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Nexus, York

The cesspit where chavs breed and fight over Burberry trackpants; don't ever enter the doors of this place for fear of being called 'a gay' for saying 'please' to the barmaid after ordering your drink, or being 'come on to' by an overweight 16 year old called Stacey who has learned all about life through the Jeremy Kyle show...

8 Feb 2007 23:59

Yates's, York

Massive spacious bar filled to the roof with guys still halfway down the evolutionary scale and gals who make Fizz from Coronation Street look like a Diva.
It's clean and hygienic, but the floors sticky with spilled WKD's and shooters, probably smeared in deeper by all those dragging knuckles and Ugg boots. Don't do it, just don't. Ever.

29 Oct 2006 15:14

Orgasmic Café, York

Great bar for a drink before hitting the clubs. Clientele are mainly the fashionistas of York, it's quite a clique and if you don't fit in, they'll let you know faster than you can say' feather my hair and call me Jean-Paul'.
Drinks are expensive but the atmosphere makes it worthwhile. There's a huge DJ booth upstairs playing funky house, and if you're lucky, the Saxophone Guy will be there playing over the music (it's strangely amazing).
Only downside is that the Chavs have started to bring their Burberry-clad asses into the bar. Get back to Yates's's not meant to be...

29 Oct 2006 15:08

Dusk, York

Situated next to the Blue Fly, both bars go hand in hand. It's student city, making for a great relaxed atmosphere and cheap drinks. Cocktails are great, although the menu doesn't tell you what's in them. Once gave them a cocktail garnish kit and turned the place into an 80's gay bar for one night - it was great!
The only downside for me were the local live music acts. After 30 minutes of the bearded hippy whingeing away to a guitar, I'd gone from being a happy chappy to analysing my life and it's misfortunes. Had to haul ass to micklegate to cheer myself up, and that's not a good thing...

29 Oct 2006 15:02

The Evil Eye Lounge, York

This is one of the only truly unique bars in York. It's a student dive primarily but everyone's welcome. The cocktails are huge and made with lots of love, and there's a MASSIVE selection of spirits on offer, although most of them are probably illegal and hand-mixed by tiny naked people from the Amazon rainforests.
The floors are dirty, the walls are peeling, but that's just part of the appeal and you'll end up loving it. The staff are all young students, all dreadlocked/shaven/dyed/tattooed/bleached/bearded, it looks like an explosion on a hippy factory, but the individual attention they give to your drinks will make you fall in love with them.
If you don't go there when you visit York, you didn't visit York at all.

29 Oct 2006 14:56

Oscars Wine Bar, York

I LOVE this place! The atmosphere is great for sitting round with your mates before the clubs. Best place to sit is outside in the 'Greek Garden', there's always outdoor heaters to take off the chill, although they alweays have them cranked up pretty high so don't go there if you're wearing hairspray, wax or makeup, they tend to melt and drip down your chin...
Try the nachos, the monstrous burgers and the 'size-of-your-dad' chips. One of the only places to serve Bud on draught too.
Beware the 'stairs of death' though, tipsy + big feet = certain death; these stairs were built by the borrowers and have been fitted with brass blades to ensure maximum fatalities.

29 Oct 2006 14:48

Bobo Lobo, York

Amazing. As soon as you walk into the bar, the atmosphere hits you like a cuban with a big set of rattling maracas, lol. The cocktails are great, they also sell Desperados and lime (one of the few places that do).
Regular Latin dance nights are hosted here, it's a free-for-all and it gets packed to the roof with dancers. For any worried amateurs, the dancers don't care whether you're good or not, it's all about the atmosphere and they'll help you loosen up your hips.
GREAT for a romantic date, the charm of the place will add to your own, how can you lose??

29 Oct 2006 14:42

The Golden Lion, York

I have NEVER found this place while sober...It's one of those we always stumble across halfway through a pub crawl, but I've never had a bad night there.
A great bar for watching the footie, it's spacious and there's plenty of seats.
It's tatty, worn and old-school, but I wouldn't want to change it, there's plenty other sterilised bars around York.

29 Oct 2006 14:37

Buzz Japanese Restaurant and Bar, York

Love this place!! Wouldn't really class it as a bar, but the sushi and service are amazing. Last time I went, chopsticks are compulsory so beware untrained hands... don't order noodles..!
I'd give it a try with a few friends, try the saki and the plum wine, it's like a whole new world of drinking!

29 Oct 2006 14:34

The Biltmore, York

Just recently opened, The Biltmore lacks any atmosphere. Very elegant interior with chandeliers and lots of glass, it's a great place to do business or start off a romantic date.
Drinks and food are outrageously priced, although this will probably change over time.
Clientele are 25+, but the pretentious type (dragons in manolo's huddled together discussing why their lives aren't like Sex In The City). I'd give it another year before visiting this bar.

29 Oct 2006 14:31

The Blue Fly Cafe Bar, York

Remember being on holiday in Spain and sitting in one of those tiny bars that look out onto the beach? Strangely, this bar makes you feel just like that, it may be cold and rainy but somehow you can almost smell sun-tan lotion...
The drinks are at OK prices (probably lowered due to the student bar Dusk next door) and there's pretty much always a DJ spinning in the corner. Well worth a visit.

29 Oct 2006 14:25

The Slug and Lettuce, York

Spacious and funky, the Slug proudly displays local art from the University nearby. Clientele are almost exclusively students and the local fashionista, although race-goers find their way there from time to time.
Drinks are expensive but the staff are friendly and highly individual and the cocktail and shooter list is quitye extensive.
Best times to go - daytime for a coffee and bite to eat, straight after work for your 'trophy' pint.
Visit there twice and Tim and Win the managers will class you as a regular and know your name automatically...!

29 Oct 2006 14:21

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