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Comments by pubboi28

The Barking Dog, Barking

I only went in there once on a Friday evening. The crowd were a bunch of foul mouthed, shabby, grumpy and smelly people. Alot of them could not handle their drinks and were trying to start trouble.

Beer is reasonable cheap but tastes like it's from the bottom of the barrel.

30 Dec 2008 12:27

Ardleigh and Dragon, Hornchurch

The name is now Ardleigh & Dragon. The decor is very nice and it looks cool. It's more of a gourmet pub and the drinks and food are expensive. However, the crowd are decent and smartly dressed.

I talked to alot of nice girls in the evening but they were snobbish when I told them I came from the hill.

30 Dec 2008 12:14

The Bitter End, Romford

I love this pub because of the live bands and friendly crowd. It may seem a bit shabby inside but at least it is not one of those artificial pub chains lacking identity.

Drinks are quite expensive but it is worth the ambience. Also the bar staff like talking to customers.

30 Dec 2008 10:42

Bar:me, Romford

Still closed and a To let sign is above the door.

I remember when it was open there was only a few people inside. The small crowd was immature boys who can't handle their drinks.

30 Dec 2008 10:31

The Custom House, Romford

The atmosphere is too thin on the ground. The whole setting looks like a city worker's studio flat than a pub. The staff are inefficient when it is busy.
This is not my type of pub.

29 Dec 2008 13:58

Golden Lion, Romford

A traditional country pub and a friendly atmosphere. Beer is quite expensive but no signs of trouble makers inside. Food is of a high standard.
The bar staff have the tendency to ignore you sometimes even though it is quiet.

29 Dec 2008 13:48

The Goose, Romford

Beers are still quite cheap and the atmosphere is good. Pub staff are polite and helpful but struggle to serve when it's very busy at night. The meal deals are very good value. It is the ideal pub if you don't like the music playing.

29 Dec 2008 13:39

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