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Person of unreliable description.
Loose morals, rakish behaviour.

Username: Minicascade

Age: 34

Sex: male

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The Rake, London Bridge

Ok, basically, it's got 130 bottled beers from all around the world (not all nations are represented). There are 3 beer taps that never change. 2 Handpumps are a drawback which is made up for by the fact that they are rotated nearly every day.
Staff are generally good. Although if we're being honest they're also individuals and don't like being treated with direspect.
It's a shame that in this day and age people are becoming more used to the stereotypical dim-wit in a uniform that grins inanely and blethers "have a nice day!!" when they've nothing more interesting to say.
The Rake is an awesome and quirky place. Perfect for a quiet pint, some top quality banter and irreverant goings-on early in the week... Not so good on a busy friday when customers drink to forget... And in their haste to reach the bar before some other beer-thirsty numb-nut, forget their manners or that they ever had a mother that would be ashamed of them.
My advice to drinkers in The Rake? Take your 20 note out of the barman's face, try not to trip him up when he's collecting glasses, stop SMOKING when you've been told twice already not to. Don't flush the toilet when it's already flooded! Don't ask about a beer as a pretext to cut off the barman mid-flow and start telling him about the 12 years you spent as a bhuddist beer monk gargling your happy way through top tipple... at least not on a busy friday.
To all of you who've had genuine bad experiences at The Rake i'm sorry, but for the most-part i've been there for alot of the petty bickering. The best thing to do if you want good service at The Rake is to let the poor bastard behind the ramp do his job.


13 Jan 2009 18:06

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