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The Friend at Hand, Bloomsbury

A great little, proper pub. It's, personally, great for me as it's a stop-gap on the way home from work. Friendly staff, too.

6 Nov 2008 18:58

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Corking place to watch a big sports game and good beer, too. The staff have usually been decent - and quite an eyeful - so always one place I find myself going to for things to watch.

7 Nov 2007 22:02

The Bridge, Birmingham New Street station

What a transformation! What was a disgusting pig sty of a place has done the impossible and become quite a decent place to have one last pint in Brum before getting the train. Nice staff, too. About time and well done.

7 Nov 2007 21:59

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

Ok. I may have been a little premature. Have been in here a couple of more times and am impressed that such a positive turn around has been made with regard to the clientele. No drug dealers! Fantastic!
I was just disappointed to say goodbye to the old pub, that's all. Never been a gastro pub person but this is a decent place. I hate to say, an improvement.

17 Jul 2006 16:16

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

What a shame that beautiful Victorian pub has been replaced by this new Norfolk Arms. It doesn't seem to know what it's trying to be. All too-new tables. Could they get paler? Silly school chairs. Bare walls. Boring bar. Ugly paint job everywhere but especially on the listed ceiling. Criminal. But the toilets are better.


14 Jul 2006 18:34

The Norfolk Arms, Russell Square

So what's going on? There were rumours of the pub closing and being turned into either a Spanish restaurant or gastro pub. Then all the furniture gets dumped on the street - I wonder if they got away with that. No skip for three days. I hope this turns out ok.

12 May 2006 08:50

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

I spent two lovely afternoons in the window of this pub. Could've stayed all day. It's one of those rare pubs that show that you don't need a juke box or tele. A decent beer and a cute blonde on your lap works wonders. Bostin!

16 Jun 2005 20:34

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

Was in there only yesterday (15-06-05) and spent 15 bloody minutes waiting at the bar and it wasn't that busy. I'm just glad it was my day off or I would never go there for lunch. A pity as it is a lovely pub in a perfect setting. But the fact that it has little or no competition could be why the service is so poor.

16 Jun 2005 14:50

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