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Username: Sketchy

Age: 50

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Maenllwyd Inn, Rudry

I stand by my previous comments. I wasn't expecting a 5 star restaurant. But,the fact remains that this establishment charges near restaurant prices for, what is in effect, below par pub food. It offers poor value for money and poor service, unless you are "local" of course!

I'm not referring to one isolated event either, I've made several visits and have tried various dishes from the menu. Everytime was a disappointment, especially considering the prices/ menu descriptions.

I was brought up in a restaurant/pub environment, my father was a chef (trained in the West End, Mayfair/Park Lane etc)and a very successful licensee, so I do know a bit about food.

The fayre on offer at this pub is mostly bought in from a preferred supplier, frozen,pre-packaged etc. Charging restaurant prices for this is criminal! I would suggest that the previous poster wouldn't know poo from clay......................?

If you want superb, seasonal and "freshly prepared" food at very reasonable prices, in a "pub" type environment, you should try the Fwrrwm Ishta in Machen. They could teach the proprietors of this overated eatery a thing or two.

I agree about the setting though, it is a beautiful pub and the location is lovely. An important aspect of this pubs popularity. Just shame about the food and service, what a waste. :(

10 Jul 2007 16:34

The Ty Mawr, Lisvane

Nice pub with stunning views over the City. They used to have peacocks roaming around the grounds.........

Went here a few years ago, abysmal!! My wife was confronted by an extremely rude waitress/bar person who then proceeded to involve a Chav "local" into our business/conversation.

If you want to be called a liar, get threatened with physical violence and be spoken to like a piece of S**t then you'll love it here!

All of the aforementioned hassle because we had the audacity to complain (in a civilised manner) about the immense (1-2 hours) wait for our meals. One could have understood if the place was heaving!!!

I will never ever frequent this establishment again!!!

Doesn't even deserve a ZERO score!!!!!!!!! minus 10

4 Jan 2007 17:13

Bear Hotel, Cowbridge

I like The Bear. It has a cosy bar (especially in winter) and a nice atmosphere. They are dog friendly too. I usually enjoy a pint and a bite to eat there, after walking the mutts on Cowbridge Downs. The beers are all well kept and the food is quite nice, reasonable too! Staff were friendly and attentive on my last few visits, no complaints here.

4 Jan 2007 15:56

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