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details: dsf

Favourite pubs:
the Fighting Cocks, Kingston
the Hole In The Wall, Waterloo
the Royal Oak, Teddington
the Antelope, Surbiton
Least favourite pub:
the Royal Oak, Stockwell

Favourite drink:
Wheat beers, rauchbier, Hobgoblin.
Least favourite drink:
Red wine, or cider

Articles by dsf:
Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
Twelve Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl
b.i.t.e goes to Oktoberfest

Originally from Morden, Darren is Anne's partner, and now lives with her in their Surbiton flat. Far from deciding the original New Years Resolution was stupid and persuading her to drop the idea, he threw himself fully behind the idea and was a willing participant in nigh-on every pub visit made that year. Since then his thirst for both lager, and places to drink it, remains unquenched. However, he is renowned for being slack when it comes to rating newly added pubs, but likes to think he makes up for this by helping come up with some of the more esoteric pub crawl themes. Just don't get him started on dice...

contact: [email protected]

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