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Couple in mid 40s from Cumbria, passionate about great British beer served in excellent pubs and bars, both traditional and contemporary.

Username: mikeyangela

Age: 59

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Crown Inn, Stanwix

This pub, around 5 minutes walk from my house, is sadly dying a Pubco death. It is a beautifully designed pub from the State Management era, situated bang on Hadrian's Wall in a well-to-do part of town. With a little imagination, investment and TLC, it could be great again, but I am not optimistic.

Why am I so negative about one of my locals? Try one of the real ales. Or rather, don't (go to the King's Head in town instead). In The Crown, they're badly kept and virtually undrinkable. Want a lager? One night last summer I counted 17 types available - every single one a generic euro-fizz mega-brand. What's the point? Who can tell the difference? Tonight, I tried a Stella. Hard to mess up keg lager, but this was wretched. No matter, it had gone off before I thought about another one. The Carling and Foster's were off too, by the way, leaving Coors Light as the only draft lager available. Yep ... the old joke about sex in a canoe springs to mind.

I hate saying this. I want to have a great pub on my doorstep, bursting with locals and tourists alike. It wouldn't take much - an imaginative beer list and some decent food (HELLO OWNERS! Have you been down Devonshire Street lately?) yet I feel the dead, conspiratorial hand of the Pubco lying heavy on The Crown: great location, CA3, near the university, 10 minutes walk to town ... Let's run the old girl down, level it, turn it into flats. Who'd miss it?

I rate The Crown these days as a 1, if only for the stoic, friendly locals (myself included). Who'd miss it? We would. That's why we need to ask ... who'll save The Crown?

9 Apr 2014 01:33

The Ten Bells, Shoreditch

Visiting London last weekend, our hotel was near the Ten Bells so we looked in for an hour or so last Sunday night. Can't really understand the earlier comments - I'm all for traditional boozers but I'd rather see a revamped one that's busy than an untouched one without a soul in it. The Ten Bells was lively and buzzing late on Sunday evening and if we were twice the age of the 'lager-drinking students' then so what? Wouldn't we rather the next generation of pub-goers is actually in a pub and not sitting at home with cans from the supermarket. No problem at all with the staff and though the graffiti'd toilets wouldn't be to my taste there's enough history elsewhere in the pub for it to remain interesting. One to visit with an open mind!

1 Apr 2010 18:32

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Came in here to drown our sorrows after seeing Carlisle United lose at Wembley. A friendly welcome and some very good ale. It would have been nice to see a guest as an alternative to the Shepherd Neame but the 'Late Red' was wonderful, so no real complaints. Highly recommended!

1 Apr 2010 18:16

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