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Username: Valmorris

Age: 45

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The Kings Head, Acton

This pub has gone to the dogs in the last 6 or 7 months. Used it as a local for many years and seen it change hands a number times, however the latest incarnation is just dreadful. On several occasions they have completely run out of Ales on pump, which for a Fullers bar is an absolute disgrace and this happens on various days of the week so its not just after a busy weekend. There is a near constant smell of cannabis that doesn't seem to leave the beer garden on a Friday evening, not to mention the surly owner who could learn a thing or two about customer service. Don't get me started on the Food offerings, I've watched the "freshly prepared home made food" being brought through the pub in Iceland bags and that even they can even be bothered cooking, as far as I'm aware there is no sign of a professional chef in this operation and friends of mines who dared to eat here have waited in excess of an hour for their defrosted food, which was when there was about 5 people in the pub so not even when they were busy. The atmosphere here is drab and on a typical night you can experience Travellers shouting at and abusing each other and customers, sports that you have to squint to be able to see on their tv (when you actually get a member of staff who can work out how to use the foreign satellite dish) or the dull silence of people playing poker. Dreadful to see a pub that I've been using for over 20 years turn so badly so quickly

12 Aug 2013 17:14

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