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The Crystal Palace Tavern, East Dulwich

Have been coming intermittently to the pub quiz (Wed night) for several years - probably 3 or 4 times a year with a group of friends. Used to be a good night out - has steadily gone down hill over the past year.

Problems - quality and availability of decent ale has nose-dived, to the point that this week there were no ales at all on offer on the Wednesday night. Previous weeks it has been very poor quality. For heavens sake - this is the pub quiz night - a promotion. Sort it out.

Secondly - the quiz has been getting progressively later - this week the quizmaster hadn't even turned up by 9.40. Our team includes a couple of people who used to trek down from North London to come along, but as it now tends to run significantly past 11pm, it's no longer a viable option.

This week, with the lack of beer and abscence of quizmaster - we walked out. Probably not to return - there's not much else to reccomend this place imho.

24 Sep 2009 00:10

Skehans, New Cross

Nice'ish pub. Pool table, jukebox, friendly atmosphere and nice little patio area. Great Thai restaurant attached at the back.

Not great for beer lovers - tend to have flowers on tap, but no decent ales.

Other than that, does what a pub does...serves drinks, keeps people mostly happy!

22 Aug 2009 17:53

The Old Nun's Head, Nunhead

Great pub - nice relaxed atmosphere - yep, it's got a bit of that 'gastro-pub'feel, but not too much. Two distinct but connected areas- one more for food, one more sofa / relaxed with large Sky Sports screen. Nicely decorated without being overly fancy. Live music is ok, a bit hit and miss at times. It's the kind of pub you could happily take a book / paper and sit in a corner with a pint and read but also go with a group for a night out - achieves a good balance.

Food here is consistently good. Doesn't try to be too clever, but good, well cooked staples, very good sized portions (almost embarrasingly large) and at a reasonable price.

Selection and rotation of beers can't be faulted - they keep a good cellar.

Dog and child friendly as well.

Not quite my closest pub, but the one I'm more than happy to walk a bit further to get to.

22 Aug 2009 17:50

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