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Bar du Musee, Greenwich

What in the world is wrong with some of the Greenwich pubs? Or should I say the ones owned by the terrible Greenwich INC. The staff are rude, totally uninterested and the managers aren't any better, shouting at staff in full view of the public and telling customers to "f" off when they complain. I don't know why Greenwich INC is still making money when clearly they deserve to be out of business. There needs to be a boycott of all Greenwich INC establishments before they are allowed to take over and ruin any more of our pubs.

24 Apr 2009 15:39

The Yacht, Greenwich

Shocking. One single member of staff trying to run the whole pub, the ale was dire, I am not sure how they managed to get it to taste of nothing but metal but it did. I tried the fish and chips and it was poor, soggy and not hot and the chips had been undercooked, it was inedible. I complained and was given my money back without a smile or anything bar a curt sorry. Disgraceful.

24 Apr 2009 15:30

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich

This pub is clearly a student pub and as such it would be unfair to judge them too harshly on the Ale but it was pretty poor, clearly the lines are never cleaned and had a stale musty taste. Cheap though so one for people who have no concern about quality and just want to get drunk.

24 Apr 2009 15:13

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

This pub has a cask marque and the pint of pride I sampled was very good and worthy of it, however this was all they had on tap so cannot comment on the other ales. The staff were awful, rude and clearly thought they had better things to be doing than serving the customers! The pub itself was nice, I sampled one of the platters and it was agreeable but clearly microwaved.

24 Apr 2009 15:10

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Horrible, just horrible. The ale is terrible, clearly not kept well and the bar staff looked miserable, and who can blame them? The bar area looked messy as did the pub in general - it looks like it could do with a good clean and there is pain coming off the walls, cables everywhere and so many tables crammed into one place, you are literally sat on top of each other.
I spoke to the bar manger and asked a few standard questions about the ale and he had no idea what I was talking about. This is a piece of history being destroyed and I believe we should not give money to whom ever is making money from this venture.

24 Apr 2009 14:51

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

I came to this pub after a glowing recommendation from the Cutty Sark tavern, it is so nice to see local pubs supporting each other, and I was pleased with it. The ale was ok, a little bitty but a sound effort for such a small local pub. The pub itself reminded me of a old fashioned smoking lounge and this will be one of my pubs of choice in the winter months.

24 Apr 2009 13:14

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

I am a long standing CAMRA member and I really like this pub, and enjoy the Ale, which despite previous comments is extremely well kept and the price of the Ale is reasonable for a cask mark pub and is actually the same price as all other cask mark pubs in the area.
I find the staff very knowledgable about the Ale and are more than happy to provide samples and tasting notes at request.
It is rare for such a busy pub to take such care of it's Ale and this is one of the many reasons why it is in both the good ale and good pub guide for 2009.

24 Apr 2009 13:08

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