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Comments by sjmtlewy

The Tudor Rose, Romsey

unpleasant, dingy pub. avoid.

23 Jul 2012 12:30

The Green Dragon, Alderbury

Further to my previous comments:

- The Sunday roast is really very good indeed. Nice tender pink beef, cooked to a quality you rarely get in pubs.

- Being very busy seemed to be a one off, phone ahead for peak periods but otherwise they can usually find you a space.

- It also appears to be closed after lunch on a Sunday.

22 Mar 2012 13:46

The Green Dragon, Alderbury

Recently moved 10mins down the road from this pub and have been in a few times since.

Cosy place with open fires, a small-ish bar and lounge, restaurant space and decent garden. Food is traditional pub fayre (pie, curry, roast, fish etc), but very well cooked.

Range of badger ales, all well kept and service is prompt and friendly.

Downsides: Worth phoning ahead for a table, as it does fill up on odd days of the week. Gents is outside, which is a bit old fashioned (ladies is inside), but not the end of the world. And it is closed between 15.00 and 18.00, which is just antisocial at the weekend.

Generally, good stuff.

12 Nov 2010 11:07

The White Horse, Shere

scratch that, abinger's gone to pot as well. Go to the volunteer or the Kings in Holmbury

18 Apr 2006 14:55

The White Horse, Shere

This is the typical quaint little pub set in the picturesque village of shere. However all is not as it seems! It has fallen to the same fate as much of this area and has been overrun with tourists. It also gets cold in the winter, service can be abismally slow and the food is mass produced and slightly below par.

I dont object to tourists being, in fact it annoys me that they will leave thinking the White Horse is representative of a really good English pub. Try the Abinger Hatch instead.

18 Apr 2006 14:52

The Green Man (Harvester), Burpham

Its a harvester, so you should know what to expect. Has a good garden and atmos. More food than you can fit in your face at pretty cheap rate. Not really for drinking in. As harvesters go, its pretty good.

18 Apr 2006 14:44

Old Orleans, Guildford

Not so bad, nice for a pre/post cinema drink. Outside is nice on a summers day. Not bad range of cocktails, however the prices are high and the service slow. Food in the restaurant is OK, friend of mine choked on their popcorn, but other than that...

18 Apr 2006 14:41

Casino, Guildford

Chav central. Avoid. Only went in because it was the only place with space at 0.30. Suppose it could be passable if you like the music, dont mind getting drinks spilled on you and are properly drunk before you go in.

18 Apr 2006 14:38

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

Nice clean place. Not too sure whether its a pub, bar, restaurant or music venue.. Major downside is the complete lack of space.

18 Apr 2006 14:35

The Boatman, Guildford

Lovely, though overpriced and slightly pretentious gastro pub in the day. Has easily the nicest beer garden in guildford, brilliant location.

Unfortunately at night it becomes loud, smokey and claustrophobic. Probably passable in the summer when its ok to sit outside, but otherwise go somewhere else at night.

18 Apr 2006 14:33

The George Abbot, Guildford

Nice pub with a good atmosphere, can get rather smokey. Main advantage is they serve the lengendary T.E.A. all year round.

18 Apr 2006 14:27

The Kings Head, Guildford

Excellent during the day, this pub has a lovely atmosphere, good food and a relaxing beer garden. However be warned, the garden closes at 11.30 while the rest of the place stays open into the early hours (one of the few pubs in Guildford that does) as a result it becomes quite ludicrously busy in the later half of the evening...

18 Apr 2006 14:25

The Britannia, Guildford

Excellent atmosphere, especially since the recent refit. Good service, friendly staff, food, music, tv etc. One of the few pubs in Guildford you can still go to for a relatively quiet drink in the evening. Be warned, occasionally they have truly talentless people making noises into microphones...

18 Apr 2006 14:21

The Kings Head, Guildford

Lovely pub, friendly staff, good atmosphere, extensive jukebox. Nice beer garden for the summer, good food. Excellent selection of beers (including Hobgoblin). Only downsides are Guildford prices and it can get busy in the evening, especially during winter.

21 Dec 2005 23:49

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

Ok during the day when there arent a thousand people in a space big enough for a hundred, despite it being huge. Gone seriously down hill since it became lloyds. Rammed to the doors by 8pm most days. at 21.20 the music is turned up so loud you have to scream at the person next to you to be heard. Weekends are now marred by "theme nights", such as back to school....

21 Dec 2005 23:46

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