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The Lord Stanley, Camden

OMG!!! Have just checked back on this review. Can I just say I am totally loving how much I've wound up these old grumps by just telling the truth - maybe it means they won't come back and litter the place with their negative vibes...yaaaay, WOOOO HOOO!!

TRUST ME I don't work for anything to do with The Stanley, mine was an honest review. I'm just a satisfied customer telling the truth. Besides, it's not like they need any help from me - the place is always busy, bustling with happy, friendly customers. I still go there loads and LOVE LOVE LOVE it every time.

Can't wait for that adorable little garden to open up. I have also branched out with my wine choices: the Picpoul de Pinet I mentioned before is so so good and perfect for a special treat but there is also a white called Il Banchetto which is really reasonably priced and lovely.

(by the way doesn't everyone love how that guy below got on his high horse about my choice of phrase and then wrote "explanation" instead of "exclamation" mark - HA HA - KARMA!!!!!!)

21 Mar 2011 19:22

Crown and Goose, Camden

This is SUCH a nice pub.

Went for a few early evening drinks on Saturday and ended up staying until 2am - THATS how great it is!!! Think it's only open until that time on weekends but it's sooooo good to find somewhere decent that's open late in Camden.

We shared a great bottle of Sauvingnon Blanc (or two!!!) and a platter with selection of chorizo, parma ham etc - was DELICIOUS!

The staff are really fun and friendly and they have a great ipod selection. Will definitely be back. Seriously give this place a try - you won't regent it.

21 Mar 2011 19:03

The Lord Stanley, Camden

I visited The Lord Stanley on Sunday for my birthday and had THE MOST FANTASTIC TIME!!!!

The food was incredible.

We ate a whole roast chicken between four of us. It was presented with all the trimmings and I can honestly say it was one of the best roasts I've ever eaten - juicy, tender with crispy skin. YUM!

Great roast potatoes as well. But the real stars were the veggies - the carrots and greens were so good I even tried to bribe the chef for his recipe. One of our group was a vegetarian and she could have happily eaten a plate of the veggies alone - that's how good they were!!!! Another had the Roast Beef which was cooked to perfection and came with the biggest, fluffiest yorkshire pudding i've ever seen. The gravy was AWESOME!!!!

To top it all off the service was brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble even though the place was packed full to the rafters (it seems half of North London already know about this gem!) The manager recommended a great white wine (Picpoul something?) to go with the chicken and the lady who cleared our plates boxed up our leftovers for us to take home. TRULY WONDERFUL STAFF.

SUCH fantastic value - ended up paying about 20 for delicious food (including some great Olives/ Hummous/ Homemade bread to start) super impressive wine AND LEFTOVERS!!!

Can't recommend this place highly enough. My only fear is that it will get EVEN MORE POPULAR than it already is and next year I won't be able to get a table!!!

12 Jan 2011 15:26

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