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Always admired this site so I thought why not just get a profile. Currently based round Liverpool, making frequent trips to Manchester. I don't think I will be living around Liverpool long so I want to get as many pubs in as I can. Also will be going home to West Yorkshire and will get to some pubs around God's own county if possible. Sometimes I do the occasional away day with Bradford City so I will report on any pubs I frequent on these escapades. I am generally a 'proper pub' type of lad.

Username: Wezzielad

Age: 26

Sex: male

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The Hop, Leeds

An Ossett Brewery-tied bar that is directly under Leeds train station, with a downstairs area and an upstairs seating part. On the very large bar the ales were- Ossett Big Red, Ossett Silver King, Ossett Yorkshire Blonde, Ossett Excelsior, Ilkley Hanging Stone, Jennings Cocker Hoop, Everands Sunchaser Golden Ale, North Riding Brewery Cascade pale ale. I went for the Excelsior at 3.40 so quite pricey but it was well kept and was a decent pint. It's a very large place in here. When I initially got here it was dead but about half way through my drink a load of office workers came in. It's an interesting enough place to look at and the interior is quite unique with its location. The bar just felt quite soulless in here abd very dimly lit and even the large group of people coming in didn't help this. An okay place and not far from the station so might be worth a look in before your train, I was a bit disappointed though.

22 Feb 2017 11:45

The Duncan, Leeds

I am surprised no one has posted about this pub before. I'm sure a few people may not notice this place, may be they are put off by its unwelcoming exterior (not rough looking but not particularly welcoming). The Duncan as a pub seems to have a reputation of being a 'watered down General Elliot', sam smiths pub again, seems to be rough, etc. I went in here and it felt quite relaxed. Mostly people keeping to themselves. This pub is markedly bigger than the General Elliot, it's a big room with seating around it. The barmaud in here seemed okay, quite business like. Similar to Elliot, it's all keg and you can get Old Brewery Bitter but only on keg. I went for a pint of Sovereign Bitter at 1.94 and it was quite nice. If Humphrey Smith wouldn't like the Elliot having a fruit machine, then the Duncan will be his worst nightmare. It had a fruit machine, a dart board and even a pool table, I'm surprised there wasn't a TV with the horse racing on as well. Pretty decent place, a cheap beer in the centre of Leeds, worth a look in, probably a better place than the Elliot.

22 Feb 2017 11:25

The General Elliot, Leeds

Another pub that you walk past when around Leeds and think you wouldn't dare go in there. I took the plunge and went into the downstairs bar/ 'Lounge bar', which was actually quite small. Barmaid in here was a bit miserable really, but there was a lad on the bar who seemed quite cheery. It's a Sam Smiths pub and does do Old Brewery Bitter, but it's all keg. I went for a taddy lager and at 2.20 it's well priced, expecially for the city centre. The patrons in here all seemed okay to be honest, I didn't hear any swearing when I was in here, with it being such a small room therevwas a bit of cross room talking. I stood by the window which gives a good view of what happens by the bus station and Leeds market. There is a picture frame with a brief history of the General himself. What really stuck out to me was that there was a fruit machine in here, I though Humphrey Smith was against this kind of thing. An interesting enough place and worth a look in if it's not too busy.

22 Feb 2017 11:14

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