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Username: Nomadic1

Age: 50

Sex: ?

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The Miles Thompson, Kendal

Due to the pubs cheap prices and military style dinning area its popular with the out of work benifit junkys and acholic single mothers who near on live in the place. The food is ok and worth the the money. The few times I have been in I have seen the same crowd of woman and kids. Overall a great place to get cheap beer and food if you dont mind the crowd.

9 Sep 2008 15:12

The Rainbow Tavern, Kendal

A run of the mill high street pub. Sells the standard issue lagers and beers at reasonable prices. the custom is a selection of Kendals finest benifit junkys and pensioners. Not the kind of place to take your girlfriend (unless shes a chav)but ok for a beer with your mates while your waiting for it to stop raining.

9 Sep 2008 15:05

The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

The bar is staffed with a good number at the weekends. the food is the usual frozen prepared microwave/fryer ordeal. During the day its got its crowd of single mothers because the grounds allow the little gutter snips to run around.

9 Sep 2008 15:00

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