, a nice selection of decent ales on tap and a pleasant, welcoming demeanour on behalf of all the staff I've met so far.

I live approx. five minutes walk away and have peeked in every now and then after the refurb to see if it's a goer. So far so good - always a few in in the afternoon including (shock horror) unaccompanied single young females and busy at night. This pub might well become my local so I'll declare my interest in it has appreciated and I am well on my way to becoming a regular.
doodlepus - 17 Dec 2012 20:34
Traditional Youngs local near to Tooting mainline station. The pub was open early yesterday morning to show the Welsh rugby. After waiting for the barman/landlord to return from the shop, I finally got served. Young's Bitter or Special were the only ale choices. The front bar is decorated with a red colour scheme and was also kitted out for Halloween. I didn't get to see the rear bar. Live music & Sunday lunch were advertised. Nothing particularly special, just a bog standard London boozer.
blue_scrumpy - 16 Oct 2011 16:46
This pub will always have a place in my heart - used to live round the corner in my early 20s and come here with a big bunch of mates almost every Sunday to drink off our hangovers from the night before in the back room. This is when Michael ran the place. Had some hilarious and brilliant times here, plus is nextdoor to the best curry house in London (Samrats). Yeah it's a bit crap, but definitely in a good way. The Gorringe - I salute you.
theannag - 15 Mar 2011 17:18
The Gorringe used to be a bit rough a few years back, but the landlord that took it over a couple of years ago has done wonders with it. This is still a traditional wood-panelled 'local', which is great, but now it is also clean, well-run, and surprisingly friendly and welcoming.

We've lived in walking distance of this pub for many years, and it once was somewhere to avoid. My wife and I noticed a bit of a change so we thought we'd give it a try as somewhere to have a quick glass on the way home after work. I think it only took a couple of visits before we were being included in conversations with people, and we're still amazed at how quickly we've been accepted and welcomed by this highly diverse crowd. It sounds corny, but this really is a place with that Cheers factor: "where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came".

It is very hard for a pub to shake off a bad reputation, but in the Gorringe's case that rep is definitely ancient history. Give it a try, a real one, and be prepared to have a chat with people on both sides of the bar. You'll be very pleasantly surprised.
thatkeith - 1 Oct 2009 12:05
I think the customers in this pub are very clicky, I have been in there a couple of times and felt very awkward.
HAPPYHOLE - 19 Sep 2009 23:50
Not really into Youngs beers - why don't they allow guest ales in their pubs? - but a pleasant local boozer and I will be back to try the keenly priced sunday roast.
ian_j_baker - 6 Jul 2009 21:05
This is in a great location if only the chavs would leave it alone and got new owners!
TJ247 - 5 Aug 2008 23:36
Get rid of the people that run this pub & the clientele and this has the potential to be a good pub. Avoid in the meantime.
Sprue - 27 May 2008 16:45
little bit scary!but fun none the less. Went in here when they had Karaoke on. me and my boyfriend stayed purely for the humour. Wonderful drunk singing!yeah, i'd probably go again during the week.
noggintnog - 20 Apr 2008 13:20
Little to add to my previous review in Feb 2005 - which was the first comment on this pub - it's still a good honest traditional local on the main road close to Tooting B R station.

Seems to have had a bit of a clean recently - carpet looked very new, but this is still a proper pub, thankfully, worth visiting if in the area
JohnBonser - 14 Jan 2008 13:17
The Gorringe was my local for the last two years and I am missing it greatly.

You can't beat it for local colour. Many a time I found myself being plied drinks for hours by a total stranger who is willing to listen to my non-sensical babblings all night.

We went to the free barbeque last summer and turned up with a jar of burger relish from the local LIDL's only to find that they already had jars, pure class.

The karoake is great, ranging from musical style serenades from the local actor Tom or incoherent yelling from most of the others.

You can get fresh rolls every day, me mate swears by them, and a good range of draught and bottled Youngs Ales. The "Old Nick" is rocket fuel.

Long live the Park
Masculine - 1 Dec 2006 09:39
I went in here on a Bank Holiday Sunday night with my missus, my brother and his missus. I live nearby, and am quite keen to be able to find a pub that my wife and I can frequent without getting on public transport. The dearth of decent pubs in Tooting is well documented, with only The Selkirk and The Trafalgar Arms being passable.

Like the reviewer below says, we went in the front door and got a bit of a shock. Lots of rough looking people, which I don't mind, but the ladies were a bit uncomfortable. We went into the back bar, which was quieter, but there were still a couple of freak shows having a pint (on their own, of course). The carpet is filthy, the place is odd, but I liked it. The landlord (Mike) was very welcoming because:
a) we're Irish
b) we are not over 60 and hideously ugly like most of the people in there, and would like us to return
c) he was really drunk

Anyway, we ended up getting bought drinks by this very friendly (and drunk) man. I will return if I am with mates, but I doubt my wife would like to drink there again.
BarryMaher - 30 Aug 2006 17:47
A very local pub for very local people... I recommend going in the side door, as going in the front usually means walking past people whose faces you would usually see on the front of the News of the World with ASBO written above them... I assume this is the haunt for those who have been banned from the nearby Railway Bell... If you are of a delicate nature then do not drink here, but if you are prepared to go a few times and can stand your ground then I'm sure after a while you will become accepted. It's worth it in the end as well, as the beer is well priced, and very well kept. I hope they never find out who I am as I'm sure I'm in for a 'sortin'.
SilverBullet - 16 Aug 2006 18:04
JohnBonser is spot on with his description of this great little local. It's the only pub I've been to in Tooting with a real community feel. The staff and locals are friendly and the ales well-kept. They have big screen sports and darts in the lively front bar whilst the back bar is more-laid back and suitable for a quiet(er) drink with the missus. Highly recommended.
djburns - 18 Feb 2006 12:33
Well, I'm a bit surprised to have the honour of being the first person to post a comment on this pub, but here goes.

It is a smallish 2 bar traditional Youngs pub on a street corner on the main London Road not too far from Tooting B R Station. Plenty of buses pass by.

The Saloon Bar has traditional wood pannelling and a comfortable cosy feel to it. The Public Bar is slightly larger and, although somewhat more basic, is still friendly and welcoming.

This is one of Youngs remaining classic old - style community locals and it features on the CAMRA Regional Inventory of pubs with Outstanding Interiors.

Highly recommended. Given the location and accessibility by public transport, there is no excuse for not going there!

Use it - or lose it !
JohnBonser - 28 Feb 2005 13:04

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