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Always admired this site so I thought why not just get a profile. Currently based round Liverpool, making frequent trips to Manchester. I don't think I will be living around Liverpool long so I want to get as many pubs in as I can. Also will be going home to West Yorkshire and will get to some pubs around God's own county if possible. Sometimes I do the occasional away day with Bradford City so I will report on any pubs I frequent on these escapades. I am generally a 'proper pub' type of lad.

Username: Wezzielad

Age: 27

Sex: male

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Kozys, Liverpool

Yep an all keg affair. I have been in this place a couple times. Once on a Friday night at 8 o clockish, and just now on a late morning on Sunday. Friday was okay to be fair, not too busy and there was a few people on the karaoke. My Sunday morning experience was quite different and I was, to an extent, a bit disturbed by it all. At first most of the people in there were a mix of non-local lads and a few locals who all seemed okay. But after a while with talking to the more regular people they seemed a bit hostile towards me and they seemed to get their fun out of seeing a guy who was mentally ill going off on random tangents every now and then. The guy was being served alcohol by a disinterested barmaid and some of the locals found it fun to goading him to go on a rant. I like how it was a cheapish beer, I don't like how the woman who worked behind the bar seemed to not mind that this behaviour was going on, she even seemed to laugh at it. I only put up with it myself because I was with a lad who said he was a regular there and it's nothing to go to war over. But if you want a place that to an extent reinforces negative stereotypes about the people of Liverpool then give this place a try. Not bad if you want a cheap drink, especially when nowhere else is open, then go to this place. But don't stick around.

9 Apr 2017 12:41

The Cross Pipes, Otley

I remember coming in here for what was my firs time legal pint, and due to my bus running later than expect I thought I would revisit. From what I remember this pub was very friendly and had a good atmosphere, this was not the case when I came in. It wasn't bad but it just felt like a locals only place. An all keg affair when I was in, with 2 hand pulls left vacant. I went for a half pint of john Smiths at 1.50. I was really disappointed on my revisit and I would surprised if I ever thought about coming back here.

3 Apr 2017 09:36

Old Cock, Otley

I agree with Steamer1, it's not as good as the nearby Junction, but I would say it's the second best pub in Otley. The pub itself has won Best pub in Leeds CAMrA award for 2011,2012 and 2013. It felt like quite a small place and very intimate. On the bar they had- Pennine Brewing Hair Of The Dog, Theakston Best Bitter, Wharfedale Black, Wild Gravity By Bad Co, Sarah Hughs Dark Ruby, The expatriate by Wilde Child, Flint Knapper by Ramsbury, Timothy Taylor's landlord. I went for the Dark Ruby, at a whopping 4.25, this was a 6 percent beer so I let them off as it seems if you buy a weaker beer you will pay less (I thimk the Theakston was 3 pound and a weaker abv), the beer was well kept and a nice pint though. The punters in here were having some good banter in here as well. A very solid pub in Otley but I believe the Junction edges it as the best one, still definitely worth a visit.

3 Apr 2017 09:32

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