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Username: mariusmaxtible

Age: 57

Sex: ?

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The Jolly Maltster, Fulham

Crap hole.Full of leery loutish drunks and footie fans. Even the most hardened drinkers avoid this place as it attracts the kind of 2 pints and I rule the world & if you disagree Ill kick yer face in type of drinker. A prime candidate for the bulldozers.

20 May 2006 11:28

The Pump House, Fulham

Attracts the worst kind of aggresive (mainly female) estate types. The karaoke is crap as well. If having loud lesbians yelling abuse at each other is your thing then go there.If not - avoid.

20 May 2006 11:23

The Wilton Arms, Fulham

This place always stinks of incontinent old hags andmisplaced testosterone. God help you if you try to be friendly to any of the locals - you could end up surrounded by hoodie wearing louts who don't understand 'friendly' and seem to think that your "chattin' up me bird","chatting up me you effing batty boy", or worse. 0/10 for making no effort.

29 Nov 2005 18:46

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