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The Captain Kidd, Wapping

Was in here the other day and was absolutely disgusted at how Sam Smiths have smashed their prices up to poncey Clapham Bar levels, I used to have a walk up to this pub to have a relaxing pint and now, judging by the prices, has turned into some ghastly tourist trap. £4.25 for a pint of pure?? It was acceptable to drink this when it was cheap as the inevitable hangover was offset by the cheap evening, now at that money, this is just overpriced diabetics pee, there is nothing pure about it for that price, a large glass of wine was over £6, this looked like it had come out of an old fashioned lemonade bottle.

Arrrghh, I am so angry because I love Sam Smiths, and actively tried to get mates to go to their pubs as they are usually in great buildings. If these price rises are across the chain I wont be going back. I am genuinely upset. I'm not adverse to paying a bit more for a good pint, but these rises feel like being testicularly cuffed.

8 for the location, 1 for the bare faced cheek of the price of drinks

18 Dec 2012 17:07

The Park, West Norwood

I have only been here a few times, but its an absolutely lovely pub, just a short walk up from the fried chicken and hoodie hovel of Norwood Road and Knights Hill. Pleasent barstaff and a lovely garden. Never been in when its had more than 2 other people in there, but imagine it would be a good atmosphere with a good crowd in there. A nice change from some of the airless ponce fests up in Crystal Palace. Moving away soon so will miss this place.

26 Jul 2012 14:44

The Bridge House Tavern, Penge

Went there last night, pleasent enough place, have never ventured down to Penge before, as you start getting down the hill the neck tattoo count gets a bit high and its kind of off-putting, I dont like to spend evenings picking glass shards out of my face because I looked at somebody wrongly. Few ales on, no more expensive than the Crystal Palace triangle pubs, most people out the back in the large raised beer garden. Food really overpriced, 13 for a burger with a few chips, served on a chopping board, thats just too much. There should be an international convention on burger charging capping it at a tenner. I'd go back, nice mix of folk there, bit like a Benneton advert, didnt sense the ethnic cleansing going on as per a previous review, but didnt know it before hand. Can confirm a woolly man though.

25 May 2012 16:05

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