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Comments by willbrown

The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace

Great place to go in the summer. Many great afternoons spent here with the wife and kids. Beer garden overlooks london, what more can be said.

21 Feb 2008 04:26

The Wishing Well, Hornsey

nice place to go during the day. Lovely function room with a pond with massive fish in it, can't belive how big they are.

21 Feb 2008 04:21

The Garden Ladder, Harringay

the atmosphere in here is great. Not what you'd expect to find in green lanes, nice change. With a vast selection of spirits and cocktails i'm always spoilt for choice.

21 Feb 2008 04:18

The Salisbury, Harringay

whenever i've been here i've had great fun. Agree about the staff, it's just a case of observing and maybe cracking a smile! great function room. one of the nicest buildings along this stretch of green lanes, has potential.

1 Feb 2008 02:42

The Queens Head, Harringay

i've lived in this area for a while and watch this place go downhill. If you do manage to get past the hoodies at the door you'll be greeted with dingy decor and sleezy men. Not reccomended.

1 Feb 2008 02:33

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

lovely building and a great interior. A good range of beers.

1 Feb 2008 02:25

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