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details: Nige

Favourite pub:
Salisbury, Manchester
Least favourite pub:
Grand Central, Manchester

Favourite drinks:
Lager, bitter, white wine, red wine, vodka, Bailey's
Least favourite drinks:
Cider, whisky

Welshman Nige has been living and drinking in Manchester for eight years. Ex-flatmate Darren is fully to blame for Nige's excessive alcohol intake, as well as his liking for garlic bread with cheese. Nige has a tendency to fall asleep towards the end of a heavy session with kebab in hand, coating his gayishly long hair in grease and chilli sauce, which makes for a lovely image the next morning.

He prefers cosy pubs to trendy ones, and is still waiting for the upstairs part of the Phoenix to be restored to its previous glory, complete with electronic dart board and (gasp) skylights. He could be waiting for a while.

contact: [email protected]

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