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Username: Pressyuk

Age: 37

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The Rake, London Bridge

In reference to comments about the smell, the staff and the selection I found none of the above lacking. The smell (if it exists at all) would probably come from the market because, y'know, its set in a market! You tend to get smells if you have a pub near a place like a market for food stuffs.

The staff were and always have been superb and attentive and pleasant. And they keep the fridge well stocked and the beer flowing through the pumps. Labelled glasses sounds way too snobbish for my liking. As long as its a pint glass I'd be happy and if its a pewter tankard then whoopie! Bonus! But I'm not going out of my way to find it.

At the end of the day trying to compare the Market Porter with the Rake is trying to compare a Bedford 6 Ton lorry with a ferrari. Both do their job and do it exceedingly well but I'm not going to compromise one to focus exclusively on the other.

The Rake does great and rare beer (where else would you find Ola Dub by Harvestoun?!?!?!) and provides a reasonable setting to chat away the night..what exactly is wrong with that is beyond me.

24 Mar 2009 13:12

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