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Always admired this site so I thought why not just get a profile. Currently based round Liverpool, making frequent trips to Manchester. I don't think I will be living around Liverpool long so I want to get as many pubs in as I can. Also will be going home to West Yorkshire and will get to some pubs around God's own county if possible. Sometimes I do the occasional away day with Bradford City so I will report on any pubs I frequent on these escapades. I am generally a 'proper pub' type of lad.

Username: Wezzielad

Age: 26

Sex: male

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The Church Inn, Manchester

Been past this place a coue of times and it hasn't been open. Looked it up online ad it seems it's closed, may be not permanently. When I walked past there was a light on in one of the rooms and the doorway, the curtaibs were drawn and the door was locked but may be it will reopen. Saw a news story about this place that there was an awful armed robbery 2 years ago, presumably that affected business quite badly in a few ways. Hopefully someone takes it on as it seems lie it has a lot of potential.

17 Jan 2017 21:11

Welkin, Liverpool

Like others had said this place is quite awkwardly shaped and looks like the interior may be inspired by a Soviet Union office building. And once again another a Wetherspoons in the centre of Liverpool with pretty poor customer service. I came up to the bar to see a few lads getting shown the door because one of them was 'too drunk', the one they said was too drunk had told them he had a speech impediment but the staff were having none of it, I would personally have sided with him as they didn't seem drunk in my own observation and the man they were kicking out wasn't slurring his words or anything but there you go. Anyway, this older lad and I were stood at the bar for a while waiting to be served, it seems though that if you are loud you should expect to be served first as these two other lads out of nowhere with daft haircuts and acting like showmen got served immediately, fair to say the lad next to me was as unimpressed as I was, it may be worth adding that it wasn't busy either. I went for a pint of 'Lurcher Stout' which was just okay and barely had any flavour.

11 Jan 2017 15:09

The Waterhouse, Manchester

I would say as Wetherspoins go this one is quite characterful. It's almost like a maze to get to the bar. I think because of the location (not that close to any clubs or late night bars), it doesn't get too busy on a weekend, I have never been forced to stand up when I have come to this place. Prices are decent and the ale has usually been decent when I have come in.

11 Jan 2017 12:51

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