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Username: Vodkajelly

Age: 37

Sex: ?

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Bar Risa, Reading

Only place to go really for the late night, due to the lack of proper clubs in Reading and the shite that oozes out the other pub/bars. Starting to get tedious tho.
One off's will definately be a good night in here. Reading get a liquids or something, now that shit is banging.

21 Jun 2005 13:31

Yates's, Reading

Ok, decent for a quickie, don't stay all night tho. Unless u wanna hear the same songs over and over. And watch out for the arm wrestling fight club in the downstairs toilet, can get quite heavy some nights. It's not a must that u get involved tho, they'll ask, a simple no will do tho, they won't try and pressurize u. Quite often u don't even see it.
Always good for a perve up skirts and down tops with the whole balcony thing too.

21 Jun 2005 13:20

The Walkabout, Reading

Plain and simple, the cheesiest piece of cheesy cheesism in cheese history other than reflex of course, but thats a dedicated 70s bar so speaks for itself. Cheddar, mozzerella, edam, mini ba ba ba ba baby bell, cheese strings, red leicester, stilton, brie, goats, haloumi, the makers of these cheeses seriously need to take a leaf out the owner of this places books. It reeks of pure cheesism, this place is the reason the word cheesism got put in the english dictionary. They have cows out the back munching for their life so they can piss lump out more and more cheese.
So yeh, not such a bad place if u like cheese but if u cut ur mullet back when they went out in the 80s and chucked out the remains with any 70s and 80s music albums u had then steer clear.

21 Jun 2005 12:46

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