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Username: Marky2

Age: 42

Sex: male

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The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Made a disastrous trip to this pub on 20th March 2014. My visit was very short. It looked quite okay to begin with, before I went to the toilets! Unfortunately the patrons in their "clean an presentable clothing" had urinated all over the floor and walls! Sadly it looked very much as if there had been no cleaning for a long time. So after seeing this I left. On this basis it certainly wouldn't be a good idea to eat there.

24 Mar 2014 11:11

O'Neills, Soho

K I've changed my mind on this bar now. I posted on 8 Aug 2010 that the place had 'got better', but frankly I've just seen too much weird stuff happen there now to recommend it to anyone,

Of course any bar or club has the legal right to turn anyone away that they think might genuinely cause trouble of some sort. But its so unusual to be turned away with no explanation, that its really an inexcusable insult.

I've now seen this happen at this place, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I saw one couple turned away, they looked well dressed and nice people. Completely humiliated without reason in front of an entire queue of people. I've seen it myself to many others also almost completely arbitrarily from what I can see. I was behind one group and they were just treated terribly, they were happy, well dressed, ready to have fun night and spend some money, just ruined afterward. So it really seems to be up to luck whether you will get in or not. So your decision to go there is dependent on whether you are willing to risk having your whole night ruined by this kind of treatment.

Why is this happening then? The only explanation I can come to is that the door staff are INCENTIVISED to turn people away. Randomly if necessary. Why would they do that? I've no idea, certainly doesn't make business sense. But maybe they are trying to set up some sort of exclusive feel to the place? And its really very far from that -its the classic O'Niells, stale poisonous beers, with the small advantage of a band playing.

The whole thing has a taste of very bad spirited Management. Lucky enough to be given the opportunity to manage a bar of this size in Central London, but unqualified in terms of basic human values, and respect for others. You can't fail to make an enormous profit in this location. They do lose business during the week though, thats undeniable.

I'm not going again for a long time.

19 Mar 2011 18:59

O'Neills, Soho

In response to the last poster dee1ite. I went there last weekend as saw hardly a single black person in the entire place. No one. Which is obviously a really unusual thing. But it is an indication of the kind of atmosphere and weirdness of the place, which is undeniable.

Problem with your theory is that the door staff, at least one, maybe two of them, are black. So I don't know how that works in practice

But if I were you, if I were treated like that, or denied access a single time I would never give them my custom again.

11 Mar 2011 20:18

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