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The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Pressed Rat & Warthog is a Triple fff Brewery beer not Ringwoods

24 Mar 2010 13:53

Royal Oak, Winchester

Didn't bother going in when we saw it was GK.

12 Oct 2008 17:34

The Old Vine, Winchester

Had a great pint of Landlord and Hole Hearted but felt uncomfortable as it was clearly a pub geared towards selling food, shame because had there been more seating available in the bar we would have had another pint or two. Staff were friendly.

12 Oct 2008 17:30

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

ok pub, neither good nor bad. Beer was ok but unexciting, Pride, Ringwood Best and Old Thumper, Flowers Original.

12 Oct 2008 17:23

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

A great traditional pub that serves fantastic beer straight from casks behind the bar. The staff were friendly and welcoming and even got shown around the adjacent brewery, which was excellent.
The food was good and wholesome, huge baps! (ooh err) quite a busy lunchtime with locals and popular for lunch. We got there around 12.10 and it was nearly full by 12.40.
Highly recommended and surprised by the negative comments of some other reviewers, if you appreciate good beer then you must drink at this pub. We will certainly return soon for another lunch and a couple of pints of their excellent ales.

6 Feb 2008 18:40

The Castle, Basingstoke

We went what must have been after the lunchtime trade because it was dead with only a couple of locals at the bar. The bar staff were friendly and the pub is quite large with lots of seating however we just didn't like the feel of the pub.
Maybe it was the lack of clientele or the music being played on the jukebox (bland r&B - but the kids like it) it just didn't feel cosy. Also the Adnams Broadside I had was not good but the London Pride was. Maybe our expectation was too high given the earlier reviews but whatever it was, we won't bother again but give it a go and make up your own mind.

4 Feb 2008 16:22

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

Nice little pub with a good menu, had a very pleasant lunch today and enjoyed a lovely pint. This pub serves your usual beer but also prides itself on the lesser known ales which it changes on a regular basis sometimes two guest beers at a time.
The landlady also offers a text service to inform you when they have got a new beer in which I think is a brilliant idea!
As a person who enjoys trying different ales I couldn't ask for a better pub. It has very traditional decor and welcoming friendly staff. No bloody sky sports yippee! and a good jukebox to top it off, will definitely be going back.

29 Jan 2008 17:31

The Bramley Inn, Bramley

Great pub with lovely bar staff, always looking to please and very witty. Would like to see another 1 or 2 guest ales as beer is good but would like a little more choice particularly of local beers.
Food is good with huge portions and a nice restaurant area although a little quiet, top service as well. Coffee not great though!
We go there probably once or twice a month, and always pleased with the service and condition of the beer. Not yet explored every area of the pub, it seems massive.

26 Jan 2008 22:17

The Chineham Arms, Chineham

This is our local and they serve reasonable beer London Pride and ESB with the occasional guest beer. This isn't somewhere to go for a quiet drink unfortunately as sky sports is on most nights and if there's any sort of mid week premiership match on, forget being to have a conversation with your friends as the three tv's are turned up loud and the deafening cheers when a goal is scored. However, if football is your thing then it is right up your street but its hardly your traditional rural pub if that's what you're looking for.
There is a quiz on every sunday which gets very busy and again forget having a conversation over the in house distorted sound system.
There is an ample heated seating area outside for the smokers however they do tend to gather around the door so sometimes you have to walk through a fog holding your breath to enter the bar, but it is quite nice to sit outside in the summer even though you are looking onto the car park.
It's ok for the odd pint on an evening once a month when there's no football on or quiz but that's it. The food is also average don't bother.

26 Jan 2008 21:26

The Way Inn, Basingstoke

Very welcoming pub with an open fire and the staff are very friendly. They do food as mentioned in other reviews but I haven't tried any so can't comment however the menu looks good. There is a footnote to the menu recommending pre-booking before eating especially at the weekend.
We go for the beer though. They have a good selection of well kept beers, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Deuchars IPA, Abbot Ale and Speckled Hen (I think!). The landlord even gave me a couple of beer glasses upon request for the first 2 beers as they are my favourite beers and to find them both in one pub is a bonus.
Also a big plus is the absence of TV's so no sky sports hurrah! The jukebox has a great selection of music to suit all tastes from young to old which is all you need.
They are also in the 2008 Camra Good Pub Guide.

26 Jan 2008 21:09

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