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Username: pustullio

Age: 42

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The Townhouse, Ealing

As has been suggested, this pub varies tremendously through time. On a Sunday afternoon it's a fairly pleasant if empty bar with a relaxed atmosphere.

However, on weekend evenings it turns into Satan's firey pit of torture. Rammed to the rafters with townies looking for trouble. Should be called the Towniehouse. Far too busy and loud to be fun unless your idea of fun is having your pint spilled by a wasted skinhead and then being beaten up for it.

One night I nipped out to the cash machine around the corner and was charged a fiver to get back in again. Some friends of mine didn't get in because they weren't a couple. Despite the size of the bar the service can often be lacklustre.

I'd say I was too old for this sort of pub, but if that's the case I was too old for it when I was fifteen. It's never appealed. I'll be interested to see how they entice people in there once the licencing laws are relaxed and their 1am licence is no longer a selling point.

28 Oct 2005 17:41

The Green, Ealing

Usually have a nice time there and the staff are typically friendly as well. The occasion has been spoilt once or twice by the odd member of staff who seemed to consider us asking for a drink as out of line.

28 Oct 2005 17:27

O'Neills, Ealing

It's an O'Neills so you know what you're going to get. Rustic dark wooden furniture, wooden floors and Gaelic scribbling all over the walls. I'd agree with some reviews here that more could be done with the space they have - it seems to have been designed to cram in the most people standing up on a Saturday evening rather than allowing people to sit comfortably mid-week. I've always found it to be faily reasonably priced and the bar staff have always been friendly. I've always enjoyed the food too.

28 Oct 2005 17:01

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