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Username: mattski

Age: 43

Sex: male

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Colebrooke's, Islington

Great little place to smoke your kippers. Guys, please open a couple of windows or get that fan working at a reasonable speed.

17 Oct 2006 14:03

The Matt and Matt Bar, Islington

How can this place get such good reviews?

I found it to be reminiscent of some of the dives off the Khao San Road: the ones with the Western owners who all look slightly suspect. The decor is pure beachbar chintz, which is maybe sophisticated enough for the loud drunken antipodeans often found vomiting in the toilets but for all other it fails to provide a decent ambience. It's one of those places where the managers are on the bar and try to become everyone's best friend. maybe i've been in London too long but they come across as creeps rather than genuinely friendly.

The music is a departure from the standard 'too cool for school eclecticism' that infests Islington and usually any alternative would be welcome. unfortunately, the alternative in this case is the head grindingly tedious hard house, or euphemistically named 'funky house' (i.e euro pop) that the afore mentioned antipodeans like as thier vomit accompanying music of choice.

In all respects, this bar offers something different then from its neighbours. However, Matt Matt just goes to show that choice is only a good thing if the alterative isn't hell.

17 Oct 2006 13:58

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Sunday lunch was a disaster but that's just because the Charles Lamb is usually so good. I think that staffing problems were to blame, although being told that they had to use the cleaning staff to run the kitchen because they were short handed didn't inspire confidence. Of the few times I have been here I've never seen service so busy and flustered but then each time I go the busier the place is. what I didn't expect was to be served a plate of tepid food.

If you are going to eat, I suggest you go in the week when it's a little quieter.

16 Oct 2006 14:14

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