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Comments by saddler

The Dog and Partridge Inn, Walsall

Yet another closed pub.

7 Jul 2013 22:05

The Prince, Walsall

Hardly back street, it's in the town centre and a prominent site.
After a period of closure it seems to be open again,pretty low key with not much to recommend it except cheap prices.

7 Jul 2013 22:03

The British Oak, Walsall

Closed and heavily curtained.

7 Jul 2013 22:00

Lamp Tavern, Bloxwich

Good Holdens beer but pretty ropey decoratively,not terribly welcoming,landlady pulled pint,gave price then just stuck her hand out.

7 Jul 2013 21:59

The Park Tavern, Walsall

Closed,apparently sold for housing development.

7 Jul 2013 21:55

Bar Sports Walsall, Walsall

Was in yesterday for the Lions rugby Test in Australia, 100+ lads getting the beers down at 11 in the morning ,good atmosphere and quick,pleasant service.

7 Jul 2013 21:54

The Wharf, Walsall

Nice location but full of children.

20 Jan 2011 17:54

Fiesta World Buffet and Bar, Walsall

Closed for good 2 weeks before Christmas.

20 Jan 2011 17:52

Bar Sports Walsall, Walsall

Bit surprised at the last post; I had a pint of Marstons on a Wednesday for 1.80.
Bar currently closed, apparently they had a flood before Christmas. On telephoning them, they were adamant they'll be re opening soon.

20 Jan 2011 17:50

The Robin 2, Bilston

Great gig , legendary.
Guinness in a plastic glass, not ideal[but understandable]. Service perfectly pleasant from barmaids of a certain age.

5 Nov 2009 21:28

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Visited as suggested before a gig at Robin2. Lots of blokes of a certain age had the same idea and a quiz was also about to start, so very busy. Hardly anyone was eating but lots of cask beer was being supped. The Salamander Tatooed Lady was impressive.
Unfortunately the guy behind the bar overcharged me for my second pint which left a bad taste[excuse the pun]

5 Nov 2009 21:26

Old Court House, Walsall

Now trades as Martha's Vineyard. Desperate pricing policy ; seems to be 1 a pint all day, which attracts just the profile of customers you'd expect.
There was a guy asleep at a corner table when I went in[and went straight out again].

4 Oct 2009 15:48

Varsity, Walsall

Not a lot to recommend this place unless you have the discount card. Undistinguished music and usual selection of bland products, although to be fair it's a lot cleaner than Yates.

4 Oct 2009 15:46

The Hogshead, Walsall

Closed, good riddance.

4 Oct 2009 11:05

Yates's, Walsall

Dreadful. Apathetic staff, generally dirty, appalling toilets, beer badly kept.....
Avoid like the plague.

4 Oct 2009 11:05

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

Have visited a couple of times recently , early evening. Very nice refurbishment and great choice of beer, but the place sadly lacks atmosphere. Probably because it's been pretty quiet when I've been in, but because it's so big you can hear other peoples' conversations whether you want to or not.
I really hope this place succeeds because it could be a great addition to the local scene and a welcome antidote to some of the other town centre "offers".

4 Oct 2009 11:02

Bar Sports Walsall, Walsall

Visited recently for Villa/Birmingham game on a Sunday. Great atmosphere and good service. I had heard that this place was under new management and it certainly looks a lot more spruce than in the past.
I didn't eat but the food looked good [and plentiful!]
New pool tables and machines as well.
No cask beer which is the only real drawback.
Will deffo go again.

4 Oct 2009 10:59

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