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Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street

We were on holidays, on our final day in London and went in here for a final 'holiday over' pint. I was told by a very rude barmaid that the 50 pound note I had was 'too old' and that I'd need to go to the bank to change it (this being a Sunday). I told her I had just gotten it from an ATM two days previous and she said the bank shouldn't have given it to me. I advised her it was all we had, she said 'So you are saying these will have to come out of my wages?' I said no, I'm trying to pay you and she said 'fine I'll pay for them, now I'll have to ask you to leave'. She was incredibly rude and soured our last day. I later checked on the bank of England website and found that:
'All Bank of England notes from which legal tender status has been withdrawn remain payable at face value forever at the Bank of England in London. Any such notes may be presented for payment either in person during business hours, or sent to us by post.'
It may be policy within the pub not to accept these notes, but in light of the fact that they retain their value and are still being dispensed by ATM's, this woman was (very rudely) throwing away money.
I've worked in customer service for six years, I know how rude the public can be and it is because of people like this woman that the general public have such a bad opinion of shop assistants, many of whom work very hard and are totally unappreciated.

10 Jun 2013 15:14

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