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Username: SkyJawa

Age: 44

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The Inn on The Hill, Haslemere

Well 1eslie, I can't let that go, if you are picking me up on my grammer:

"no once cares"

brilliant, you shot yourself down before you even got going!!!

I worked for Wisley Golf CLub - I suggest you look at how much it costs to join and be a member of before you think its some public pay and play course.

I am by no means uneducated to other foods and the only reason I'm not a chef anymore is because catering pays naff all and I now earn a six figure salary in IT so I can well afford to eat in there, though never will again.

Yes the fillet steak hangs, like Ramsey said on kitchen nightmares, like a donkey c**k swaying in front of you, very off-putting.

I know about steak basting and if you did you would know that you have to be very careful with fillet steak as too much destroys what you are serving like the one I had.

I ordered a baguette that came as a baguette, you are right. with no cutlery to cut it up with, or no separate plates to put the pieces on - shocking. I can do better than that at home.

And you are right flavour you would have a ribeye etc, but I still want to taste steak, I couldn't, but as you say you pick fillet for tenderness, so I shouldn't have to chew it like it was from a geriatric cow, toughest fillet I have ever had the misfortune to eat.

And yes , a plate with fries just thrown on it underneath, no garnish, NOTHING. I expect far more for a 20 main course. And the fries were EXTRA! WTF!

And before you say I can't afford to be there, please, are we bitter? I won't even lower myself to tell you how much more than you I earn.

The manager couldn't care about us, nor the other customers from what we saw, just look at darrills review - I'm not alone.

And if you continue being personal it shows how little a leg to stand on you have, my fiancee like to "put up" with me as I take her for some very nice meals, unfortunately this didn't count as one, she complained before me, so maybe you should think before you type.

24 Jan 2009 23:32

The Mill Tavern, Haslemere

We've eaten here several times over the last few months and even taking our respective families there. The bar is very small but the staff are polite and a good range of beers. The food is in our opinion the best pub food in Haslemere, its a tad pricey but its good and so is the service.

24 Jan 2009 23:09

Three Horseshoes, East Worldham

We popped into this pub tonight based purely on the review from dumpdigger. They were right. We walked into the pub to a very friendly greeting, and then sat down in the restaurant. Its a Fullers pub with 4 of their brews on draft, the London Pride was very nice. We then had one of the nicest pub meals and experiences we've had in months. Very impressed and thoroughly recommended.

24 Jan 2009 23:05

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