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Username: Moose58

Age: 61

Sex: ?

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Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

This was an absolutely fabulous boozer. I haven't been inside Dirty Dick's for about 5 years and I know that doesn't matter. The place never changes (good), the beer never changes (better) and it is still the only proper place in the city to pop out for "45 minutes". I love it.

26 Apr 2006 20:58

The Royal Oak, Rusper

What a lovey spot. This is the sort of place one can go to when avoiding the wife is of the utmost importance. Kind of like slipping into a parallel universe. Quiet, top notch ales, acceptable grub. The bit about 'watch your head' is too true. Best to sit at the north end of the bar, there is slightly better head room there.

1 Mar 2006 20:19

The Red Lion, Moorgate

This is a comfortable, if somewhat 'down at the heel' city boozer. The ales are reliable, particularly the frequently changing guests. If anyone suggests ABO-ing or JDW-ing this place shoot to kill. I love this pub.

1 Mar 2006 17:30

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