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The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

When Most Haunted Visited The Old Osritch, I Was Part Of The Most Haunted Team On This Investigation. Although The Building Was Steeped In Paranormal Activity an History, I Did Feel That, Even At The Time Of Filming, This Building Had Been Transformed Into A 20th Century Boozer. The Rooms Where Some Of The Reported Crimes Had Taken Place Were Bare And The "Trap Door" That had Once, So History States, Taken Guests At The Inn To A Lower Floor And Ultimately To Their Deaths, Had Been Hidden By Concrete, A Stud Wall Seperating It From The Actual Bedroom Itself. I Travelled Back The Ostritch To Find That There Was Nothing Left Of What Used To Be An Inn Full Of History And Paranormal Activity, It Is Now Nothing More That A Modern "Gastro Bar" And I Cant Help Feeling Thant The Brewery Has Made A BIG Mistake.

1 Aug 2009 00:35

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