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Always admired this site so I thought why not just get a profile. Currently based round Liverpool, making frequent trips to Manchester. I don't think I will be living around Liverpool long so I want to get as many pubs in as I can. Also will be going home to West Yorkshire and will get to some pubs around God's own county if possible. Sometimes I do the occasional away day with Bradford City so I will report on any pubs I frequent on these escapades. I am generally a 'proper pub' type of lad.

Username: Wezzielad

Age: 27

Sex: male

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Moby Grape, Stockton on Tees

I believe this is now called 'The Wasps Best. Still a very nice pub, almost has a village pub feel to it. Quite a small place but it has a large outdoor area. The bar itself is in an L-shape . Beers on the bar were- Roundhill Gillingham Pale Ale, Black Rat by the Rat brewery and another Porter (not sure of the name). I went for the Black Rat at quite a reasonably 3.10. It was quite well kept and a decent beer. Locals were friendly and the bar staff were decent. Solid pub in Stockton

24 Jun 2017 12:45

GW Horners, Stockton on Tees

Called Dr M'Gonicles, a very cheap pub. With lager from 2-2.50 (for Kronenbourg as well). It's a reasonably big place with a long u-shaped bars. Quite busy when I was in on Friday afternoon. Music was on and the tellies were showing the horses. The ale on was Cameron's Strongarm, very well kept and only 1.60, nice beer as well. It's a bit rough and ready but it was clean and the locals seemed friendly and having a good time, the bar staff were friendly as well. Worth a visit if around Stockton.

24 Jun 2017 12:10

The Royal Oak, Stockton on Tees

This is a reasonably big pub which is a bit of a walk from the main Stockton high street stuff. It's a chain pub, not 100 percent sure which company but it does the standard cheapish food and what not. On the bar they had - Cameron's Strongarm, Maxim Swedish Blonde, Hobgoblin gold and another Porter (not sure which brewery or the name of it). I went for the Strongarm at 2 pound a pint, A pretty solid beer as well. There's not much to say about the pub itself, The bar was quite long in a U shape, had a few fruit machines and horse racing on the telly. Locals were quite friendly and so were the bar staff. Decent pub to be fair

24 Jun 2017 11:40

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