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Username: RebelBhoy

Age: 41

Sex: ?

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The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

Service is appalling.....I mean really bad.
Good range of beers, if you can be bothered waiting for them.

Nice setting on a sunny day though. Might want to get yourself a carry out before you get there though.

23 Sep 2005 16:06

The Pakenham Arms, Clerkenwell

Thank the risen Lord for the one pub in the entire area that (to use common parlance) is keeping it real.

I would think the Packenham Inn should sue Yorkie for coining the phrase "IT'S NOT FOR GIRLS". If you wanna loosen your belt a notch, fart and burp and talk about football, cricket, rugby, Tony Blair, women and the lack thereof, join a golf club....Failing that, get yerself down to the best pub in town. The Packenham Inn is where its at. The last bastion of Boozing, and no mistakin.

23 Sep 2005 15:57

Blue Lion, Holborn

Another once great pub that shut for refurbishment...and that was the death knell. As the size of the windows increaced, the area behind the bar followed suit. 5 years ago, if you'd have told me i'd be fiddling with wax in the blue lion, i'd have known it was coming from my ears, and not from a wine bottle used as lighting for 'effect'. Like another well known establishment with wax, Madame tussauds, there is about as much life in this place. Full of people, but its just BORING. Bar staff are terrible and they don't have magners......cardinal sin.

23 Sep 2005 15:49

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