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Red Lion, Water End

Took my father in law in, a retired french chef turned chef teacher to the mightiest french cullinary giants ever, and I was embarrassed to my toenails. First of all I didn't know it'd been refurbished. It looks nice but the minute I saw the clientelle ie the 'beautiful' people I felt sick to my stomach. All style and no substance...and that perfectly describes the food.
How could I have taken a french chef into this place!! I still feel ill from the humiliation. Even after going for the simple option of was served cold!!

This place used to be fantastic. I wanted to show off the great beef and ale pie they used to do.

It's hideous, absolutely hideous. My father in law offered to teach the 'chefs' there for free....

27 Apr 2011 22:50

The Spotted Bull, Hemel Hempstead

Absolute eyesore. Frequented by builders and council estate trash. I'd happier see it gone. Brings Apsley down into the gutter

27 Apr 2011 22:42

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

Cracking pub, along the canal. Live music, huge outdoor agedne ie field. Lanlord makes a BIG effort for kids. Absolutely top rank. Staff a bit slow though.
How a pub should be run. WELL DONE!

27 Apr 2011 22:39

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