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Username: gjp99

Age: 51

Sex: male

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The White Hart, Kennington

miserable, place, staff are down ride rude and food is extremely disappointing.

23 Mar 2010 15:00

The Dog House, Kennington

A toilet is a bit harsh! its not gentrified, and full of real people, bar staff are friendly, food is adequate and consistant, beer is good.

23 Mar 2010 14:57

The Three Stags, Lambeth

Having lived in this area for over ten years and seen the gentrification and gaytification of the area, I was pleased to see this pub
change hands and evolve, I am somewhat surprised by stream of negative comments this pub attracts, It could almost be orchestrated. I have
travelled extensively in UK and abroad, and I have seldom found a more welcoming place, the staff are for the most part friendly and an
interesting bunch , there is a wonderful music library (that has introduced many new names to me) it seems to attract an diverse and
eclectic mix of locals and tourists, from gay runners group to dog owners with their assorted muts! the food is generally very good and
an interesting menu, sometimes the balance between meat, fish and vegetarian could be better, but the quality of ingredients and the
presentation is always good, the plates could be hotter when they arrive! The pricing is I would say average for the area and for the
quality of fare provided. I have taken guests often and never had any complaints!.

No one is obliged to eat or drink there! There are plenty of other pubs locally ( seven to my knowledge within about 5 minutes walk) and
all are slightly different in character and composition and with varying pricing. I find it odd that there are repeated complaints about
lighting and whether the place is open, it always seems to be open when I pass and I have never had a problem reading a paper there, I
think it much improved since the argos chandeliers have gone!
If you don't like it don't go back, and no i"m neither a member of staff, nor an owner, I am a somewhat happier and more contented
local who has much less distance to wander in search of some decent food and company! I do have to say I prefer the pub when there no
curmudgeonly unpublished poets brooding and nursing their half bitters!

22 Mar 2010 20:41

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